Sony Xperia Z4 shows its face in new leaked photos



We’ve already seen the Sony Xperia Z4 from all angles, but that hasn’t stopped it from leaking again. Last time we saw renders of the device, but this time Sony’s follow-up to the gorgeous Sony Xperia Z3 can be seen in the wild. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of new info that we can take from the photos.

The Xperia Z4 has a front-facing camera on the left side of the Sony logo, whereas the Xperia Z3’s was on the right. We can also see the slits on the top and bottom for the stereo speakers. Other than that it’s looks almost identical to the Xperia Z3, and people didn’t seem to like that approach from HTC.

In terms of specs we’ve got a 20.7MP camera, 5.2-inch full-HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and IP68 certification, though it looks like Sony no longer has a flap to protect the micro-USB port. There’s no word on when we can expect to hear more about this device.

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  1. great specs, wonder what that battery is going to be like?? its so thick though….and those bezels….i’m disappointed a bit to be honest =

    1. true. I was hoping they would reduce all bezels (top&bottom too). The device’s size could shrink a lot if they did it.

      1. looks like they increased them….I was hoping for something a bit more….modern when you compare them to other devices that are coming out. I think there are more people wanting more screen and less phone. Not to say people wont buy this….I just wont =

        1. Yes. If they use this much space, at least they could do something with it, like front speakers…

          1. I thought sony’s had front firing ones?? hard to tell by the pictures above.

          2. No, they have it at the bottom and top sides, as the article says:
            “We can also see the slits on the top and bottom for the stereo speakers. “

          3. oh! I thought it was front facing at the top corners like the early renders of the HTC was. my mistake!

          4. don’t worry. I almost made the same mistake.

          5. The speakers are front facing. They have been since the Z2 and Z3.

          6. I thought so….its really hard to tell on the pictures above though.

          7. It is, I kinda like that though. The Z3’s speakers are quite obvious, but the Z2/Z4 design (basically identical) are a bit more subtle.

          8. I dont have a problem with that at all. I think the Z3 had some of the best speakers on any phone. I’m assuming they will keep that going with this phone.

          9. So what’s going on here?
            Maybe I didn’t understand what’s written in the article?

    2. It’s thick? This phone is slimmer than the z3.

      1. after looking at the picture a few more times….it looks pretty thick to me. And I do not see any specifications up there proving you are correct on it being slimmer than the Z3. Either way, it is obviously thick. Sorry that I feel that way???

  2. Those bezels and that messaging icon. Eew.

  3. Looks like all of the previous iterations

    1. not a sammy fan but at least they mixed it up a bit. everyone else just seems to be releasing the same stuff now.

      1. Could this be Nexus 5 (2015)? I would love that.

        1. I would too in a way. I dont think people would buy whats up there. I love my Nexus 6 but would not buy another one if the bezels increased that much. I think LG is tapped for the next Nexus device either way.

      2. Right! I give them credit for that the s6 is at least a huge revamp over the past models in pretty much every way and I believe they will sell boat loads, meanwhile htc played it way to safe and looks like Sony is going through some route here

        1. completely agree with all of that. I like my phones to be a bit different. Looks like I will have a hard choice picking my phone this year with that in mine =

          1. On the same boat as you lol

          2. Different? Samsung Galaxy Round is for you! You’ll have to sick up your hatred of Sammy

            Someone say Taco Tuesday?!

      3. They are slowly turning back around.

        Now you can get an iPhone-esque “premium” design with flagship specs. No more of this Samsung Galaxy Alpha bull

  4. Please let there be a Z4 ultra leak next.

    1. That’d be sweet!. I just purchased the Z Ultra (it was CHEAP) and I’m really lovin’ the screen size!!

  5. But HTC gets all the hate when it rehashes the same phone that’s moderately different. The xperia line looks virtually the same since inception, but all I read is how beautiful it is. The point I’m trying to make is, spread the hate equally.

    1. Compared to HTC, the z3 and if this is the actual z4, the design is beautiful. HTC looks clunky compared to this.

      1. I agree with you, but its like you asking your girlfriend to send a nude photo of herself. Once you see it over time it begins to loose its effectiveness.

        1. haha!!

  6. The article really isn’t very clear. The Z4/Z3/Z2 do have front facing speakers.

  7. Love the look and functionality of the Z line. I really wanted to want one.

    BUT the 4 things that stopped me dead were/are:

    1. Verizon jacked up their version of the Z3 and I am a Verizon customer. This does not bode well for any future Z line with them (IF there are any more to come since the Z3v).
    2. Seems like Dev support is slim to none (see #3)
    3. Just not popular, so I fear carrier updates and support in USA will lag (ask T Mobile)
    4. The root/bootloader DRM issue that broke the camera (assume this was ultimately solved but not sure).

    1. That’s why I dropped Verizon. They are the assholes of the wireless industry. Slow updates, pricey, and small phone lineups. I remember when they kept having LTE outages, yet people only remember them as reliable.

      1. I don’t have a lot of choice. T-mobile does not have viable coverage. Sprint, no effing way. The Z3 (Z3v for Verizon) had such promise and it was Verizon’s first Sony Z line phone. And, it seems it might have just languished and died on the vine so it might mean – just my gut feeling – a Z4 is unlikely with Verizon. The rolled the dice on the Z3, butchered it into a Z3v, and I think it was just a dud compared to other brands available like Samsung. i KNOW Samsung or HTC will be supported by Verizon. Sony? Not so sure.

        1. Att? Where do you people live where you can’t get coverage? At the foothill of a mountain?

  8. Dont really care what it looks like. I do care about what it feels like in hand. Iphone 6 feels premium in hand. I am sure S6 will, as will the htc m9, as the m8 did. What I felt sets sony apart is they are waterproof, did the unboxing vid for z3 underwater. That was sweet. Also SD card slot. Reliability, camera, build/feel are my top wants. No SD slot on s6 and how pricey it is makes it a tough sell, htc has sd slot and build but camera might not be better than my S4. Was hoping LG and Sony would one up everybody and give SD slots and water proofing and great cameras. If they have that I dont really care about how sexy it looks sitting on desk.

  9. Ya, I’m out on this.. Was really hoping for them to slim those bezels top and bottom.. I would get sick of this fast… Cmon LG, let’s see what u got!!!

  10. How long does the Z4 compact come out after the Z4? How did it happen with the Z3 phones? I want the Z4 compact.

  11. Could’ve made a few changes to the design aesthetically speaking.
    Otherwise looks like another solid effort.

    1. What changes would you make?

      1. Like some have said, smaller top and bottom bezels wouldn’t go astray.

        Perhaps a textured back rather than glass? Don’t get me wrong, I have a Z2 and like the glass back but it’s getting a little boring to see it keep coming back.

        Also maybe some accents on the edges of the front face to give it a bit more ‘life.’

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