Sony Xperia Z4 leaked press render shows familiar design with subtle differences


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The Sony Xperia Z4 is a device still very much surrounded in mystery. Sure we’ve heard rumors and seen a few component leaks, but nothing really solid. Today, @OnLeaks is providing an alleged press render of the upcoming device, showing a design that should be all too familiar for Xperia fans.

Sony Xperia Z4 leak onleaks

Newly leaked Sony Xperia Z4 press render

Like every new iteration, there are small changes that lead us to believe this is legit. For one, the absence of the Sony Xperia Z3’s micro SD card slot on the right side of the device. This lines up perfectly with an alleged Xperia Z4 frame leaked alongside the previous Z3 (from the same source, no less).

Sony Xperia Z3

Here’s an official Sony Xperia Z3 press render. Pretty similar, right?

According to previous leaks, the Sony Xperia Z4 is looking like it will be thinner, come equipped with a Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB of RAM, and pack a 21MP camera. Hopefully battery capacity hasn’t been downsized for this new slimmer model.


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  1. Sounds great. The Z3is the best Android phone available in my opinion, so this will be a nice upgrade.

    1. please… please … please.. come to sprint

  2. I never buy something I cant play with first so its a shame its not on AT&T. I’ve read so many great things about the Sony’s. I hope they keep producing them cause this phone looks really nice

  3. Z4 Ultra will be my next phone.

    1. just purchased the Z Ultra, i know it aint top notch, but the size always intrigued me

      1. I think it was top notch at it’s release. I wouldn’t mind the regular z4 but I’d have to get used to that phone size again.

  4. I hope it has optical image stabilization!

  5. Really wish they’d quit skinning it and just give us AOSP.

    1. I agree…but I must admit…the skin is not that bad at all..its extremely close to stock..does not deter performance..Movie, Walkman, and Album apps are keepers…

      1. What they do to the nav icons on the top and bottom are ugly enough to keep me away.

        1. Those can be themed. I’m rocking a Lollipop theme on my Xperia Z3 Compact. Looks great.

          1. How so? If you’re talking about root/ROM, why not go full CM?

          2. Nova ;)

          3. No bro check out this theme..Xperia phones have themes that developers can create…I chose black theme cause I wanted a dark background(wallpaper can be changed). But it also changes navigation buttons.


          4. None of those themes do anything to the top menu/nav bar icons.

          5. OK well i must have misunderstood.. The phone comes with KitKat Nav Buttons…I simply changed them to Lollipop…maybe the phone is not for you then…buttons are buttons..

          6. Black theme..with Burberry Wallpaper…to match my Burberry tie when I wear it..he he

          7. Yup me too..Chris..I forgot you got the Compact…I really hope Magenta can carry Z4 compact..I’m using “black theme” which changed my icons to lollipop…

  6. Z4v on Verizon? A Z3 body with Z2 and Z3 parts but called a Z4 :)

    Gosh, I love the Z line of phones and it WAS my next phone until Sony and VZW butchered it into the Z3v. Here is hoping – please please please – that Verizon gets the Z4 and it IS the actual Z4 (with a CDMA of course).

  7. My next phone..sticking with Sony for now..just please improve reception…oh yeah..and OIS!!!!

  8. What’s with all this dam thin phone bull, I’m a freaking man. I can be kinda rough in my life, I don’t want something delicate and flimsy, dam OEMs trying to get in touch with their feminine side. Sony keep your design, beef up your battery, and keep your micro SD slot. Add a mm or 2, dont take away

    1. A case can make up for your phones anorexia.

      1. But a case ain’t making up for no expandable storage, and I don’t use battery cases, they ugly

  9. Give us Z4 Compact please!!!!!

    1. This⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

  10. Doubt it will have a fingerprint scanner?

  11. Make it available for Sprint Sony!!!

  12. That’s crazy..OIS….yet Thinner? I’m thinking smaller battery… No SD card.

  13. I like but it better have an sd card slot!

  14. Will there be a Z4C?

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