Apr 4th, 2015


After all the hype, after the frustrating delays, even a couple of days after Verizon’s Galaxy Note 4 started to receive its official Lollipop OTA, OnePlus has finally released its first official Lollipop update for its 2014 flagship One. The widely-anticipated OxygenOS, built with the efforts of several Paranoid Android developers, was announced mere hours ago by OnePlus CEO Carl Pei.

Accompanying the announcement is a YouTube video showcasing the main features of OxygenOS. It appears to be basically stock Android with Paranoid Android’s well-known implementation of Quick Settings. Feel free to watch the video below and judge for yourselves…

There is, of course, a place for stock-plus ROMs in the development community, as they tend to be as popular as the full-featured ones. This is apparently the niche OnePlus is seeking to carve out for themselves in its own development-friendly ecosystem. Carl Pei sums it up as follows:

We want to be careful that we aren’t adding features simply for the sake of differentiation. We’ve implemented some important features thus far, but they are subtle and meaningful. That’s our philosophy behind OxygenOS: keep it light and essential.

OnePlus One owners are encouraged to download the ROM and provide feedback. In fact, Pei asserts that you can “begin taking a direct role in the future of Oxygen” by using their dedicated feedback app.

via OnePlus blog