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This week, OnePlus unveiled their very own micro drone. It super small, super affordable, and, just like everything OnePlus, super hard to snag before selling out. Don’t worry, though. has you covered with the Skeye Nano Drone.


The Skeye Nano Drone is identical in construction and functionality to OnePlus’ DR-1, down to the six-axis controls and included remote transmitter. It is preprogrammed for three different flight modes covering beginner through advanced pilots (with stunt capabilities). The only difference between the the Skeye Nano Drone and the OnePlus Drone? The paint job. Just check out the images for comparison.

oneplus dr-1 drone controller

OnePlus’ drone was priced at a very affordable $19.99, and the Skeye Nano Drone isn’t much more expensive at $34.99. Is that the sound of the OnePlus hype train grinding to a halt? Get your fix now at

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  1. Anybody got an invite? ;)

  2. “OnePlus’ drone was priced at a very affordable $19.99, and the Skeye Nano Drone isn’t much more expensive at $34.99”

    Or you could say that it’s 75% more expensive.

  3. They are not identical in the pictures. There is no prop guard on the one you’re trying to sell.

  4. Similar drones for $19 on eBay.

    “Yes, let’s screw our readers with horrible ‘deals’ and shameless self-promotion.”

    1. Starting to consider quitting Phandroid because of all these ads for two-bit products.

  5. Fits in well here.

  6. Almost double the price and doesn’t even have the propeller bumpers on it. Pass.

  7. I actually just made a video on the Cheerson CX-10 and compared it to the OnePlus DR-1

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