Waze can now tell you how long you’ll be stuck in that traffic jam


waze traffic jam

The popular crowd-sourced traffic app, Waze, has been a great app for commuters. It can help you avoid slow traffic, construction zones, and accidents so you get to work on time. If you still end up in a traffic jam the app can now tell you just how long you’ll be stuck.

The new Traffic Bar shows you how long you’ll be stuck, and it tracks your progress as you slowly move. It’s really helpful to see a visual representation of how long you’ll be stuck in traffic. Sometimes it can feel like you’ll never get out. This update also includes a much faster experience and improved re-routing. Grab Waze for free below from the Google Play Store.

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Waze | Google Play Store


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  1. This update came out like 3 weeks ago, it’s a great feature, and the traffic reroutibg has gotten more aggressive, but not exactly breaking news.

  2. Is it better than Maps does now?

  3. @ePoch 270, that’s what I would like to know… Is it worth not using Google Maps?

    1. I recently just switched to Waze for my now traffic riddled commute to work. I find Waze is much more helpful for viewing and avoiding traffic jams.

  4. I used waze today and or told me that I was in a 20 min traffic jam. I was there for over an hour, so it isnt 100%

  5. …and the reason they can’t just integrate the best of Google Maps with the best that Waze has to offer is what exactly? Nothing against Waze AT ALL, but it just seems that if Google owns it, why the redundancy in navigation apps?

  6. I just started using Waze recently.I find it is more detailed in routing. For example, will take me into a parking lot up to a store, instead of in front of the mall out on the street.

    I have no idea what all the different little icons are that it pops up on all the streets to each side of the highway I’m traveling.

    I’m curious if the re-routing actually helps. I have traffic with my ’14 Impalla’s GPS (via Sirius I believe). It will say the traffic situation has changed, and change my route. I followed it once going through Nashville rush hour in a.m., and I have no idea if it helped me timewise or not. I did still end up in a lot of traffic. (Sorry I diverge).

    The the questioner about if it’s better than Maps…if for nothing else, I like to have Waze for the traffic light camera and police warnings, even though I never speed ;-Q

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