WhatsApp voice calling now enabled for anyone and everyone who wants to use it



WhatsApp had previously given select lucky users the ability to place voice calls before, but a vast majority of the userbase was left out. That ends today — the company has flipped the server side switch that allows everyone to make voice calls.

As long as you’re on WhatsApp version 2.12.5, you’ll start to see a new tab named Calls where you can initiate calls to anyone on your contacts list, or simply press the dialer button you’ll find in a chat window.

Both users need to be on the latest version of WhatsApp for it to work, though that shouldn’t be a big issue as the latest update has been out for at least two weeks now. Give it a try the next time you prefer to grace your friends and families’ day with your voice rather than text.

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  1. Man, that has been too long

  2. How is it desirable to make voice calls within a closed system? Would you accept it if AT&T only allowed you to call AT&T customers?

    1. When you are traveling to another country and you don’t want to make roaming calls (because they are expensive), VoIP calls are high desirable if you have access to free WiFi. One issue with VoIP is that both parties must be using the same VoIP service, e.g. skype, hangouts, viber, etc. Whatsapp has an extremely high adoption rate amongst smartphone user, so chances are that the person you want to call is already using whatsapp.

      1. Especially in South America, most of the wireless services are prepaid with no “usable” minutes (I think they give you less than 50 minutes a month). WhatApp is very popular and now with VoIP service it will be even more.

  3. Android only at this time

  4. Is it too difficult to simpy call the person? We’re already on a phone …

    1. Yesbut….

      What about calling people in another country? Using VOIP stands to be much cheaper.

      1. Well, this says nothing about calling phone numbers, it’s simply a data2data connection. No different than doing a Hangouts2Hangouts or Skype2Skype call.

      2. Yes, but there’s still the problem of people on both sides needing to have the same app. From that standpoint, Skype, Hangouts, or Facetime have already been doing this for some time and what people will go to for this function.

        1. The only app you mention that is cross platform is Skype, and the Skype app SUCKS. So with the large user base WhatsApp has, I think this is a welcome addition.

          I personally have BBM as my primary but no one uses that.

          1. When you say cross platform, do you mean all of the platforms (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone) or just the two main platforms (Android and iOS)? Because both skype and hangouts are available on Android and iOS.

          2. The former cross-platform. WhatsApp is available for iPhone, Android, Nokia Symbian S60 & S40, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

  5. Seems pointless—

    1. Agreed

  6. WhatsApp Voice calling is really good and very good sound quality! Works well to call others in other countries.

  7. ITT People who never travel overseas.

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