Samsung planned a huge TouchWiz revamp at some point, and it looked awesome [VIDEO]



Last year, @evleaks treated us to leaked concepts of a TouchWiz revamp Samsung purportedly planned to introduce on their latest flagship handsets, but once the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched we were saddened to see the same ol’ TouchWiz. The Samsung Galaxy S6, while a bit better looking, still didn’t look nearly as good as the leaks.

But the leaks were real, and Samsung really did toy around with the possibility of creating this awesome user interface for use on their smartphones. That much was revealed by one of the designers they tasked with dreaming up the concept, Gerald Mark Soto.

Gerald Mark Soto was responsible for engineering the animations, though it was Perception‘s vision he used to create it. Perception is a design firm credited for the futuristic user interfaces seen in films such as Robocop, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Men in Black and more, and they are indeed listing Samsung as one of the big partners they have worked with (or may still be working with).

You can see their work in the footage above and below. The user interface featured lush graphics and smooth, cool animations that make using a Samsung smartphone seem like the most blissful experience ever.

We’re not sure why Samsung decided not to go through with this project, though there are a couple of possibilities:

  • Technology constraints. As good as all this looked, it would demand some pretty good hardware. The TouchWiz of yesteryear already struggled to maintain smoothness throughout usage even on Samsung’s most powerful hardware, so it’s possible Samsung couldn’t replicate the concept without issues. There’s also the issue of how such an involved user interface could impact battery life.
  • Differing visions. We’d find it hard to imagine that top brass within Samsung’s ranks wouldn’t like Soto’s work, but it’s possible they simply didn’t feel it was a good fit for their smartphone right now.
  • It simply isn’t ready. Stuff like this is bound to take a lot of time, especially if Samsung has to build it from the ground up. The fact that the animator released the concept doesn’t bode well for the chances of this particular version of the concept to ever see the light of day, but that doesn’t mean Samsung isn’t still cooking up something big.

TouchWiz has long been chastised for being too bloated and doing too much to detract from the overall Android experience, but if it looked anything like the concepts above we wouldn’t mind using it on a daily basis. How do you feel about it?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. how is that awesome?? I dont like Touchwiz but even IT looks better than that above!

    1. I think this is 1000 times better than touch wiz. Not a fan of the news tiles but everything else looked pretty cool. Wouldn’t mind see a google pick up a little bit of this. Not a huge fan of the cards look.

      1. i dont like the cards look at all….i guess my opinion is flawed since it really only shows you a fraction of what could be. =

        1. that and it’s just too much white. Goggle’s fascination with white makes it less appealing to the eye imo. I do love what they did with material tho. Thats about my only beef with their skin.

          1. i see what you are saying….I do like material a lot. not a fan of the white either, never noticed it until you said something. there are a lot of empty spaces with just white-nothing-ness.

          2. Run Nova Launcher and get the entire Lollipop animations but change all the white to black, folders, app drawer ect and you have a killer UI. That’s what I’ve created on my Note 4 and it’s slick as hell

    2. Different strokes, different folks.

      1. of course. no arguing that. I am going to take some of that back….I think my opinion is flawed of course since its only showing a portion of it.

    3. I think it’s very pretty, but I’m not sure how I would feel about using it. Simple launchers with usability tweaks are my favorite, so for me that’s Nova or Google Now Launcher, or Sense 5/6.

      1. could not have agreed more!

  2. We have very different definitions of awesome. The transitions look great, sure, but it looks incredibly non-functional.

  3. Lots of the TouchWiz bashing came from:

    A) Apple fans who claim to have given Android a real shot and found it wanting
    B) tech reviewers who use the iPhone as the reference point for everything else (meaning that they are essentially in group A)
    C) fans of companies who sell fewer phones in a year than Samsung sells in a month (or possibly even 2 weeks) and who brag about their “pure software” experience because their (often cheaper) phones can’t match Samsung’s hardware

    Granted, I abandoned Samsung for the Nexus 6, but that was only an option for me because Lollipop adopted a lot of things that were in TouchWiz. Even now, TouchWiz has things that Lollipop does not have, such as actual multi-tasking. TouchWiz can actually even be considered a fork, especially considering that Samsung devices in China substitute Google apps and services for their own. Samsung’s hard, expensive work on software and marketing played a huge role in getting Android from being the money losing mess that it was as recently as 2012 to being the very useful profit machine that it is now, and yet the only credit that they get is for their screens (when Samsung wasn’t even the first OEM to debut large or high resolution screens to begin with).

    Folks have to remember: without Android, Samsung is still such a great hardware and components manufacturer that even Apple is forced to run to them for CPUs and memory. But without Samsung, Google probably has pulled the plug on Android by now. And remember: this is coming from someone who wants more competition for Samsung so Android doesn’t become so reliant on one or two big players (Google and Samsung). But I am sorry, comparing the HTC One M9, the LG G Flex 2 or Motorola’s silly tease event to hype LTE support for the Moto G (!?!?) to the Note 4 and the S6 and there isn’t THAT MUCH competition for Samsung out there to be honest. The other OEMs need to at least match Samsung’s hardware as well as provide some real contributions to Android of their own i.e. security like Knox, multi-tasking or at least some sort of iTunes – like device and media manager and spend the billions that Samsung does in marketing (which benefits the whole platform, not just Samsung) before bashing “LagWiz”.

    1. Excellent!! Well thought out.

    2. Stop it with the rational analysis. This is an Android blog. Clearly you don’t know you’re supposed to hate Samsung just because… /s

      1. agreed.

      2. That’s right. And remember that when you hate HTC or Motorola or 1+1 then you have a good reason because we all know they suck! :D /s

        1. Hey I’m all for rational / unbiased criticism all the way around. Samsung has been the easy one to hate the past year or two while other OEMs get a pass in certain areas. I’m no Samsung fanboy, but bias is bias. :)

          1. If you’re sure that Samsung has been the easy one to hate, then you haven’t seen an M9 article lately. :D

          2. That’s a good point – the tides have somewhat turned lol

    3. Actually, I went from a few Sense devices to the Galaxy S3, and then immediately went to a few Motorola devices. I don’t care if they don’t sell as much as Samsung does. If that’s how you determine which phone you should buy then 1. Your buying what everyone else is, not buying something that best suits your needs, and 2. If you’re buying the highest selling smartphone you should be looking at an iPhone.

      I had the Galaxy S3, and that was their breakout phone. It was the first one to be released on all carriers without extensive changes made to it. I really liked it when I first got it. It was sleek and powerful. Then I started having issues that many others do. Performance slowdowns, GPS that was unable to lock on in a timely manner, battery life that went from multi day to barely making one with the same use, screen burn in, etc. Later after I stopped using it as my primary, it got an update that basically eliminated mobile data on it, and there was never a patch for that. I won’t ever discount Samsung from my upgrade plans, but I’m more leery of them than I previously was. And I’m sure this may sound like sour grapes to you because I use a company that doesn’t sell as much as Samsung does. But the thing is, simply selling the most doesn’t make them the best. The Honda Civic and Toyota Camry are huge sellers, but they’re not the best car around.

      1. OMG!! There ARE a lot of Camrys (Camries?). LoL!!

      2. But Samsung surely isn’t a Civic or Camry though. It and the iPhone are more like one of the 3 mass selling German luxury cars. I mean, with the S6 and Note line, you can’t honestly say they aren’t the best “car brand” around.

        I sympathize with your GPS issues on your S3 though. I experienced the same too on mine and it was frustrating. Did you also replace your battery after a while? I ended up doing that, which is the only thing I’m worried about on the S6, but I’m willing to take a chance since I’m thinking of upgrading again in 2 years.

    4. As long as their hardware was powerful enough then whatever skin they put over android would never concern me. I can always get a new paint job. I can’t as easily get an engine swap.

    5. Also bashing came from the unnecessary S bloat and the fact that it was kinda laggy.

    6. Google made over $840 million in Android ad sales and over $35 million in app sales in 2012.

      How do you arrive at Android being a money losing mess in 2012, and saved later by Samsung?

      Android turned the corner that year in majority world use of a mobile operating system.

      1. can his comment randomly disappear please? ;) haha

        1. OK that’s just hilarious! :D

    7. From the earlier days –


      Did Samsung power Android or did Android power Samsung?

      You be the judge, I know what I think.


      1. We actually should thank Samsung for powering android. The gargantuan number of android users all around the world was primarily due to skyrocketing Samsung smartphone sales.
        They were the only smartphone maker to successfully challenge the iPhone and capture mindshare away from it.

        People only knew of Galaxies and iPhones. They didn’t know what android was. That’s what made Google upset over the years and finally forced OEMs to slap an android logo on the boot screen.

        1. Samsung is not my friend, any more than any other manufacturer, so I will not thank any of them.

          It’s their job to thank me for supporting them with my purchase. Never the other away around, and that’s what’s wrong today.

          Build a better product for my needs and desires and I will buy it.

          I don’t care who makes it or what it’s called.

          I don’t own their stock, I don’t care how much they sell and the last thing in the world that I’m ever going to care about is what other people buy or why they did.

          1. In other news, we should thank the Labrador retrievers for being the most popular dog breed in the USA for years.

            Without the Labrador retriever, most people would have never heard of dogs and might have ended up with a cat!

          2. I obviously did not mean for you to go and literally thank any of the manufacturers. I was expressing the fact that android’s rise was due to Samsung.

          3. Then why didn’t Samsung sell more phones before Android?

            How many people purchased because the iPhone was an insufficient value?

            Your claims assumes facts not in evidence and your position as to what might have been otherwise is hypothetical.

          4. Um, they sold lots of phones before Android.

            The reason why people bought it doesn’t even matter. All that matters is people bought it.

            My claim IS a fact: Many people bought Galaxies, which increased android numbers.

          5. Your claim also includes the mistaken idea that Android was a money losing mess in 2012 when quite the opposite is true.

            In your main post, you used a made up fact about that instead of the real one – and by your own words that made up fact has helped formed your opinion.

            And that’s your right. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

            Opinions are simply not facts.

          6. Uh, do you have a reading problem? I’m not the OP.

          7. Lol, yes I had a reading problem and I sincerely apologize.

  4. I am not all that concerned with TW actually. I can adapt and get on with life. And, I dig Samsung (TVs, phones, etc.) I have many of their products.

    Now, what does concern me is IF we find out TW is a reason why the S6 I looked at at Best Buy has 15gb of 32gb used for “System”. That will bum me out. I guess we will know when we see official retail releases. Because IF it is, that is where TW starts to become a serious issue in my mind. Messing with the Android experience on a GUI level is one thing, doing that AND taking valuable space and resources to do said thing, that is a glaring issue.

  5. The only thing those eye candy transitions and animations do is slow the user down. Better to turn them all off as this means that things will happen immediately rather than spend time animating things into view. It may not look as nice but it’ll feel a lot more responsive.

    1. This is the case with anything. I, for one, want all my resources dedicated to my apps looking lovely when I open them. LoL!!

      I know it takes its toll, but I like the animations.

  6. But when will the make “back” button on the left side of the device lol

    1. The fiends!! I can already imagine all the accidental app closures I would do when I try to multitask on a Galaxy device. LoL!!

      1. It actually took me no time at all to get used to it, coming from a Nexus 5, and I’m left handed to boot (making it even “less convenient” of a move compared to right handed users).

  7. I wouldn’t mind it being bloated if it looked dope like that.

  8. After watching Galaxy S6 review videos I still think Touchwiz is way too heavy handed on what is, from Google, a great default UI. I’m not a fan of any of this.

  9. It’s still lag wiz…

    1. I haven’t experienced ANY lag on my new S6 Edge, coming from a Nexus 5, and that’s with almost every app on the phone open at the same time, jumping from one to the next, customizing settings and what not. I think people like you just like to repeat the same thing over and over every year.

      1. Wait till you’ve had the phone for a little while. There’s a reason people always say touch wiz lags… Because it’s true.

        1. Oh, I forgot that people always say that. It must be true then. Like people say manual cars are always faster than automatics, it may have been true back in the day but just doesn’t hold up anymore. On day 3, have had zero lags stutters hickups or app closures, this thing flies faster than any phone I’ve used before. I’ll keep you updated on any lag or lack there of, if you’d like, I always enjoy bringing someone out from the dark ages.

          1. Wow! A whole 3 days!!! I almost don’t believe you that a 2015 smart phone is lag free after a whole 3 days. Here in the dark ages we’re lucky to get 3 minutes use until our phones become unusable.

            That touch wiz boasting iPhone clone must make the flash envious!

          2. Oh yes, bash me for not being able to possibly test the phone for more than 3 days, something that is completely out of my control! A phone that shouldn’t technically even be out for another 9 days, what exactly are you looking for? I’m giving you REAL info on what I’ve been able to ACTUALLY experience during the longest possible use by a general consumer, instead of just repeating BS touch wiz lag claims year after year. You’re turning a bit green.. Is that the elusive green gs6, or maybe you’re the hulk…. No, that’s not it… Or, could it be? You’re green with envy?

          3. You’re the one doing the ‘bashing’ fella… Telling people they’re in the dark ages because they don’t like a laggy UI.

            Touch wiz has ALWAYS been laggy. It’s not repeating BS, it’s a well known issue with that UI.

            Envious of a phone? I’d get one if that was the case, you’re hardly in possession of a Rolls Royce there mate ;)

            I’ve owned a Samsung phone before and envy is the last thing anyone ever felt about it.
            Thankfully I learnt from that mistake :D

          4. No, you’re trying to bash me by telling me my new phone is laggy based on reports of LAST YEARS MODEL. Touch wiz is not the same year after year, and has been toned down ALOT this year (doesn’t take up any more system memory than the HTC9 and its beloved sense). The last Samsung device I owned was a S3, before my nexus 5, so I know what a lagging touch wiz ui is like, and the S6 is not that. Referring to my first statement, you can’t honestly make any claims on this new phone about lag because your information is based on an old version with old hardware. I’m giving you real info based on first hand experience (the longest possible usage by an average consumer at this point), with the NEW version and NEW hardware, and all you can do is come back telling me I’m somehow wrong. No fella, sorry, but you’re wrong.

          5. No mate, I never ‘bashed’ you, I just strongly disagree with you. You did so telling me I’m from the dark ages… Don’t back pedal now. Be mature and stick to your opinions.

            New version, new hardware, doesn’t matter. I guarantee you after a year that iPhone clone will be more sluggish than a nexus 4.
            Samsung’s UI is simply garbage and they’re too proud to trash it as they should. You could put the internals of a gaming PC in a galaxy phone and they’d still lag because the software is terrible. Nothing to do with hardware.

            Your first hand experience of 3 days (whoah!!!) is basically useless as a three day old phone is still brand new.

          6. You’re points are absolutely baseless (“simply garbage”), and you’re too proud to trash them as you should.. Not even going to justify your comments by giving honest responses.

          7. Fella you have no responses other than ‘you’re the dark ages’ and ‘me so lucky I have new phone first… How good is me!!!’

          8. Reading through your comment history, you’re just a pretty negative person all around.. I’m sorry for you..

          9. You just pick and choose whatever little snippets of info suit the argument you try to make. We got a fox news junky over here. (See I can do some name calling too, but what purpose does it solve?) The way you use iPhone clone so much, you’re obviously butt hurt by Samsung (only people that really hate Samsung for some reason use that comparison as a negative connotation). I’m neither for nor against any particular android OEM. I’ve owned Asus, HTC, lg, Samsung, and Motorola devices and loved them all (though they all did have pros and con’s) (I feel like I’m having to justify every little thing so you don’t twist it to try and use against me). You seriously have some kind of animosity. I am an avid ANDROID (not just Samsung) enthusiast giving input on my new device. I’ve only had it three days so that’s all the input I can honestly give (which I said previously) unlike you which “guarantees” things that you really can’t guarantee unless you’re just speaking figuratively (which I’m trying not to do, so as to keep info clear and accurate) so yeah, I’m done with my run on, trying to defend myself from some internet know it all that can see the future and knows my iphone clone will crap out in the not so distant … Oh no, my phone just crapped out and I had to finish this on my iPad /s

          10. Sorry fella, you’re the one picking and choosing to suit your (non existent) argument.

            Don’t live in America so I don’t have anything to do with fox news, try another crappy insult though if you wish.
            Yes, it serves no purpose and there’s no ‘too’ about it, I never did any name calling. The only type of negativity in fact came from you, Mr ‘you live in the dark ages because you don’t like touch wiz!!’ so don’t start talking about negativity ok? I’m more sorry for you as you just spent big money on an iPhone clone with a terrible UI.
            And yes, that’s what a S6 is, a direct rip off of apples iPhone 6 design. Only deluded Samsung fan boys will say otherwise.

            Not but hurt at all, just speaking my mind on an inferior product priced as a premium one which gets constant undeserved media attention.

            You clearly aren’t an android enthusiast, you called all iterations prior to lollipop ‘pos os’ stop trying to back pedal there fella, your comments are visible for all to see.

            Flattered you read my comment history. Hope you enjoyed it :D

          11. OK, think what you want. I was done with you two days ago.

          12. And I didn’t tell you you were in the dark ages for “liking” a “laggy ui”, I said you were in the dark ages because you refuse to look for any new info and claims when making your own about a NEW VERSION of the ui. Android used to be a buggy pos OS when it first came out, and look how far advanced it is now. Using your logic, people would still claim Android is laggy and buggy, but all they have to do is look at lollipop to see that’s no longer the case. I guess some people are just purely pessimistic.

          13. Android was free of lag long before lollipop… Unless you had a Samsung.

            Android was never a ‘pos’ OS for me… That’s my logic on it. I’ve enjoyed every iteration of it I’ve used. Sorry you don’t feel the same way Samsung boy.

            No pessimism towards android from me, that’s you’re view Mr ‘pos OS’… I’m just saying touch wiz is laggy, which it most certainly is.

          14. Wow, your selective intelligence is astounding. Back in cupcake, donut, and eclair days (even into froyo with the droid x) android was definitely laggy. My point wasn’t that it took until lollipop to be fluid ( I agree that android stepped up greatly around gingerbread days) but my point was that given time even laggy OSs and UIs can become great. I didn’t argue with you that touch wiz use to lag, in fact I agreed using the s3 as my source of evidence (though you think im some “Samsung boy” [this proves you’re loosing a grasp on your argument]). I simply asked that you not use all your biased predisposed judgment on the new version and new hardware until the verdict on that new version and new hardware was out, and contributed my personal findings being one of the lucky people to receive my unit early. I can see that no matter how clearly I articulate my perspective, you will try and twist it to make me into some fanboy or the like, so I’ll not continue to waste my time and go on enjoying my lag free touch wiz device. Have a great day.

          15. Back pedalling again?
            I thought android was a ‘pos’ OS until lollipop came out… Now gingerbread was slick? Hahaha

            You’re clearly a Samsung fan boy, you guys are so easy to spot no matter how much you try to hide it :D

            Keep beating your chest about being ‘one of the few lucky one’s’ to already own an iPhone clone.
            I bet your peers are ‘green with envy’

    2. and you are the wizard that lags

  10. They’ll probably put this on a smartphone with tizen os. Maybe when the qualcomm 815, or 820, or a enhanced exynos comes out, What is up with 3gigs of ram though? 64-bits is here now, why short change it?

  11. Look at that battery icon, is this revamped for tizen to be used in the S7?

  12. Honestly, who cares about a revamped *look*. Sure it’s nicer but it’s the TouchWiz itself that’s the problem. The whole skin and efficiency and lag, etc, etc.. This looks good but will likely be even MORE drain on battery and processing power! Here comes MORE lag… WTF.. They need to TRIM it down.. Closer to stock, the better. Sure make it look more modern.. But in a light way and take care of the backend. This will take them much further

    1. I just love haters :)

    2. Agreed. If I ever buy a Samsung phone again it will only be for the hardware and you can bet the first thing I’ll do is root and install a custom ROM.

  13. sorry bro, touchwiz and awesome are mutually exclusive terms

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