Buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge from T-Mobile and get an entire year of Netflix for free


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Whether you have a contract about to expire or you’re on the fence about the Samsung Galaxy S6, T-Mobile is looking to sweeten the deal for you. Besides being one of the few carriers in the US to offer unlimited data plans, T-Mobile and Samsung will now throw in a full year of Netflix for those buying a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, absolutely free of charge. If you do the quick math ($9 a month), that’s right around a $100+ value.

The offer is only available between March 27th through April 9th. After a purchase has been made, you’ll receive a promo code that you’ll need to submit by May 21st on Samsung’s promotions page here. It’s still unclear if this can be added to those who already have a Netflix subscription.

Unfortunately, like all the other carriers in the US, T-Mobile was mum on actual availability, still not giving us a solid date on when we can expect the device to launch. We imagine it’ll be around the time of the phone’s global launch on April 10th, but in the meantime, you can sign up for notifications via T-Mobile pre-register page here.

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  1. Since the promo is for march 27 through April 12 it might be that preorders start the 27th and the phone is released the 12th?

    1. brilliant…so people might not even get it? haha I hope to god the dates are true. what an awesome story that would make

  2. I did this for my Dad’s Galaxy Note 4..such a hassle:

    U need to go to Samsungpromotions(dot)com

    Then input an email address..

    Then take a pic of your receipt of the phone
    In the picture you must circle the date of purchase.. Underline the IMEI number and sign or write your name on the receipt.but here is the kicker:

    The pic cannot be more than 2MB.. So if your using any camera more than 10MP is more than 2MB..and yes..I tried lower resolution.. But then the image is blurred.. Remember you have to have everything included in one pic..

    So..I got a photo resizer from Google Play..resized it enough to

    Then submitted to the company which is prizelogic…it took them 2 weeks to email me and they said the image is not viewable…

    They transferred me to Customer Service where I was able to scan and email in PDF to the representative… Then I got my code…..

    1. I’ve got free Netflix from both Google (Chromecast) & LG(G FLEX),nothing near this convoluted.
      Probably took a grand total of five minutes of my time & not much of a wait for either codes.

      EDIT: Also got a code for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & I don’t remember it having this many hoops to jump through.

      You’d think they’d make it easier,considering the $ amount spent for the device…..

      1. Ikr

  3. a year of free netflix is not a bad deal at all. probably why they are priced so high, to make up for that cost. wonder if this is why the phones priced that high, to make up for that cost? I cant imagine Netflix just handed over 20+ subscriptions for a year for free

    1. I doubt this would have any effect on the price. The price will likely be the same across all carriers and it looks like only TMobile is offering this. The other carriers might offer something else. While I do believe the cost of the phone includes marketing costs, I don’t think Netflix specifically is factoring into the cost.

  4. I love how instead of expanding their infrastructure to compete better with AT&T and Verizon they just go with these gimmicks. People who can afford this phone can afford Netflix. Who are they kidding? Just another way T Mobile doesn’t have to be accountable for their very spotty services ( I am a T Mobile customer)

    1. Because you can afford something doesn’t make a deal less of a deal. People who accumulate wealth look for a deal regardless of being able to afford it. That’s a great deal in my opinion.

      1. I dont think he is saying its a bad deal….he is saying they should take these gimmicks and direct it to expanding infrastructure. Put those extra resources into making a better service. Seems like AT&T and Verizon are the only ones spending billions on towers. T-Mobile and Sprint is….well not.

        1. Personally I don’t think they care about areas outside of the Major Metropolitan area’s as much as At&T and Verizon because the spectrum space needed to compete is not available at T-Mobile’s budget. That’s why they adopted Wi-Fi calling which both At&T and Verizon are now implementing into there networks. Sure business women and men traveling to and from rural areas daily, weekly and monthly would find this a bigger issue then the majority of subscribers from those metropolitan parts of the country who would rather save a few bucks a month on their bills or receive the so called money saving gimmick every now and then over an occasional loss of service when traveling to cousin Pete’s. And to be quite frank you could easily pull up the T-Mobile coverage map from 5 years ago and then pull up today’s and see that they actually have improved the T-Mobile Network but as long as another carrier has a better one this argument will always exist. What would that take? A higher bill and that just doesn’t fit their marketing scheme at this time.

          1. Willimantic Connecticut has T-Mobile LTE, that’s in the middle of no where!

          2. Yes they have lots in the middle of no where. I agree with you Jay.

      2. Exactly and that’s what they’ve done. Even with accumulating new customers and a bunch of new income they’ve shorted their customers again. It was a better deal for them to flip Netflix and provider gimmicks to sell their phones rather than building their towers. Their service is absolutely horrible if you don’t live in a major metropolitan area. They probably got those Netflix accounts for pennies on the dollar. So in that sense, than yes T Mobile has a great deal going for them to spend less for a bunch of netflix accounts rather than improving coverage. But please, don’t take my word for it!! Go get a $700 that barely gets a signal and tell me how great Netflix deals are when your trying to watch it on 2G.

      3. Absolutely right. Being rich isn’t about driving a Bently and living in a mansion, it’s about being able to afford those things precisely because you consistently save, invest in a disciplined and smart manner, and DON’T buy those things.

    2. I have great coverage, if T Mobile doesn’t work for you then move to another carrier.

    3. You have to have income to do expansions. People aren’t going to give them money for nothing. They need subscribers. This is a way to get subscribers. The cost of the Netflix bill is likely not 100% out of pocket since Netflix benefits from subscriber info, so they’re likely getting it at a fraction of the cost to provide value to their customers.

  5. I would much rather have a usable coverage map from Tmobile in Denver Colorado than the equivalent to 100 dollar netflix coupon. Strange Verizon and ATT dont have to offer this crap to sell shit tons of s6’s….hmm….

  6. Where are those dates coming from? I don’t see any date on the Tmobile site for the Netflix, just the pre-register contest which isn’t tied to Netflix. The Samsung promotion site isn’t updated to reflect this contest.

  7. Spammers getting more active around here.

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