Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might trade fingerprint scanner/heart rate sensor for micro SD card slot



The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might look something like the recently announced Samsung Xcover 3 (above)

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is chock-full of amazing hardware features (wireless charging, fingerprint scanner, DDR4 RAM), but when we found out some of the Galaxy S5’s best features wouldn’t be making a return — water resistance, micro SD card, and removable battery — we have to admit, we were a little bummed out.

When it came to water resistance, we had a feeling that Samsung would bring this feature back for an all new Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. Not too long later, a few leaks started making the rounds, hinting to the S6 Active’s existence and we were excited to see what else the phone bring. Today, a Reddit user claims to have had a sit down meeting with Samsung rep out of Europe (along with picture proof). When asked about Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, the Samsung rep was willing to divulge a few details about the device. First off, Samsung could be ditching the fingerprint reader/heart rate sensor for the S6 Active. While that sounds like an odd move (given the S6 Active will likely be marketed towards those who are active), he mentioned the phone will feature an SD card slot.

He also went on to mention that the camera might be “less good” than the regular S6’s and that we can look forward to a mid-summer release date. We should note, he did mention the device was still under development and that any of these hardware features could change down the road, so there might still be hope for that fingerprint reader on the retail-ready version.

With a rumored 3,500mAh battery and now a micro SD card slot, anyone else thinking about picking up the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active over the regular version?

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  1. I agree, that just seems a little strange that they would remove the heart rate sensor from the Active variant. Not that it would be that useful for those with an active lifestyle, but still. It at least seems to mesh with the idea of an ‘active’ user

    1. I use my watch for heart rate and to unlock my phone via bluetooth with smart lock. So no big deal loosing those.

    2. most people that are serious about being ‘active’ have those fitbit or whatever devices that do it more accurately. The whole point of the Active line from samsung was durability incase you drop it while hiking or something..and splashproof for rain or water related activity. Thats really all.

  2. Perhaps their reasoning is: “Who needs a heart rate monitor when it’s on our smartwatches?”
    As for the fingerprint scanner,Unless there’s internal room constraints,why not where it’s currently located?
    Fewer physical buttons would seemingly be more logical w/an active/watertight design.

    1. The physical buttons make the phone more usable wearing gloves, that’s why the active line always has had physical buttons.

    2. Have you seen the article comparing heart rate monitors with just an app and the camera?

      No difference. Get an app.

      1. Absolutely, wasted resources,IMHO. The decisions on which features to drop & which to keep (from S5 to S6/EDGE/ACTIVE) SMH…….

  3. Not the fingerprint sensor! That’s the most important piece of equipment on every phone! Snicker…

  4. Because of the Micro SD card support: People saying WTF? in 3 2 1

  5. The fingerprint reader/heart rate sensor are about as much use as a one legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen lake compared to the practicality of Micro SD support.

    One out of two valuable features returning to the S line isn’t bad. I’ll take it.

    1. What the heck was that? XD

  6. That means maybe no Samsung Pay.

  7. I love my g3…but i have a work issued Iphone 5S as well. Despite my preference for android, when done right, i will say that the finger print scanner is actually pretty useful.

    On my g3 i rarely use a pin code or pattern code to lock it due to the fact im a frequent user of my phone to check things and its annoying after a while..with my iphone, i dont have to since soon as i am taking it out i naturally put my finger on the home button now out of habit and by the time i have it straight in my hand to actually use its already unlocked.

    With samsungs use of it to auto complete passwords on websites, it may have been even more useful. Its def not a gimmicky feature when done right.

    Personally, i would have loved to have had the removable battery, sdcard AND fingerprint scanner and kept the plastic body instead since its gonna have a case on it anyway.

    1. Haha I am in the same scenario. G3 For personal use, 5S for office.. I have the exact same conclusion as you.

  8. Well well, this might actually be a contender. I was seriously considering waiting for an s6, but when the glass back and tiny battery were made official, it was an absolute deal-breaker. Right now I’m waiting to see what the LG G4 is like, else I’ll just get a note 4. Samsung not crippling their phones will keep me interested,though I don’t like this talk of an inferior camera.

  9. Better have a removable battery too if they want my business back.

  10. How about we trade the S6/IPhone 6 for something that’s practical again…

  11. Oh yeah! Having a fingerprint scanner and heartrate monitor aren’t important features for me at all. However I’m not fond of the 3 physical nav buttons typically found on the Active series; I wish that they’d go full software, but that’s unlikely.

    1. I didn’t. I love the three hardware buttons on my note 2 and I’m glad Samsung still supports these features.

  12. Not if the camera is “less good ”

  13. This actually makes sense…. Wow, I didn’t expect that. Nice work Samsung

  14. If this is true, then perhaps the Note 5 will still come with sd card storage and a removable battery?

  15. It better still have a replaceable battery as well or I still won’t buy it.

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