Mar 25th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:09 pm


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might look something like the recently announced Samsung Xcover 3 (above)

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is chock-full of amazing hardware features (wireless charging, fingerprint scanner, DDR4 RAM), but when we found out some of the Galaxy S5’s best features wouldn’t be making a return — water resistance, micro SD card, and removable battery — we have to admit, we were a little bummed out.

When it came to water resistance, we had a feeling that Samsung would bring this feature back for an all new Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. Not too long later, a few leaks started making the rounds, hinting to the S6 Active’s existence and we were excited to see what else the phone bring. Today, a Reddit user claims to have had a sit down meeting with Samsung rep out of Europe (along with picture proof). When asked about Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, the Samsung rep was willing to divulge a few details about the device. First off, Samsung could be ditching the fingerprint reader/heart rate sensor for the S6 Active. While that sounds like an odd move (given the S6 Active will likely be marketed towards those who are active), he mentioned the phone will feature an SD card slot.

He also went on to mention that the camera might be “less good” than the regular S6’s and that we can look forward to a mid-summer release date. We should note, he did mention the device was still under development and that any of these hardware features could change down the road, so there might still be hope for that fingerprint reader on the retail-ready version.

With a rumored 3,500mAh battery and now a micro SD card slot, anyone else thinking about picking up the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active over the regular version?

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