Mysterious SM-G890A could be the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active for AT&T



With the Samsung making the semi-controversial decision to ditch the water resistance of the Galaxy S5 in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, we tried to make sense of it. In the end, we conjectured Samsung would likely introduce a rugged “Active” variant of the Galaxy S6, like they did with the S5 and S4 before it. Of course, we didn’t have much to go on, only what history showed us. But a new discovery could be lending credence to our initial guess.

Samsung Galaxy S6 UA Prof SM-G890A

A mysterious Samsung device going by the model number SM-G890A was discovered in a user agent profile on Samsung Mobile. If we look at last year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Active on AT&T (SM-G870A), the model number isn’t too far off at all. The UA prof also shows it coming equipped with the same QHD resolution display and if you needed further confirmation what we’re looking at here is the Galaxy S6 Active, @upleaks recently tweeted that same model number, also guessing it could be — what else — but the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.

Now, nothing is confirmed at this point, but we imagine we’ll hear more as we near the April 10th launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. That being said, would any of you be willing to ditch the fragile glass back of the Galaxy S6 for something a little more durable, possibly with water resistance?

[Samsung Mobile]

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  1. No phone is getting purchased until LG and Sony announcement of there flagship…. I need to have hands on experience before I buy…. Also waiting for all the battery and official camera test as well . Thats the difference between me and sheep

    1. So waiting for products doesn’t make people sheep? Sound logic right there.

      1. Sounds like being a smart consumer to me.. My wife jumped on the z1 when in came out… It was supposed to have one of the best cameras at the time.. Biggest let down of a camera yet.. To this day she still has to use apps to touch photos up..

        1. That really isn’t an issue imo

          1. Sure is in 2015..

          2. So you take a picture with a dslr in 2015 and it comes out perfect? Or does it require post processes. The camera is fine on the z 1 just Sony superior auto often blows.

          3. Not talking about taking dslr pics.. Talking about simply using the z1 as point and shoot without after processing.. The camera blows in that regard.. Now the z3, that just works… Same with my note 3..Google the z1 camera issues.. Its all over the net on numerous forums..

          4. Because sony sucks with post processing

          5. Great.. Whatever the cause.. All I know is the z3 is supplying decent pics without screwing around.. The way the z1 should have been.. Either way, wifey is in the market for a new phone with good camera right out of the box.. Looks like Sammy has won her over with the latest release premium build and stellar camera by what’s been seen so far..

      2. When they run to a big name brand.. Apple and Samsung without testing out other products first ….. Sheep

        1. Yep, it’s not like those companies produce products that people like to use because of familiarity and comfort. Let’s fix something that works fine for many people.

  2. I love tech sleuths!

  3. What if it had a SD slot and removable battery?

    1. That would be something, I still wouldn’t get it lol

  4. Absolutely hideous.

    1. Agreed. Looks pretty bad!

  5. This might be my ideal phone. Hopefully they would keep the fingerprint scanner, but seeing how it wasn’t in the S5 active I doubt it.

  6. Just to confirm it more:


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