T-Mobile’s Des Smith unboxes the Samsung Galaxy S6 [HEAVY BREATHING]


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08595

I’m so thirsty for the Samsung Galaxy S6, I can barely stand it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll eat up just about any and all info you can about the upcoming flagship. Thankfully, T-Mobile is here to give us a quick unboxing of their version of the phone, courtesy of T-Mo Product Expert Desmond Smith.

It’s your standard unboxing fair, only giving us a quick peek at what’s inside the box of the T-Mobile retail version. Oh, will you look at that. It’s got headphones and an “Adaptive Fast Charging” charger. The video just went live on YouTube, so while you wait for the phone to hit next month, you can pre-register right here.



Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Chris, when will they officially announce this phone, with pricing and all? I’m seeing a few different dates. (I am VERY late to this party, as I thought I was getting a new M9, but after seeing the improvements Samsung made to the S6, I am leaning heavily towards it.)

    1. They haven’t given a specific date, but I’m guessing pre-orders will be taken March 27-ish (when their Netflix promo starts). That’s when we should get word about pricing.

      1. OK, thanks. The old Galaxy line was just so much plastic (and TouchWiz). This looks SO much better, it looks like it will be so much less bloated, and it has wireless charging, which us old Palm geezers really miss! Looking forward to seeing it, even though the netflix thing means zilch to me! :O

  2. man that gold platinum one looks nice

    1. Leave it up to Verizon to bring out 1 lame color – like white. And then when sales drop, 4-6 months later.. surprise, here is gold.

      They do crap like that all of the time.

  3. Feeling envious with my xperia z3 Sammy did a great job on its looks this time around

    1. I wish Sony would switch to AMOLED. I like the Z3 but I couldn’t get over the screen’s performance during outdoor viewing.

      1. I have no idea what you mean. My z3 behaves very well in the Detroit sun especially auto brightness.

        1. IPS LCD is quite different in bright conditions to a Super AMOLED display. Different enough where I prefer the brighter and more easier to view on AMOLED. Preference.

          1. I never used Sammy oled in the day, but used Motorola it’s okay but my z3 outshined in every way

          2. Put AMOLED on Sony and I’ll be a dedicated customer at the rush.

        2. Mines works great in the southern California sunlight!!!

      2. the only real mass manufacturer is Samsung, their competitor. Sony can get good LCDs from a wide variety of sources including themselves. its a business decision.

        1. Oh yeah of course I wasn’t questioning their decision to utilize IPS LCD’s on their flagships I was just expressing my preference for Super AMOLED. It would be nice to see AMOLED on Sony.

  4. How much usable storage in the 32 gig variant, 23 24 gigs

    1. 24

      1. Yuck… I don’t what to do, I hate HTC for not giving a reason to go from a M8 to the M9

  5. ???, dam I think after 4 years of htc , Samsung might have won me over with the edge version, but Imma look on the bright side, I can look at this as a Samsung one year trial period, in hopes of HTC bringing a beast with the M10,…

    1. you mean the m10 Plus…like the bs they just pulled screwing everyone that preoreder the regular m9 thinking that was gonna be the true flagship.

      1. you can cancel a preorder pretty easily. Also, i’d wait on declaring the m9 plus as their true flagship until you see how that mediateck processor performs.

      2. Yea bruh, mediatek processor, you might not wanna get upset to quick

        1. If you look at the review of that chip, its actually pretty on par or pretty close in performance. Mediatek actually doesnt just do ‘crap’ low end stuff anymore. Their premium end stuff is actually pretty good. And if the 810 doesnt overheat like people trying to say despite evidence to the contrary, HTC wouldve stuck with 810 for BOTH phones. Wouldve been cheaper from the price cut on mass orders and simpler supply channel.

          1. I did read where it was pretty decent, but I also read it wasn’t the best when it comes to software support like snapdragon , but then again I just be reading, these accusations are not based on actual fact.

  6. Buying a Galaxy S6 right now is really stupid. There’re phones coming like the LG G4, Z4, Moto X, Mi Note Pro, P8, Note 5… You guys buy a phone early every year? Wtf…

    1. No, some of us needed a new phone 6 months ago and waited until now. Ever consider that?

      1. even weirder…. Why? You could bought a Note 4. Why a S6 when you know the Note 5 will be more awesome? I don’t get it but ok it’s your money dude

        1. and thats YOUR opinion based on YOUR needs. Maybe he doesnt need or want a bigger screen like the note has…or a stylus..or the extra bloat it brings if you dont need it…Maybe he waited six months to save up money..or cause thats the length of time he had patience to wait and another 6 months was too long.

          1. Still I think is weird. The difference size between the Note and a regular galaxy is not the same as the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus. But anyway, I forgot about the next Nexus.

          2. Ya the nexus 8 unless they’re gonna rip off the nexus 7 tablet and make a nexus 7 tablet, I personally think Google really messed themselves up in that respect

          3. I meant to say nexus 7 phone the second time

        2. Not everyone want’s a note. Even if the Note 5 is better than the S6, the S6 is probably better than the note 4. And even if you get the Note 5, the S7 will be out 6 months later and will be better than that. You can always play the waiting game. A better specced phone comes out every 6 months.

    2. Lmao. All of these phones come out in the same year. That means they will be similarly spec. Do you honestly think they’re gonna have a faster processor. Latest one is 810. Anything that comes out this year will still be 810. 2K screens are still maturing. Any phone that comes out will be 1080 or 2K. Nothing new. Every company has their own release date, but if it comes out in the same year they’re fairly similar. You’re caught up on the newest thinking its dramatically different. Companies don’t magically make up new things 6 months later. It was already in the works months before if not a year before. Let’s not be ignorant. Its not about what comes out first or later. Its just timing to get sales.

      1. except the s6 uses Exynos and the M9+ uses mediatek. They all use different manufacturers for their camera sensors. Some are LCD and some OLED. Some with OIS and some not.Some phones are QHD and some 1080p. Etc..etc..

        If you means they are all similar in that they all have screens and make phone calls ..sure…

        1. Those are fine details that users will decide between, but at the end of the day there is not a big jump on what is different from a phone that comes out in April vs October . If its in the same year, its not much of a difference. A year later or 2 it will be. 2K will be the dominant screen this year. It was introduced late last year. Snapdragon was the dominant processor for a while. Samsung is moving to their own. Both are 64-bit. Even the mediatek is 64-bit. Amoled vs LCD. Its based on your preference, but my point is a phone in the same year is little to no big leap. He was making it seem like it’s outdated. The biggest impact is software, camera quality, and build design.

      2. Well yeah, but the S5, M8, 1+1 and G3 came with the 801 later last year the Nexus and Note 4 came with 805.. I bought a LG G3 in November because is the month when I buy unlocked cellphones from that year. I think is better to buy the best phone of the current year that suits you better. Just my 2cents. America is a very different market I guess.

    3. The time of year doesnt matter to these guys. For two reasons.
      1.) They intentionally try and not release same time as the other guys to maximize first day/week/month sales. So to some, early year is fine.
      2.) MOST people dont buy their phones full price. Even me being a ‘tech enthusiasts’ that reads these blogs dont. Most still use contracts that subsidize or use the monthly edge or what ever payment plans. Because of this at any given time its time for someone to upgrade. The entire customer base of carriers arent locked into the same upgrade cycle time wise. So no matter when you release its time for a large grp to upgrade. Its just one long cycle based on months. Not the numerical value WE place on years. 3 months into 2015 doesnt mean less peoples contracts are up then if it was month 10.

  7. “let’s get into the box shall we….”

    Awesome! Yes, let’s do.

  8. Apparently the phone changes colors every few seconds. I’m not talking about the shimmer either. It went from platinum to white to black ;).

  9. Lightning fast 4glte on T-Mobile? Maybe if you’re on WiFi… That blue looks really nice!

    1. T-Mobile LTE is faster than Verizon’s where I live (close to Los Angeles).

      1. hence the issue..its not a matter of speed..as it is coverage.

      2. yeah my response is not solid at all….you can drive a mile down the road and get better coverage with another carrier. I think TMobile is just spotty at best. I hated them when I had them because of it.

        1. Sounds like one the low-cost carriers in Canada called Mobilicity. Their service is that inconsistent. If you’re in a big building or in a basement you can kiss your signal goodbye. They even have random dead spots in a city like Calgary, Alberta.

          Kinda sad that a huge provider like T-Mobile in ‘Murrica can suck enough that I can compare their service to a Canadian low-cost provider with less an 250 000 subscribers that’s been on the verge of bankruptcy for about 2 years.

    2. I get exceptional speeds on magenta

    3. Tmobile rated fastest LTE speeds in New York, IRRC.

  10. Now…proceed to cover that beauty with a case like most people will and be glad they got rid of the removable battery and sdcard ….groan

  11. Lol i like how people are always tell other people to wait to get another phone like it’s there money someone else is using to buy it

  12. WTF name is Des???

    1. Probably from India and a nickname.

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