How to root the Motorola Droid Turbo


If you’ve been scouring the Motorola Droid Turbo forums and looking for All Things Root you’ve likely been disappointed by the lack of content. Not anymore: there is now a Droid Turbo Root method available for the taking this very minute.

It’s called MOFOROOT and there are three important things you should know:

  1. It’ll cost you $20 at the MOFOROOT website
  2. Instructions are few and far between so watch the above video
  3. For further support, head on over to this thread on Android Forums

Plenty of conversations will inevitably be had on the topic and if you’ve got a specific question, you can start a new conversation. But be warned: if it’s about bricking your phone, we’re not responsible!

Happy Rooting!

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  1. Or …wait for it to be analyzed and reverse engineered and then posted elsewhere…
    No matter your opinion of that being theft or copying or not….that is what will happen.

    So hopefully they make some great money on it in the impatient turbo owners that cant wait..cause it will dry up soon enough.

    As for charging for it….people say ‘devs spend time for it’. True… HOWEVER..most devs due it out of selfish reasons initially. They have that particular phone and want it rooted for themselves..so they spend the time. And once found, they are kind enough (and i sincerely appretiate it) to share it with the rest of us. Once thats done, some out of sense of community and love of the subject or challange continue to develop bug fixes etc..etc.. THOSE i support via VOLUNTARY donations.
    While these guys have a right to charge if they so choose, my business will go to the ones that embrace the community and simply are glad for the thanks and the donations if people so choose..

    1. A famous clown told me, when you’re good at something, never do it for free

      1. In that case I should be making millions watching pron

        1. Lmao I’m sure the Joker wasn’t referring to that when he said it

      2. Rooting phones isnt a job. You arent giving away something marketable per say. Again, most devs due it for the love of the challenge, or to help the community, or cause they have the phone and want it rooted and after they shared it with others. Those get support from the community in return. Donations or a simple thanks.

        These guys can charge…again their right. But its not people i would purchase from when that 20 dollars is 4 $5 donations i can give other voluntary devs.

        1. I was just quoting the Joker in the Dark Knight. But on a serious note I disagree but that’s just personal preference. I feel if I spend my time on something that others have not been able to do for MONTHS, trust me I’ve searched then why not charge. Yea its but pricey for my liking and I understand you said you are not knocking them for charging but goodness. If I take notes in class and my notes are getting me and my friends a A and your notes are getting you and everyone else a C bets believe if you want these “A” notes (root that works that others haven’t been able to get) its gonna come at a price. Capitalism baby, CAPITALISM.

          1. agreed..hence my point that they have a right to charge and should if they feel that is what they want. just like its my right as the consumer to decide where and with whom to spend my money (and mine goes to donations). Capitalism is good. and is a double edged sword. ;)

        2. One day its going to be too much of a Hassel. I will pay the 20.00 because I’m helping the R&D of the device. I would rather have a unlocked boot loader.

    2. I’d actually pay the $20 voluntarily if I had this phone. Why? Because if hackers who have these kinds of skills see that people are willing to pay to have their phones rooted, maybe there’d be more of them doing this kind of thing. I know some of us donate, but I imagine that number is very small, and I doubt many of those who have the required skills don’t want to spend their time working on something like this for free, only to be rewarded with a bunch of bitching and whining from freeloaders, as so often is the case.

    3. Reverse engineering is copying. No idea how that’s a matter of opinion.

      And you want to support honest devs that give back to the community?

      And you believe that copying someone’s solution is every bit as honest and noble as working to find the solution?

      OK. Wow.

  2. Ridiculous. I’d never own a device where I’d have to pay to root.

    1. You should develop your own root method then and you’re all set.

      1. Or just stop buying heavily locked down devices that take paying someone in order to modify it?

      2. Nope. Plenty of other devices that don’t handcuff their customers.

        1. Really? I mean developers like myself take long hours to find methods to root, for free and our time might I add, and asking for very little in compensation for our hard work is bad?

          No really, screw you!

          1. Oh honey, you make developers look terrible behaving that way.

            There are MUCH better behaved developers on XDA who do not whine about not receiving payment (or donations) for their work. They do it for the love of the game and those guys do indeed get donations from me and many others for the great work they do on certain ROMs.

            Have a great Navy day.


          2. So, why are you complaining again? I don’t ask for donations, but if you’re going to be an @$$ and complain about the cost of it, then do it yourself. Otherwise, sit down and shut your mouth. You’ll be doing the world a favor.

          3. When did light criticism become “@$$ complaining”? Asking for payment just to be able to root a mobile device is not as common as making donations for a custom ROM.

            Are you ok? You seem to either be having a bad day or you’re just a miserable person. You have my sympathies either way. Take care.


          4. You try to troll, but everyone knows that you are pathetic. I actually feel sorry for you. Do you need some food, or a place to live? I can offer it to you for free, since you know, if it costs money you would complain about it. But hey, deflect all you want. Good news is, I’ll enjoy my root, that I made myself.

          5. But sir, I’m not trolling. I’m genuinely trying to converse with another adult. Well, perhaps not another adult I’ve no idea who you are. It’s just the way you come across, I don’t understand the reasoning for your hostility. This is meant to be a tech site to discuss stories in a civil way.

            What’s going on with you that you feel the need to attack people the way you’re doing? You seem to be threatened by criticisms about this kind of thing. Even light criticism.

            All the best.

          6. Keep digging that hole kid. Doesn’t change who you are.

          7. Hahaha… Lovely. You’re a peach.


    2. This crap wouldn’t be needed if a Nexus phone still existed on those giant expensive piece of shit tablets they sell now.

    3. as Jcase said stop supporting the locked devices, and they will stop locking them down.

  3. Any chance this root method will led to root for the for the Moto X on 4.4.4?

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