Latest HTC One M9+ leak shows a phone that looks like One M9 and has a 5.2-inch display


htc one m9 plus comparison

HTC didn’t unveil the HTC One M9 Plus (said to be branded as M9+ by the time it hits retail) like we were hoping and expecting them to, but that doesn’t mean it’ll simply disappear from the rumor mill. The latest information from OnLeaks reveals a couple of new details about the device.

The photo above shows a mockup of the latest prototype OnLeaks saw, and there’s some bad news: it looks like an HTC One M9, only taller and with more gizmos (with said gizmos being the home button / fingerprint scanner splitting the boomsound speakers on the front, as well as the dual camera on the rear. This design is vastly different from the original prototype as shown by @Evleaks.

The screen size of the HTC One M9+ will supposedly be just 5.2 inches, a far cry from phablet territory we were told to expect. That’s about .2 inches bigger than the current HTC One M9, so the devices should provide similar viewing experiences (though the design of the chassis could make its ergonomics differ significantly).

Speaking of the chassis, we also caught wind of the exact dimensions at 150.9 x 72.5 x 10.15 mm. For comparison’s sake, the HTC One M9 clocks in at 144.6 x 69.7 x 9.6 mm, which means the M9+ will be just a hair thicker in depth and a bit more wide thanks to its increased display size.

Even with an increased display size we’re not totally crazy about it being taller than the HTC One M9 by nearly 6 millimeters, but that is necessary to house the supposed fingerprint scanner and dual camera. We’ll have to wait to see its final design to judge whether it makes for a device that’s comfortable to hold vs one that’s needlessly long.

It’s worth noting that there has yet to be any confirmation that HTC is still planning to release this device. As it stands they’re in the very early stages and they could easily decide to scrap the launch if they feel it’s not worth it (which, if the above design is accurate, is becoming increasingly apparent that it isn’t).

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  1. This is just redundant. You already have a prime piece of art available..makes no sense releasing what looks like a Baby that Samsung and HTC conceived.. An ugly baby…this child will have a hard life..I’m telling you…

    1. LOLLL @ the child will have a hard life… I’m done

  2. Good Lord!! I think HTC is losing their way when it comes to their top end headsets. The midrange ones seem to be good and designed attractively…the m9/m9+ look so bland on the back and the front looks like a chinese startup company. The phones might be built well and with excellent materials but I think they are the ugliest flagship phones available right now. I wish evleaks didn’t leak those two beautiful looking renders…maybe that’s clouding my judgement idk.

    1. There is no better looking phone than the M9. Hands down. Nothing has beat the M7, M8 or M9 yet. However that M9+ is ugly as sin.

      1. Time for a trip to the optometrist. That black bar is ugly as sin. Apparently you haven’t seen how uncluttered the fronts of the phones are that motorola & Sony have done.

        1. I agree. Boom speakers, black bar, and software keys make it a triple bezel.

        2. I’m actually replying to you from my Sony Xperia Z3 which is incredibly bland and boring compared to any HTC One available. Good phone. Stale design. Going back to the One series when the M9 is released.

          1. I think the s6 edge has the m9 beat.. Except for say the home button if we are going purely off aesthetics.. But then again it’s all subjective.. I’d take an edge anyday over the m9 tho..

      2. Sorry. Aesthestics alone will not convince me to jump on the HTC One Series again. I am still shell shocked from my experience with the boring-as-hell M8 and the 4 “ultra”(mega) shitzel camera. I am going to need OIS along with my 20 mega pixels and a QHD display that can complete with my Note 4.

  3. Evleaks been selling us a dam dream, I can’t believe them anymore… on the other hand, HTC trippin, hopefully next year their design is better

  4. And HTC takes a step back.

    1. Actually HTC has been on a treadmill since the M7 was released.

      1. I’m only talking about the Plus. Which is a huge step back to me. (Especially that ugly ass home button.) But I absolutely love the M7, M8 and M9. I own the first two and will have the M9 when it drops.

  5. I think if they released this around june/july with the snapdragon 815 and better camera processing it would be a total buy for me.

  6. dual camera = epic fail

    1. why?

      1. the camera will suck

        1. Could you explain that? Doesn’t dual camera allow you to refocus?

          1. they can focus 1000 times , when it comes to cameras in smartphones its the software not hardware that makes good pictures

  7. Ugly protruding cameras.

  8. HTC I give up, I was a fan and hoping for something unique if the “Plus” came out…and this is what we get.

    I think I will go back to a land-line phone.

  9. … So i get a QHD screen, a physical home button with fingerprint scanning which qualcomm has been promoting. I would get all the same performance of the M9 with more options. Sold!
    I loved my M7 and M8 but to go from the M8 to the new M9 has been tough with all the camera issues, and lack of features that take advantage of the 810 processor. Its a great phone but I think for those that have an M8 and can get a new model the M9+ makes a little more sense.

    1. Unless I’m mistaken, the M9+ hasn’t even been confirmed to have the 810. Right now it’s set to have the Mediatek processor, but I guess that could change for regions outside of Asia.

  10. I’m gonna take a different stance here and say that I like it. Also with the bottom grill broken up like that… quad speakers?

  11. Another disappointment

  12. Camera still gonna suck smfh…

  13. I’d get this over the M9 5.0″ variety,choice is good,regardless of the conventional wisdom that the difference is negligible.
    Anywhere between a 5.2″-5.5″ is good for me,I’d even welcome another MAX-sized device,again choice is a good thing.

    As GOOGLE has chosen as their latest marketing slogan:

    Be Together,Not The Same

  14. What’s the point of this phone?
    Also that home button looks laughable at best.

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