Best Buy might have Galaxy S6 pre-sale this Friday, plans to throw in wireless charging pad [RUMOR]


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08452

Put this one firmly at the top of the rumor category in bold letters: Best Buy might have Samsung Galaxy S6 demo units in-store as early as this Friday. That much was revealed by a Samsung rep at a Best Buy shop according to this Redditor.

Another user claiming to be familiar with Samsung (his posting history somewhat solidifies that) suggested the user was, in fact, correct, and a horde of other users jumped in to corroborate the information.

What’s more is that they revealed a couple of details about Best Buy’s pre-sales process:

  • Pre-sales commence March 27th, the day the demo units are expected to arrive in stores.
  • Pre-sales will only be held for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, as usual.
  • Launch is expected to be April 10th for all 3 of those carriers as Samsung has previously announced.
  • Pre-orderers will get some sort of “free device” with their purchase, though which exact device remains to be seen. The supposed Samsung employee suggested it would be a wireless charging pad worth $50.
  • Mostly all stores with a Samsung Experience booth will have the regular Samsung Galaxy S6, but not every store will have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Be sure to call and check once the day arrives.
  • Some Samsung Experience agents might already be walking around with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge as part of their training. If you ask around you might find one nice enough to give you a quick showing!

That was about the extent of the information available. Note that rumors are always to be taken with a heavy grain of salt, especially when the source is an unchecked (but usually honest) community.

So first movement on getting your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge secured could happen as soon as this Friday. There’s only one question left — have you decided to buy one yet? Let us know!

[via Reddit]

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  1. i dont like sammy much at all but i kind of cant wait to get in the store to play with one.

    1. Come on… how can you not?

      1. how can i not like sammy? Not a fan of their build quality and touchwiz but i have a feeling they are going to make me a bit of a fan with the the S6/Edge. =)

    2. I don’t like samsung either but I am definitely getting the edge for sure. I already have a spigen case for it sitting on my desk.

      1. i’m not in the market for the edge but i am anxiously waiting for the Note 5 for sure. if it follows the same template they followed for these phones, I think we are in store for something special.

        1. Agreed

  2. i am having the hardest time deciding between the two!

  3. A Rumor? They have printed flyers at best buy saying this. The first 75000 preorders get a free wireless charger and the samsung rep at best buy told me the phone will be on display on the 27th. No word on a preorder date.

    1. I haven’t seen those flyers, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in the latest Sunday circular either. Would you mind posting it if you happened to have snagged one?

  4. Any chance for an early release of Note 5 Edge? Prefer something closer to 6″.

  5. The only one that interest me is the s6 edge and for the price, Idk if the battery life is worth it nor how well TW is, I need some hands on to test out the wiz and tech reviewers to post about the batt

  6. They have these phones in our ducth ‘Mediamarkt’ stores to try out.

    Being able to pick it up and hold it is what pushed me over the edge (no pun) to buy one.
    It is a beautifully crafted device. I couldn’t even moan about the camera sticking out…

    It’s crazy fast and crisp and everything I had already heard online.
    More importantly,… I was playing with it for a while and didn’t notice any crazy drops in battery level or aything like that. I can’t wait!

  7. If you buy the phone outright off contract, I wonder if BB or the offer still includes the “freebie”. Or is it only for those renewing or starting a plan.

  8. Yes we will have them out by Friday. My rep did tell us you get a charging pad with pre order.

    1. Yes sir, a co-worker of mine stated the same thing. He even got to play with the phone for a bit. Stated that it is a beautiful phone and faaast!! Best looking phone he has ever seen in his opinion!!

    2. I just talked to a Samsung rep at my local Best Buy and they told me they will have both the S6 and S6 Edge available to preview on Friday, March 27th. The rep said pre-orders will begin on this day as well but they were told there will only be White and Black phones available for pre-order. I am VERY disappointed in this since I was hoping to get a green S6 Edge. I’m starting to think that we may see certain colors exclusive to certain stores or carriers. As much as I love my Best Buy rewards I would definitely buy from the AT&T store if that is the only way I can get a green one. Also, the rep told me that they were told the other colors would not be available for purchase until the “Back-to-School” season starts. This would be RIDICULOUS! If that’s the case I may as well wait to see the Note 5 Edge before making my purchase decision. VERY disappointing trip to Best Buy today :-(

  9. Pre-sales? Nope, not until I see how that glass back endures drop tests …

  10. Free charging pad only for first 75000 preorders. And gorilla glass 4 resists 8 out of 10 times dropped. Samsung reps are not allowed to perform drop tests however.

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