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After it was revealed that HTC slyly used decoy prototypes of the HTC One M9 to throw the blogosphere through a loop, we’d heard details of a new design for the upcoming flagship smartphone. Those details have finally been illustrated in a purported leak of the device’s official renders.

As the latest report suggested, HTC has taken a new design approach for the HTC One M9 instead of recycling last year’s model. The front facing camera is more profound and gets prominent placement in the middle of the frame, while the dual BoomSound speakers are presented as small slits at the top and bottom of the device.

Oh, and what you’re seeing isn’t a mirage — there are two different devices there, and one of them is bigger than the other. The device on the right is apparently the HTC One M9 Plus, and it has a pretty awkward button-like slab placed on the bottom. It’s possible this could double as a home button, but its main function is believed to be for fingerprint scanning.

HTC is likely to continue using a metal unibody form factor, though unlike their previous two models this one looks to have a sheet of glass draped over the entirety of the front.

Also of note is that HTC opted to put their logo on the bottom lip of the device instead of adding unnecessary bezel for it (this is likely thanks to the new design for BoomSound speakers). Unfortunately the bezel still does exist on the Plus version of it thanks to the likely fingerprint scanner occupying that spot.

And that’s about all we can gleam from these new photos alone. We still don’t get a good idea of how the rear of this thing is going to look — rumor has it the M9 Plus will have the same dual camera setup as the HTC One M8 — but as often as these leaks have rolled out we wouldn’t be surprised to get a full look soon.

Oh, and if last week’s events taught us anything it’s that everything is to be taken with a grain of salt until HTC dishes out the details themselves. We’ll be trotting to Mobile World Congress in March to see this thing unveiled, but let us know how you’re feeling about this possible design in the meantime.

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