Nexus 5 no longer available for sale as the Play Store’s devices page is removed


Nexus 5 colors

And just like that, our old friend, the Nexus 5, is now no longer available for sale on the Google Play Store. Earlier today, Google launched their new online store front (the aptly named “Google Store”) where they’ll now be selling all of their hardware. That means that every piece of hardware previously listed on the Play Store (play.google.com/store/devices) now redirects to the new Google Store, even the Play Store’s old Devices page.

As one of our readers discovered, the Nexus 5 is now listed as no longer available for purchase on this all new Google Store. Whether this is simply temporary and has something to do with the transition is anyone’s guess. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen the Nexus 5 disappear form the Play Store, only to return a few weeks later.

Nexus 5 no sale Google Store

With so many new devices looming on this year’s horizon — HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z4 — we don’t imagine too many of you will be bummed out about this news. Of course, until we get official word from Google, this might not be good bye just yet for the Nexus 5.

[Nexus 5 on Google Store]

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  1. IMO, It makes no sense to discontinue the Nexus 5 until a replacement is introduced.

    1. They want people to buy the Nexus 6.

      1. That’s understandable but the N6 is too big for some people. They should leave the N5, Android is all about choices after all. Hopefully this is just a transition mishap.

      2. N5 = phone, N6 = phablet
        phone != phablet

        1. Yeah, without a Nexus 5 for sale, there currently isn’t a Nexus phone available to purchase. Sad. All they have is a whale :P

        2. No, phone phablet ;)

    2. I see what you did there.

  2. Oh nice, I was mentioned on Phandroid. Glad to point it out but didn’t expect to be mentioned at first, haha

    1. Can I have your autograph?

  3. So long Nexus 5! Great memories, minus that crappy camera.

    1. Compared to the Nexus 4, that camera is gold.

    2. I liked the camera :/

  4. no one will miss a device whose battery life lasted 6 hours…

  5. I had a Nexus 5 stolen recently. I’ve gone back to the old Nexus 4 as I waited for stock to come back. According to Nowinstock.net it hasn’t been available since Feb 17th. You’d think that if they new that on Feb 17th they all sold out and that there were no more they would have said so back then. Instead they have kept people like me checking everyday for stock only to find out about a month later that it is discontinued. Just saying it would have been nice to have known sooner.

    Now I have a decision to make. Buy a used Nexus 5 on eBay or hold out with the Nexus 4 till probably November. No way I’m going to buy the Nexus 6 for that price and it isn’t even 64 bit (matters because I fear it will be a bad investment for future Android upgrades maybe…if only it was cheaper then I would say okay). I just really don’t like anything else on the market now.

    1. OnePlus One on a Tuesday

      1. Thanks for the tip. No offense but I think I’d rather have a Moto X. The Oneplus One is the phone that has recently lost Google apps and services. ..am I right?

    2. Use swappa instead, just an fyi. I bought mine off of swappa and have no issues at all

    3. There is no such thing as an investment when you buy phones. By the time Android and it’s apps are optimized for 64bit you will be ready for your next phone.

  6. Why would they announce that it’s avaliable, then pull it so soon, and let a rumor out that huawei is gonna make a new 5? No wonder people talk about fragmentation, it’s in the devices section too! Something’s not being said, and the consumer is getting conflicting info. Bad Bot!

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