Heads up, devs: Android 5.1 SDK is now rolling out


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With the announcement of Android 5.1’s rollout, we figured it wouldn’t be long before developers were hooked up with upgraded tools to make sure they’re equipped to target the latest version of the platform. The SDK for Android 5.1 is now available for download. It’ll be identified as API level 22.

There isn’t much new to be had for developers in this particular update, though there are a couple of important things to note. For starters, there are new APIs that make it easy for you to make sure your app behaves properly in the event that your app is being used on a dual-SIM phone.

It was especially important for Google to introduce dual-SIM support with the launch of Android One in developing countries so it should be equally important for you to make sure your app plays along nicely. Other changes in the SDK include the deprecation of HTTP classes in favor of the new URLConnection classes, and improved carrier provision tools. Be sure to get updated as soon as possible.

[via Google]

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