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Every company falls victim to a leak or two ahead of their flagship devices’ official unveiling, and LG is no different. The LG G4 has escaped our grasps for far too long, but we might have just gotten our first look at the thing.

Surprise, surprise: it looks like almost every LG flagship device we’ve seen the past couple of years, rear button placement and all. The leak was provided by @onleaks, which is manned by one of the editors from credible French technology blog NowhereElse.Fr.

lg g4 leak

We’d say that’s pretty good reason to believe this leak will hold up, but if the HTC One M9 debacle taught us anything it’s that no one truly knows anything until the official goods are delivered. It’s also worth noting that the leakster stressed that this was a “non-final” render, so there is certainly a chance for some details to change.

There isn’t much to be known about the LG G4 right now, but it’ll supposedly sport dimensions of 148.9 x 76.5 x 9.9mm — that’s about 5.8 inches tall and 2.9 inches wide — and will undoubtedly come with a top-line Snapdragon 810 chipset. The device’s size indicates LG’s going with a display size somewhere between 5.2 and 5.5 inches. There are also murmurings that LG is thinking about embedding a fingerprint scanner in the rear home button.

With LG looking to a Spring announcement and a possible summer launch we’ll only hear more about the LG G4 from here on out. There’s no doubt in our minds it’ll live up to the eventual hype, but it’s up to LG to make a phone worthy of achieving that goal.

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  1. that rear facing speaker might have just lost me as a buyer….=

    1. First thing I noticed as well…:(

    2. Agreed.

    3. Agreed, sure hope this is a fake render, as one key thing I was really hoping they would improve on the G4 was moving the speaker to the front (like the Sony or Nexus) or at least back to the bottom like on the G2. Back speakers just don’t cut it anymore, especially once you play with the HTC One or the above-mentioned phones.

      1. completely agree! I dont think I would care if its not AS GOOD as the above, but improve upon it at least. Agree with all of that 100%.

        1. I have the g3 and and most of the time I use tone 2 to listen to music and what not. Speaker in the back has been no problem for me.

    4. Speakers on the side are even worse though. When you hold the phone in landscape they get covered up. At least that was my experience with the G2.

      1. u mean on the bottom?? yeah I had that problem too when I had my G2, its why I upgraded to the G3. The speaker was decent enough to make me happy. I just got spoiled after finally going to the Nexus 6. stereo speakers are the way to go!

        1. Yeah bottom. Side if you’re turning the phone landscape for videos or games. Hopefully all manufacturers eventually use front facing speakers. I think we’re about half way there with HTC, Motorola, and Sony using them.

          1. oh oh! yeah I got you, my bad. yeah I hated that, I always had to hold my G2 in a certain way so it would not get all muffled. I like the bottom speakers better than the rear. I want the sound coming TOWARDS me at the end of the day….not blasting AWAY

          2. Well I’ll be giving bottom speakers a second Chance with the S6 so we’ll see if I change my mind. After the G2 I ran to the other side of the spectrum and got the M8. Hopefully I won’t regret skipping the M9 for the stereo speakers..

  2. looks like a bad hack job on Photoshop to be honest, The on/off button makes no sense with the style they are going for since the G3. But who am I to say? HTC proved not to change much so this could very well be it lol

    1. I agree, the buttons look too g2ish honestly. The 3 has great buttons.

  3. LG really needs to get into the Front Facing speakers… The G3 was an awesome phone but the sound was crap compared to my Nexus 6. I thought that LG had stated that they were going with new materials and change things up a bit… I don’t think that is what the G4 will look like IMO>

    1. maybe they will up the wattage from 1 to 2 watts on the speaker?? ;)

    2. it won’t be, that render looks almost exactly like a g flex 2 variant

  4. werent there supposed to be significant case changes?

    1. Glad there aren’t. The design of the G3 is great as it is. And I see the back still pops off on that render.

  5. This looks like it might be a G Flex update, actually.

  6. It looks almost exactly like the flex 2 with a removable back added. The flex curve makes me think it isn’t a g4

  7. 5.8 inches tall.. eek

    I so want to wait for this to see the true G4, but I SO badly need a new phone last week. I am not sure I can wait.

    1. Patience is a virtue, it’ll serve you well.

      1. Not when your phone is crapping out on you and you have to get on with life.

        1. Fair enough sir. Fair enough. Its the worse when that happens phone wise: my one plus has a few hairline scratches and it makes me want to replace it as well. Perhaps the g4 or the m9. Sg6 edge isn’t really my thing.

        2. just get a cheap smartphone to hold you by until the time comes

  8. Wasn’t LG considering their new in house processor in place of the 810?

    1. I think I read that before the G3 actually came out….but yeah, I wonder what ever happened with that?

      1. you have to realize this is just a render, can’t arbitrarily make final judgement on a phone that still has a month or two to be announced

  9. They could move that speaker closer to the front

    1. completely agree

  10. Wasn’t there rumors of starting a new line up that was even better than the G series. Something about new material and design? I read that in two articles earlier in the month. From what I remember it kind of sounded like what Samsung is doing. They’re rebuilding their skin and everything.

    1. I think this is a new FLEX 2 variant

  11. LG G3; 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm
    G4 render; 148.9 x 76.5 x 9.9mm

    LG has done a great job at slimming down the bezels. If this had the same screen size as the G4, I do not see why it would be bigger. Guess we will have to wait and see.

  12. NowhereElse.Fr stuck by their guns with the M9 leaks and turned out to be right. I’m inclined to accept this leak on that basis myself.

  13. WHy cant we have front AND rear facing speakers? You know, in case the phone is on its back, or face or whatever orientation? I can hear it clearly?

    Personally. two speakers, top and bottom that wrap around from front to back would be epic. But then Sony would make it, call is a BoomPhone and sell it for $1500….

  14. Bigger Camera as well if you look at the form on the back of that render, the surround is a little wider out from the buttons unlike the G3 which is in line with the buttons.

  15. I wish they would make the screen 5 inches. I would have bought the G3 instead of the M8 last year if it was. Since I predominately use it one handed the extra 0.5 inches made a big difference and made the G3 just a little too wide. That said, I love how they make the most of the real estate on the front with the small bezels and no buttons.

    1. I doubt most people can even notice the extra 4mm in width, especially since the .45mm thinner depth counteracts it to a degree, most cases vary in size more than that.

      1. I noticed. Getting stuff at the top of the screen with one hand is kind …. eh… Yes, most people can stretch to get it but that’s a drop waiting to happen. I don’t care if they change the actual “Look” of the phone. I’m happy with that already.

      2. No, I think most people can notice, especially when they don’t have enormous NBA hands. It’s why I don’t have a G3, Galaxy S5 or Nexus 6. I actually wish someone would make a 4″-4.3″ phone with top-end specs. I’d love a smaller phone that runs absurd fast.

        1. I was referring specifically to the g3 vs. The m8. Which are almost identical in size, I forgot to mention height which is identical. Also we are at the point now where a 4 inch screen would have a lot of trouble firing a reasonable sized battery in, and having enough room dissipate heat from monster octacore processors.

        2. Z2Compact and Z3Compact.

    2. You do know M8 is about the same size as the G3 with 0.5″ less of screen size, right?

      1. I do, but when I held them both at the store I had a harder time using the LG with one hand. I think it was due to the extra 4mm in width. Not a huge difference, but it sure felt like it.

        1. the M8 is way heavier too

  16. Well, that looks hideous.

    1. I think it’s beautiful – to each his own. This is coming from someone who has been very hard on LG in the past and probably would not consider this phone at all.

    2. at least the camera doesn’t protrude a foot like on the S6…you happy to see me

  17. Looms pretty curvy I am hoping it takes design cues from Flex 2 that thing looks great in pix

    1. Ok was thinking this may be the flex 2 and not the g4

  18. Love the g3, but after a year with it I am tired of how thick it is, how unruly it is to handle due to screen size + thickness. It does run very hot and slows down and can be sluggish. The image stabilization is terrible in practice. With Nova the menus and extra features are great.

    With the g4 thicker with perhaps a bigger screen. And the feared snapdragon 810 with LGs history on the G3 of the device running hot I am sceptical. Very interesting to see what Sony reveals…

    1. Also love the G3, and find the OIS camera to be outstanding in all situations. Auto on HDR works well too.
      While I prefer LG’s overlay to TouchWiz, it’s still no where near as aesthetically pleasing as Sense.
      My main complaint is certain headphones messing with the volume controls etc (a well documented problem). The fact I am not rocking Lollipop rips my nightie too.

      Will wait to see what the official reviews of the S6 (concern = battery life) and M9 (concern = camera) are like. If neither satisfies I’ll hold off for the G4.

  19. please do not remove replaceable battery and micro sd like samsung…please please!

  20. One reqeust: improve ur battery and display brightness.Its only thing i hate about my G3.

  21. Nobody noticed, that the LG logo used in this render is the old one (before the redesign)? Maybe it does not mean much, maybe it does. :)

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