Oppo could be working on a smart watch that takes just 5 minutes to charge [LEAK]


oppo smart watch leak

One of the biggest drawbacks of a modern smart watch is that they can’t quite live up to the battery expectations we demand. That’s why Pebble and their week-long battery is a big deal, and why people were likely disgusted at the Apple Watch’s 18-hour rating.

Oppo could change that with the smart watch they’re rumored to be working on. The company is supposedly making a smart watch that can go from 0 to 100% in just 5 minutes of charging. It might not make the battery last as long as we’d like, but to be able to top up in just 5 minutes gives us a lot more flexibility in when and how we choose to charge the thing.

The charging time will be made possible thanks to the company’s next-generation VOOC charger, a solution used for turbo charging their latest smartphones. Since smart watches naturally have much smaller batteries than smartphones then it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they can get such speedy charge times.

As much as we’re hoping this rumor is true, it is still just a rumor. For what it’s worth, we know OnePlus —  a very close ally of Oppo’s — is at least thinking about the possibility of introducing a smart watch. The company sent consumer surveys asking folks what they think about wearables. OnePlus isn’t Oppo, of course, but the two share design and engineering facilities so it’s possible they could be bouncing ideas off each other.

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  1. ah i love technology =) 5 minutes?? that is crazy

  2. I like the rendering with the green band… But I doubt this one feature make me want to put this watch on my list.

  3. My Galaxy Gear 2 goes CAN go about 4 days on a charge and I only charge it nightly for about 15 min to go from about 85% back to 100%.

    1. well mine is bigger. good for you! go troll another forum. we are happy for you that your sammy watch can charge and last so long. that has nothing to do with anything in this article.

      1. Actually wasn’t trolling was simply saying that one of the first watches out has battery life that is acceptable. Love the idea of a 5 minute charge and love Oppo’s design, I hope that others (LG, Oppo, Motorola, etc) find a way to get the same life as my “sammy”. Battery life is what is holding me back from leaving my “sammy” behind.

        1. better response! lets wrap that kind of stuff in there. Cause I agree with that! totally. I have the Zenwatch and am jealous over the battery life of the Sammy watches to be honest. I wish every brand could get this charging time in development. If they did, I would think its a fair trade off to having a couple day battery life (that really is not that bad when you think about it)

    2. Of course it can — if you turn off all the features that make it a watch.

      Always on screen, etc, etc.

  4. #root

  5. “..we know OnePlus — a very close ally of Oppo’s” Let’s call it what it is, pretty much the same company just rebranded, like Scion to Toyota. I’m not counting on 5 minute full charges being a healthy thing for the battery, I expect only a partial quick charge as the likes of Qualcomm, my Beats, etc.

  6. I get a cool 2-3 days from my sony smartwatch 3 AND it charges to about 85% in 15 minutes. Also, it has an always on screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, and other things that make it somewhat future proof. Why doesn’t this watch get the love it deserves from the community?

  7. Probably has a life span of like 100 cycles at that rate

    1. To a larger question, how long do the lithium batteries last on any of the smartwatches? 2 years tops? Do any of them have replaceable batteries?

      To me, the main battery should reside on the band, then you could just carry a second band for an “immediate” recharge. And after the battery is spent in a year or two (or three or four if you usually use two bands), then just buy more bands.

      This might require a thickening of the band to really do well (and a reduction in the number of links), but this doesn’t seem so unworkable.

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