T-Mobile’s next big announcement is happening in New York City March 18th


t-mobile new york invite

Quick heads-up, folks: T-Mobile is getting ready to make another big announcement. They’ve even carved out a block of time — March 18th — and a venue in the Big Apple for this one, so it must be something big.

There aren’t any strong rumors floating about, but the invitation’s “This One is a Real Piece of Work” tagline suggests it could be business oriented. Will we finally see Magenta bringing all of the great Uncarrier features over to business customers? That’d be awesome, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. All will be known in about a week and a half so sit tight and we’ll bring you the news as we hear it!

[via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. OMG!! What ELSE could they do!? I mean, about a month ago, they up the free tethering from 3GB to 5GB. I was finally able to die in peace once they did that.

    I honestly, cannot imagine what else they can do. Lower the price even more? They’re really working hard to keep their customers. It’s almost like they’re trying… too hard…

      1. That used to be the case back when tethering was first coming out, or I should say back in the Nexus 1 thru HTC G2 days. I’m not too sure on the year range.

        I honestly cannot imagine what they can bring out. But they’re really shaking up the competition. What if they’re trying to make everyone competitive before they leave? That way when they do leave, it won’t be hard to switch over. I mean, it’ll look real triflin’ if a company ups their prices after having such a great bargain.

  2. At&t must be going nuts by know!

  3. They should announce better coverage areas!! I want to leave Verizon so badly…

  4. T-Mobile is going to reveal that the company is actually AT&T in disguise. So wear a helmet when you watch the announcement so you don’t get brains everywhere when that blows your mind. lol

    1. Lol. Then AT&T and Verizon will pull the sheets off and reveal themselves as the Bell Corp. and mollywhop the consumers with monopoly prices.

      1. Na i got a better one. T-Mobile gonna pull the sheet off and be like “We’ve been Comcast the whole time Bitches!” lol

  5. Whatever they announce, AT$T will also come out with next month.. :)

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