Samsung bags over 20 million pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08448

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge represent the most bold and exciting design change we’ve yet to witness in the history of the series. One look at our hands-on should at least pique your curiosity. Surely this would incite a feeling of excitement within a lot more people than ever before, and Samsung has the numbers to prove that it does.

According to Korea Times, Samsung has confirmed that a combined 20 million+ units of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have been pre-ordered. More specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S6 commands an overwhelming majority of that number with 15 million units, while the Edge variant accounts for about 5 million. Those are record numbers for the South Korean technology giant, but if those numbers seem strangely high to you there’s a reason for that.

It’s important to note that Samsung doesn’t exactly consider a sell-through situation (that is, a situation where a customer actually purchases a phone) a pre-order. Instead, they’re referring to the many carriers and retailers that place orders for the phone based on the early demand they’re seeing from their consumers.

Why’s that important? Well, if you don’t recall, Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-sales were pegged at a whopping 4 million. Inconceivable to think Samsung could lap those results more than 3 times over, no? That’s because Apple reports pre-sales as devices that were actually bought by the consumer instead of carrier and retail partners. The fact that consumer pre-sales for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge haven’t yet commenced at most major retailers and carriers also supports that notion.

Still, selling 20 million units of inventory to carriers and retailers before the device’s April 10th launch is a good sign that this will no doubt be Samsung’s most successful phone. And considering the company’s mobile division hasn’t had the happiest of times we’re sure it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Let us know if you’ll be planning to snatch up one of those 20 million handsets once they’re made available April 10th.

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. not surprised here….dont like samsung so much but think phone has improved my thought of them a lot to be honest. Good for them =)

  2. I am getting a tmobile version of s6.

    1. thats cool, what color did you get?? that blue one looked awesome. so did the green.

      1. Sadly only black and white available in the us.

        1. what? that sucks! not that i’m in the market for one but I think its crazy they did not open all colors to everyone.

          1. Im sure you will see the colors show up down the road in the US.

      2. i am hopping to get the gold or white one 64 GB.

    2. I’m probably going to get the 128GB standard S6, in gold. I’m getting the 128GB one cause I intend to hold onto my S6 for at least 3yrs. This will be my 2nd Galaxy S series smartphone since joining T-Mobile 4/29/13.

  3. I want a 64GB Emerald Green Edge on Verizon. I hope they actually carry more than black and white.

    1. They won’t. And it will cost you $1200.

      1. Well if they do not, I will leave Verizon and go to AT&T (if they carry it, or i’ll just buy it outright and put their sim in). I highly doubt it will cost near $1200, I would guess maybe $900 which I will pay but $1200 would have me and I’m a lot of others second guessing their decision.

      2. But he’ll still get it, cause Verizon’s advertisements say they are the “most reliable network”. Well guess what, by the end of this year T-Mobile will have 300m pops covered by LTE.

  4. Now I remember another reason why I liked owning HTC phones…not everyone had one!

    1. same reason I left when I had the S3 and went to LG. Now I’m on the Nexus 6 cause everyone started buying LG after the G2. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way….

      1. Yeah, I like when people actually ask me what kind of phone is that? Now I’m at a crossroads. As an HTC M7 owner the new M9 is possibly just too much of the same for me. Perhaps the G6E is the answer…although I am strongly considering the N6 as well.

        1. that is why I love my Nexus =) its sad tho at the same time saying this but i love it cause its great, but no one has it either haha.

        2. I’m in the same boat. M7 since launch, HTC since the Dinc. If the camera on the M9 proves to be as mediocre as has been reported, it might be time to jump ship. Sorry to say, but I’m afraid HTC is going to get hammered on this one. Also interested to see what the G4 brings!

      2. Really though? Come on bruv children and teenagers behave that way towards material possessions, not proper adults. You bought a Nexus 6 for its merits as a mobile device, not because it wasn’t as popular as an LG phone right?

        1. you are missing the point….I want a phone that is awesome but one that not everyone has, like the Samsung line. I could have gone after the 1+1 but I just did not like care for CM or the way they sold the phone. I got the N6 cause I think its future proof in a few ways and its not a phone everyone has in their pockets, I dont think there is anything wrong with wanting great specs but to be different at the same time. i see what u are saying tho…

          1. I think I know what you mean. It’s like when it wasn’t cool to drive BMW’s ten years ago because only jerks drove them now it’s safe to drive BMW’s now because these days those jerks are driving Audi’s.

          2. yeah in a way….if the N6 sold like crazy, I probably would have looked elsewhere. I got my list down to the Note 4 and Nexus 6….but everyone bought the Note 4. Just wanted to be a bit different. I know I did not pick the best phone but it was best for me none-the-less.

          3. Your money your decisions, that’s cool. I’d only suggest not allowing others to dictate your behavior too much. To hell what me or others think.

          4. haha true, i got you and get it.

          5. Galaxy Edge bro! Premium and special.


          6. so true….its a sharp phone! I’m really curious to see what the next Note is going to look like….and the price-point they are goin with.

          7. I’m not gonna lie, I called up Rogers and pre-ordered the 128 gig sapphire black edge.

            Finally I have a reason to break the chains from Apple. lol

          8. haha good for you! my wife loves her iphone. she has problems playin on my phone just like I do on hers. I think I gave up hating on one or the other, they are both good in certain ways and bad in others. I think coming to Android will give you better customization and power.

          9. For the right price, I have a Helio Ocean for sale. You don’t see those everyday. :D

            (Just kidding but someone will flame me anyway haha!)

            OK, but I really do have an Ocean.

          10. haha I had to google that to see what it was! I’ll trade you my N6, along with a check for $600 bucks. deal? ;)

          11. I reluctantly accept. :D

  5. I’m totally amazed it’s selling so well considering it’s such a *HUGE* step backwards (no removable battery, no SD slot, no waterproofing), it just shows there are a lot of people who prefer fashion accessories to actual tech.

    1. The majority of people likely never add an SD card or buy a second battery. Both features are nice, but not necessary for most people. I’ve never had a waterproof phone, but I’ve never dropped my device in the toilet either, so that’s also not a big deal for me.

    2. The fact you think a phone which has substantial innovative features and world first hardware in it is a “huge step backwards” just because it doesn’t have a removable battery and an SD card slot anymore is perplexing.

      Technically speaking, with the new insane read/write speeds with its internal storage, to use an SD card (much slower) would be taking a step backwards.

      Just admit it, you want cheap storage over performance. Which is why you have an abundance of other android phones to choose from.

      The people who prefer actual tech will be buying this phone, big time. Apparently, you’re not one of those people.

      I did get a good chuckle over you thinking someone using an SD card mean’s they prefer “actual tech” though. Thanks.

      1. I want performance and a huge part of that performance is the ability to actually have a working, reliable battery. My Droid RAZR had no battery option and its battery went to hell after 9 months. I had to drag around a nearly-useless phone for another 15 months. My S4’s battery went to hell after a year but I was able to get a great replacement that performs even better keeping me very happy. So, all those bells and whistles mean nothing to me if I can’t keep the damned thing charged.

      2. For people who take lot of videos with their phone, SD card slot is non-negotiable item. Nothing beats convenience of poping in another SD card when storage becomes full

      3. I agree with you for the most part but to play devils advocate think of high end PC’s. Super fast SSD’s for the os and much smaller size and the big old clunky platter hdd’s is the multi terabyte size for storage yet those drives are much much slower..

    3. Can’t tell if sarcasm..

    4. That should be no surprise, considering iphone 6 has exactly those drawbacks (and measly 1GB memory, relatively low res screen, no wireless charging, no quick charging to boot) and still sells pretty well.

      1. As I said ‘ it just shows there are a lot of people who prefer fashion accessories to actual tech.’ what a shame.

  6. Tbh the SD card situation doesn’t bother me much because it’s more than 32gb offered. But the pricing is what will end up being important

  7. They’re definitely going to smash S5 sales figures from last year.

  8. http://www.sammobile.com/2015/03/06/samsung-galaxy-s6-and-galaxy-s6-edge-reportedly-facing-touchscreen-issues/

    people seeing this on the web? some say no big deal, some say it’s a big deal. When compared to other phones, I have seen photos, other phone don’t do this.

    1. I heard this is just a custom effect called “touchshiz”

    2. This is normal.

      1. dont take this the wrong way….but why do you feel that is normal???

        1. Because other Sammies have done the same thing and that test doesn’t say what it looks like it says.

  9. am buying….

  10. Its all hype. They need to make a 6+inch phone like the z ultra. Samsucks

  11. M9 Vs s6…. Decisions decisions

    1. M9999999

      1. Lol i know I had the m7, now m8 it’s kinda been a little repetitive here eventho I know the m9 WILL be a great replacement to the m8 in a way it will probably feel the same, ah we shall see lol

        1. you are right, its the same phone really….just improved upon. i think its the complete package finally, though. They finally put a nice camera on it and improved the bezels on the sides and got rid of the plastic wrap around they had….I personally am waiting for the G4 but the M9 is a nice device

          1. I don’t like how they broke up the top speaker grill for the front camera. I also don’t like the two tone coloring. Otherwise, aesthetically speaking I don’t see it as enough of an improvement over my M7. I was really hoping that the “revolutionary” renderings were accurate. After owning 4 HTC phones in a row over the last ~8 years I may jump ship. That’s not because I don’t expect the M9 to be a great device…but more because I need a change of scenery.

          2. totally get you and where you’re coming from. I’ve never owned an HTC device but from what I see, it just seems like they answered some things from users and fixed them. I dont think its enough to call it the M9. Maybe the M8S?

        2. Gosh! People who upgrade from one model to the next. Wow!

    2. It’s a decision based on your finances.

      If you can afford the S6. You should buy the S6
      If you can’t afford the S6, get the M9.

      That’s really all it comes down too. lol

      1. I’m going to put a $400 down payment on a gold standard S6 in order to keep my EIP down on T-Mobile.

  12. The question is, is Korea Times reliable?

    1. The same guys that helped foster the 810 heating myth? No. No they’re not.

      From their article –

      “Samsung received some 20 million pre-orders for the S6 and S6 Edge _ 15 million of S6 and five million of the S6 Edge from mobile carriers, worldwide. This is the record,” a top executive at a leading mobile carrier in Europe told The Korea Times last week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) expo in Barcelona.

      The executive, who wished to remain unidentified due to confidentiality, said his company had come away with a positive impression of all aspects of the two Galaxies.


      I hope Samsung sells a bazillion of these things and everyone who buys one loves them.

      But no telling who will go on record when it really happens.

      1. It isn’t rocket science to find out soon if it actually sells. Just track the monthly carrier numbers. We knew within 4 weeks the GS5 and N4 were duds. It took Samscum 5 months to admit it.

  13. the reports don’t only come from korea times but from other source. nice try though

  14. Retailers and cell carriers do order more phones but than returns unsold inventories back to Samsung who takes out some components from returns and reuse into other phones. Plus, Samsung phones get dropped in price so fast that every week wait saves much for you.

  15. I’m in for a S6 Edge 128GB but if it’s too expensive might go for low end Xiaomi or iPhone 6.

  16. I was a lock, but now with the limitations, I’m openly courting other phones now. If they’re dropping the battery (which NEVER lasts two years for me) and the memory card, it’s time to consider all such players (which is most every other device). I might go Nexus 6 but the thing may just be too big. However, it’d be great to get away from the bloat.

    1. Just curious. I know Sammy just announces the new 128GB UFS 2.0 EMMC’s but those didn’t make it to the S6 I imagine? Probably in their next big launch I would assume..

      1. Actually it did make it to this phone at the 128GB option.. Nice

  17. Apple also has the tendency to place huge orders ahead of its product’s launch date. During the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus releases phase, Apple had consumer pre-orders of four million units for the first 24 hours and ended up having sales of upward of 10 million.

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