B&H lists HTC One M9 with March 25th release date, quickly removes date from website


bh m9 listing

HTC was only comfortable sharing a “mid-March” release window for the HTC One M9 during their Mobile World Congress unveiling last week, but one retailer might have shed some light on a more pointed release date ahead of time.

B&H prematurely listed the device with a March 25th sale date and a price tag (an expected price tag, mind you) of $649.99. And for what it’s worth they’ve since updated their website to remove any mentions of price or release dates.

So is March 25th the big day? It could be, but it’s important to remember that information through retailers isn’t always accurate. There are a couple of different possibilities you should consider:

  • If March 25th is accurate, it might only be accurate for B&H. There’s a chance that the HTC One M9’s release date could be sooner or later elsewhere.
  • Retailers often use placeholder information when they don’t have a clear idea, so the March 25th date could have been a bold shot in the dark by B&H.
  • The sale date isn’t necessarily the same as the shipping date, so even if  B&H begin taking orders on March 25th that doesn’t mean the device will ship that same day.

Whatever the case may be, B&H certainly didn’t want us to know this information and they’re probably chastising the person who made the mistake of putting it out there this early. We’ll still have to keep our eye out for official release information from HTC and the world’s carriers, but this early sighting lets us know that the company’s ambitious mid-March deadline might not be hard to meet.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. So will there be some discount of m8 then?

    1. almost always is.

    2. Discount? I’m sure the price will be permanently reduced.

      1. how would it be permanently reduced?

        1. You have the current price of the M8. Once the M9 comes out, the M8’s price will be reduced. It won’t be a discount, it’ll be a price reduction.

          I’ve always seen a discount as a lower price from what you normally sell it at.

          For example, a coupon for a 10% discount. The price itself isn’t reduced, but you get a discount only if you have the coupon…

          I feel like there’s a misunderstanding on my part. Am I not understanding what OP meant by when they about a discount?

    3. Depends where you get it I’d guess. Right now Verizon has the M8 for Free with 2 year contract, with a full price of $499. AT&T however still wants a full $200 on contract, and $649 full price. They also are still charging the full release day price for the G2, which is literally the exact same price as the G3. AT&T really sucks.

  2. Too expensive for the same 5″ 1080P screen imo. Yes, i know ppl would argue you don’t NEED 2K screen, but I am saying for $650, it should be coming with better hardware. And no, i am not buying one.

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