HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 retail prices leaked in contest rules


HTC One M9 DSC08393

Samsung, HTC and the carriers likely won’t be ready to announce pricing details for their latest smartphones until they’re nearly ready to be sold, but a couple of early contests have given us an idea of their suggested retail costs ahead of time.

HTC’s contest rules for the HTC One M9 reveals that the device’s estimated retail value is $599.99. This is $50 less than what Best Buy was listing the device for ahead of its official unveiling, but Best Buy has been known to mark prices up in order to promote customers to buy on-contract or financing instead.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08445

T-Mobile’s contest rules for the Samsung Galaxy S6 reveals similar information, with Sammy’s latest handset said to cost $699.99 once it’s made available.

It’s important to remember that estimated retail values and minimum suggested retail prices are only baseline figures, and that actual price tags will most certainly vary from carrier to carrier and retailer to retailer. Still, it’s nice to get an accurate idea of how much you’ll need to save ahead of time in case you’re planning to buy one of these things at full cost. Do these prices look fair to you?

[via BGR]

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  1. 599.00 is ok for a flagship, but 699.00 is too much. Only devices like the Note 4 should command a price of 699.00.

    1. If the M9 is around $600, I might just bite. I haven’t owned an HTC phone since the original “One X.”

    2. Looks like Samsung wants to emulate Apple’s premium prices. *sigh*

  2. I am with @disqus_IrRJZFyvUJ:disqus I think the M9 is competitively priced. But $699 for the S6?? imagine what the edge is going to be. I read we are looking at $1k, which makes this article seem like that is right in line for the truth. Shame, their sales dip and they release an awesome phone that is priced way too high. I dont see more than a spike for a few months on sales and then it will level out. LG is bound to release a sub $600 dollar phone to steal the show, wait and see!

    1. That could be August, I cannot wait and see as much as I want to.

  3. Calling it now. The S6 Edge will start at $850 in the U.S.
    It has to be priced high because the demand will be high and the inventory will be low. Basic economics.

    1. Basic Economics is (1+1=Lets rip people off)

      1. hahaha

    2. I’ve heard rumors of the largest storage option passing the $1,000 mark.

    3. Old prices I saw a few weeks back:

      “insane off-contract prices. For the Galaxy S6, Ars Technica reports that the phone is listed at $849, $963, and $1,076 for the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models respectively. These prices are what Samsung will sell the phones for to carriers, and have also been converted from Euros, meaning they could fluctuate a tad. More startling are the prices for the GS6 Edge, which is reportedly listed at $1,076 for the 64GB version and $1,189 for the 128GB model.”

      So it looks like S6 is coming in way lower than expected – which is good. Might bode well for the S6 Edge price. But HTC is still then showing $100 less. Wow.

      Whatever I am buying, I buy outright (for reason previously stated in other topics).

      1. No sh*t. This was obvious to most people that have seen Euro vs. USD pricing before.

        1. Man, you need to get a life & stop trolling me. You have tried to get pizzy at me about the Euro portion of a comment I am quoting – acting like it is me making the statement – in 4-5 different threads.

          And the worst part, the thing you are getting so annoyed by and following me around and posting about, is a MINOR point to the concept at play. You are looking left, you need to look right and get focused.

          1. I read all phandroid articles, not following anyone. You were the one posting the same useless drivel copy and pasted in every S6 post complaining about the prices when it was obvious that the US prices would not be straight conversions from euro pricing … Because it NEVER is. Even after the prices were posted you still posted the same crap here.

  4. Best Buy SUCKS BIG TIME.

    1. hey they dont suck. its my first stop to test out items to buy online ;) haha

      1. Pricing trap strategy I meant.

        1. oh i know, i was just playin

      2. Bruh, that’s true for me. A few years back when I was on my shore duty rotation I was on a camera kick for a while. I’d buy P&S and DSLRs, review them then return em. I had this notion that I’d continue with my shutter bug hobby but I hardly did any.

        1. haha same here. I was tired of reading about Canon or Nikon, so I bought each, tried them out and ended up returning both and buying it on Amazon for 80 bucks cheaper lol

          1. I’m a Sony Alpha guy now.

          2. I’m first and current DSLR is a Sony Alpha, but only cuz I found it at an incredible deal. I think it takes amazing pictures with the non-sony lenses I have collected over time.

          3. d5100 here! love it =)

      3. This⬆

  5. If true, then it’s $50 less than the M8? Hmmm…..kinna fishy here. But I guess HTC really needs to sell at a lower price to increase volume. I’m guessing the best case scenario for HTC is for the M9 to match the sales # of the M8. I don’t see this update outselling its predecessor. It doesn’t have any meaningful improvement except for the camera.

  6. Flagship’s nowadays shouldn’t cost no more than $450 outright! The exception being Note devices/phablet devices and even those should be no more than $649! Since when did $599-$649 to $949 become acceptable for flagship phones? No wonder pricing doesn’t go down and their is no pressure on OEM’s like Samsun/Apple/HTC etc, folks are all over these high prices. Motorola is headed in the right direction but not there yet, so is One Plus and Xiaomi. Hopefully Huawei/Google does right by pricing this next Nexus phone under $450. To each is it’s own tho, I never have played more than $400 for a flagship and I’m definitely not paying $600-$649 for one! This is 2015…

    1. I remember my palm treo costing about $600 as well… way back in 2007.

  7. Y’all pay out the booty if y’all want… 599 is right in my range, especially for a product that takes 300 minutes per unit to make…. I wonder how much time Sammy takes to slap glass on a metal frame and call it a day, …. I don’t care what y’all think or say , glass is not more valuable than metal

  8. Hey, thanks for the info but I just used it to enter both contests so I can possibly win either. If not it’s ok because I’m not really looking to get a phone yet anyway.

  9. I don’t care what the price is! Somebody leak a good release date already for the M9!

    1. By end of March.
      source: gbm, pcadvisor

  10. if it’s 699 for the edge version that isn’t too bad at all, a good bit cheaper then the note edge a few months back

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