Minutes before the Apple Watch event, Google posts an awesome new Android Wear promo [VIDEO]


android wear be together not the same

Be together, not the same. That’s the message Google has been spreading in the latest era of Android. Another ad with that message has popped up today, and this one is all about Android Wear. Square or round, leather or metal, no matter what you prefer: there’s probably an Android Wear smart watch for you right now, and if there isn’t then there’s sure to be one right around the corner. Check it out:

Oh, and Samsung isn’t above getting a quick last minute word in about their own line of watches either. They might not run Android Wear, but it’s hard to deny the Gear lineup has gotten quite nice in its short time on the market.

samsung gear watches

We’ve already seen a glimpse of Apple’s wearable future, but today we’ll see a whole lot more. Stay tuned!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ahh… let the games begin.

    1. going to be an interesting battle!

  2. When I see the watches on that add I can’t shake the feeling that those are the watch equivalent to the old mobile phones are to actual ones… In a few years someone will look at those and say I can’t believe someone wore those…

  3. “Eat a big bag of baby dicks Apple!”

    1. will people stop quoting Jobs? come on people

  4. I love tech in general so I watch all the tech events, but I am officially done watching any Apple events. I understand you want others to buy your products and what not. I really do understand business, but I sometimes feel like I’m the only one who sees that Cook straight up lies. The way he and his team talk. It seems so brainwashing and not natural. They do great things, but it’s so misleading. Kind of reminds me of a cult to be honest. Personally, that bothers me when trying to watch their events. I might just watch their iPhone events from now on, or just wait and catch the post reviews.

    I mean when you say things like, this is the best iPhone we’ve ever had. Well, if it’s your latest one shouldn’t it be? When cook said you never purchased a Coke with Google Wallet. Seriously?

    I’ve owned an iPhone and I really enjoyed having it, but Android offers a better experience in my opinion for what I want in a phone. I still think Android can use some more continuity.But that’s what happens when it’s open source and so many variations. I can deal though.

    1. Lol… to Mr. Cook I say “Yes, I HAVE bought a Coke with Google Wallet: early users got a $10 credit and I bought a Coke among items purchased. Also got me in the habit of using Google Wallet where ever NFC payments were accepted. Wowwed a lot of people in the process and got them excited about mobile payments. I hate that Cupertino makes it seem like they innovated the space when it could already be done years prior!

  5. “This is me on the regular, so you know.” Perfect song choice!

  6. I’ve been tuning in on Apple’s keynote…I’m not trying to be bias…but I’m not getting anything new or evolutionary from the Apple watch…everything it does..Android wear does…or can do with simple lines of code…not seeing that oomph! I was looking for…sorry..but that’s just me…

  7. Samsung’s watches were just so questionable when they came out, and I still think aren’t an ideal product when put up next to Android Wear, Pebble, etc. Their Gear S sounds useful as a standalone phone, but oh yeah, you need to pair it with a Samsung phone to unlock it’s phone functions; but don’t forget your carrier may charge you extra for using it.

    1. The Gear S is a standalone phone. You don’t need to pair it with a Galaxy to activate phone functions. Because it’s a phone by itself, carriers charge for cellular use. That means it uses its own sim card and its own phone number too.

      1. Sounds ridiculous, yeah, but that’s the thing; yes you do. Unless there was an update that nixed this, It’s function as a standalone phone is locked until you pair it with a phone. Verizon, Sprint, and other carriers have this guide posted on their websites. That’s the only way to get apps on it, too.

        1. Are you serious? I don’t remember ever hearing that but it’s crazy. If you’re right it’s such a waste of money then.

          1. I know, right? Totally defeats a purpose of it’s design. It’s totally weird.

  8. OMG, that commercial almost makes me embarrassed to own a smartwatch.

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