The next device from OnePlus may be made out of more premium materials


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We’re coming up on nearly one year since the OnePlus One was announced, and the phone has held up well. The company has made a lot of mistakes, but you can’t deny the device is one of the best. According to recent rumors the next phone from OnePlus is shaping up to be even better.

The latest rumor about the “OnePlus Two” is about the build materials. OnePlus chose polycarbonate for the original device, but they may be going with something more premium in the next model. Reports suggest that OnePlus wants the next device to come off as higher-end, of course we’re talking about metal.

The only problem with a metal OnePlus Two would be the potential higher price. Many people loved the OnePlus One for its affordable $350 price point. Metal does make sense if OnePlus is still trying to provide the #neversettle experience. HTC and Samsung are now using metal in their flagship devices. OnePlus is all about competing with the big boys, and this move would certainly do that.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Here’s hoping it’s gonna be under $500

    1. And is available for purchase

  2. Awesome! Have the One+ and couldnt be happier! Will def be picking this up!

  3. If they can keep it at $300-$350 then I’m game.

  4. “OnePlus is all about competing with the big boys”

    but not when it comes to how it sells its phones, which is minor league in comparison.

    1. The ‘big boys’ have had supply issues as well, so you can’t blame the new kid on the block for issues delivering a product at half the price. If you really wanted one it wasn’t that difficult to score an invite, once I actually wanted one it only took a week.

      1. They’ve had supply issues for like a year now. Even when they open it up for sales, you only have a one hour window to buy they phone. Buying a phone from them is more inconvenient than buying any other phone in the past year.

        1. They give you I believe 24-48 hours if I recall correctly. They’ve already had open sales for a while, and as I already said the invite process wasn’t as bad as people made it seem, if you want something bad enough you can make it happen.

  5. and with half of the units available!

  6. I find myself getting tired of hearing about, “premium materials” – I want features. I value features. Features and tech.

    1. Can’t tell you how sick I’ve gotten of everyone getting on the “premium feel and build” train in regards to devices in the past few years.

      Solution: Put a phone in a case like everyone does who actually gives a sh&t about their devices.

      Bunch of immaterial nonsense and belly-aching about absolute BS. Thanks for finally being the other voice of reason.

      1. Lmao “everyone does who actually gives a sh&t about their device”. That’s hilarious. I love tech and out of all the tech that I use my phones are my favorite and I NEVER use a case and I broke one phone over the course of about 50 ever since my first smartphone in 2008. I broke my My touch 4g. So that is false. Plus MKBHD (marques Brownlee) probably one of the most well know tech guys on yputube made a whole video about not using cases. So you might want to reword that to ppl who are irresponsible and or prone to dropping their phone should invest in a case

        1. Rofl. Oh, you’re one of those guys who thinks because he’s never had a need for a case or hasn’t been unlucky enough to have had an accident/bad wearing happen to one of his devices then no one else should need one either. Accidents happen. Life happens. You broke a phone so you’re not that responsible.

          You’re also kind of a freak for having had about 50 phones. What, half a dozen over the course of that time wasn’t first world enough for you? Cry me a river, wiseguy.

          Just because you’re freaking lucky or “responsible” with your devices doesn’t mean no one else should want or need a case. Lmaoasmp.

      2. Using a case is just like those people who have plastic wrapping around their couches. Ridiculous… I’m sorry man.. I just don’t get it! With a case the phones entire design does not matter at all and makes it look like a cheap plastic toy. And that’s caring about tech??

        1. Do you have your couch with you at all times? Does it have a decent chance of becoming unusable and irreparable when you spill any liquids on it? Can you drop your couch and break it’s main usable functions at any point in time while using it by accident?

          Design doesn’t mean much when your phone’s screen is shattered and difficult to use or when it’s all banged up from getting dropped.

          FYI, accidents happen to everyone. Cases are there to minimise the consequences in the event that they happen. It’s basically insurance against the worst case scenario of an accident happening to your phone.

          If you think that spending $50 on a good case for a $350-700 device is unnecessary because you care more about the design and look of the device than keeping it working and in good condition under most circumstances, fine.

          Don’t fu$&ing go around tell people they’re being ridiculous and that they don’t care when they don’t feel the same way, though. That’s straight up douchefaggery and arrogance right there.

          1. Hahaha, you’re pathetic! Worst arguments ever.

          2. Thanks, Kaptein. In return for your valued statement:


  7. Considering how much I’ve wanted Lollipop, I’ll be skipping v 2.0 and going Nexus, Phonebloks, and definitely Yota soon.

    1. Not very likely that Phonebloks will be much of a success or easily available but I’m also hoping that it’ll work out for all our sakes.

  8. Options, options, options. Nexus 6, Alcatel Hero 2+, OnePlus Two, Galaxy S6…currently on the OnePlus One. From what I’ve seen, i’d like a Galaxy S6 Mega big-boy phone (6″) please.

  9. I always put the phone in a TPU case. The metal feel has no importance. If polycarbonate can contribute to make the phone cheaper and lighter, this should be used. There is an inconvenience of premium feel. It bends, it’s heavy. You spend all you time counting the scratches on the body and look with envy at the rich people who can afford a TPU case.

    1. There’s more downsides to “premium metal” than just the few (bendy, heavy, scratchy) you already mentioned. Here’s a few more:
      – it causes radio interference if not designed right

      – it makes it much harder to allow for a replaceable battery (see the S6)

      – when you drop it, it permanently dents instead of flexing and bouncing
      – its more time/money/energy intensive to manufacture and recycle
      – when it’s cold, its COLD. (“I triple dog dare you to lick it!”)
      – when it’s hot, it’s HOT
      – when it’s wet or you’re sweaty, it’s SLICKER THAN SNOT

      Tincan metal isn’t premium… unless you’re a confused Apple-lover.

      Soft-touch TPU hybrid case over an efficient and functional polycarb device ForTheWin.

      1. metal also usually mean more radiation and worse efficiency of reception, making it also drain more battery.

      2. Agreed, once it’s in a case, material doesn’t matter, unless it’s material design :)

  10. So “premium” means easier to scratch and dent, heavier and more expensive? I hope they offer a shitty not “premium” version with similar materials to the One. I’ll take that and not have to buy the kid gloves accessory.

  11. I have an idea what they can bring with the next phone. How about REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE and NON YELLOW BANDED SCREENS??? Their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. Defective yellow banded screens were not replaced under warranty. Trouble tickets that were created for this problem were just ignored. What kind of BS is that? If you get a perfect phone with no issues, this is a great deal. If you have any problems with your device, you’re boned. Shame on you OnePlus.

    1. Completely agree. They even deleted forum posts about users complaining about the phone to hide the issue. That’s not just bad customer service, that’s borderline fraud!

    2. Agree – they sent me my device, it never turned up and they ignored all my emails for a whole month. I had to get PayPal involved to force a refund. Terrible customer service.

  12. It will be made out of unicorn farts, making it even more desirable and unobtainable!

    1. I’m thinking unobtanium as the metal compound and Gene Hackman as the spokesperson. They’ll only have one for sale and you’ll need to take a tour of the factory to get it. To get the invitation to the factory you’ll need to find the golden ticket.

      1. Methinks you mean Gene Wilder…

        1. Both wrong, Mean Gene Oakerland

          1. Wrong again, Willy Wonka obviously!

            (I know what I did)

      2. Or you could just get it [club goin’ up] ON A TUESDAY

      3. No, you’ll need about $17 billion and many governments working together. If the movie the Core taught you anything it’s that.

  13. dark matter ? :)

  14. I do not consider metal a premium material. Polycarbonate is more durable as it absorbs impact far better.

  15. Wait. Who do they think is going to buy a second version?

    1. I’ll buy one

      1. It just seemed like with all of the customer service issues, warranty redemption problems, build issues, and the fact that it’s pretty difficult to just buy one, not a lot of people would still be clamoring to buy this thing.

  16. I see a lot of people saying that metal is bad because of the weight. What? The HTC M8 weighs in at about 1/3 a pound. That’s nothing.

    1. I don’t like metal for the fact that it scratches easier (not sure on the m8). Plus I like the idea that I can replace the back with a new back plate if it gets scratched up or damaged.

      1. Yea that’s very true and I agree.

  17. One plus two equals three!!! How can this be the name of the SECOND release???

    1. Your comment (as well as your nickname) is bad and you should feel bad.

      1. But my farts are really awesome! The last time I farted I lit someone’s birthday cake with one match and I was the life of the party :)

        1. Admitting to thinking that your own farts are awesome = epitome of arrogance and idiocy.

          The last time I farted I wished upon it that you and happy-go-lucky weirdos like you would get guillotined. No one needs your overly chipper, closet whackjob comments here.

          1. Are you mad mister? And are you not go lucky and chipper because you don’t have any friends to party with or throw you cool birthday parties? ;p

            And there’s only two ways to live life, happy and chipper (me) or stiff, uptight, square, and nerdy (you?)…. Yay!

            Hey, people like me make people like you upset but it’s because deep down you either wish you were partying or were already unhappy to begin with :( awwww, poor baby – baby not happy now lol

          2. No, I’m not happy go lucky because I’m not a 6-year-old girl trapped in a man’s body.

            There are many ways to live life. Being happy about everything isn’t one of them that I advocate because you’re ignoring reality if you do. Ignoring the realities of life is a sign of a weak and delusional mind.

            Whether I party or not and whether or not I’m a “square” is irrelevant to this discussion. Just to indulge my ever-so-slight desire to see you crash and burn I’ll tell you that I’m quite a fun person with close friends when I feel like being one. I just choose not to be one of those whackos who smiles all the time and meanwhile is plotting some murders etc.

            You can go kill yourself for all that I care (since the really happy ones usually end up snapping and doing something messed-up like that anyway).

            Your theory that I want to be like you or was already unhappy leads me to conclude that you are one of those yolo-trolls. Since your people cannot communicate with the human race in any significant way (because yolo + no brains) I’ll let you go kill yourself to spare humanity the torture of dealing with you and your kind.

          3. Wow! Cool story too! Except for the fact that the most important part of a happy man’s story is missing in yours. Getting laid! You made no mention?! And that explains your “frustrations”. You see, good sex is normal – for me at least lol! But if not for you, yea ” awww poor baby” is all I got to say lol! “Hey mister, why are you still so mad?” Haaaa haaa

          4. Wow cool idea! Mocking someone who doesn’t agree with you about what you think his sex life is like! How very high school of you, yolo-man.

            Keep it up! Sooner or later you’ll become an adult who doesn’t feel the need to mock people like a teenage schoolboy. Maybe one day you’ll stop mistaking your implication that the person who disagrees with you is doing so because you think he gets laid less than you for something clever.

          5. Lol what are you going goo goo gaa gaa about again? I have one word for you – incoherent ;p. Hence why I reference you as “poor baby”, baby want to cry? Haaaa And you insinuate others as 6 years olds? Are you serious? Lol, one more word for you – loooooserrrr :)

            Hey, look at your long 3rd post lol! You really take time out your day – that you will never get back – to cry on the internet? You. Are. Very. Special. And must be the result of a broken childhood and /or broken family. Yea, someone didn’t teach you yet lol! OK, while you cry some more (expected from a nerd) I’ll go back to hugging the woman who enjoy rubbing my abs, deltoids, and traps. And I’ll check my disqus again for extra satisfaction nerds like you provide with your internet antics for lack of a better life on your end lol. Thank you, I’m flattered :)

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