Google starts showing auto insurance comparisons in search results



At its core Google has always been about putting people in touch with information. It started with searching the web, and has since ballooned to many other things. The latest is a handy tool for comparing auto insurance. If you live in California you should start seeing comparison tools when searching for auto insurance. They’ve also made the tools accessible on a new website.

All you have to do is enter your zip code, car details, and some other information to get results. You’ll see a list of quotes from a variety of insurance companies. From there you can head to the provider’s website and finish your purchase. Right now the service is only available in California, but it will be rolling out to other states soon. With all the different commercials and ads from auto insurance companies it’s nice to have a place to compare them all.

[via Google]

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  1. It’s scary how much information Google can get you and especially how damn fast it delivers it to you but hell it’s convenient. Especially using voice search for certain things and not needing to look at the screen because the nice lady will speak out the results for you.

    Google… I’m scared of you but I like it.

  2. All kinds of creepy!

    1. Your paranoid! Get a grip on it! Do you seriously feel that Google “stalking”. Get back to the real world!

      1. Calm your tits sir.

        1. “Calm your tits”? WTF?!?!?!? Wow, your really showing your lack of maturity.

          1. Ok. You’re THAT kind of person. My sympathies.

          2. That’s right, I’m not in high school.

          3. 10 year Navy combat vet bud. Have a great night.


          4. BURN! haha he just busted me up for not posting actual real comments and respond with….not real actual comments. thanks for your service BTW.

      2. speaking of actual comments and lack there of….

      3. *You’re FTFY
        Also, I’m pretty sure that the Internet is not the real world…

  3. Ugh!! Why couldn’t this be here when I bought my car last year? LoL!! And I’m tired of this Statefarm ad on my work computer. Somebody needs to tell somebody that if I *log* into Statefarm, I MUST already have it. >.>

    1. Agreed. Whenever I do some research shopping for something, I get ads about it for months. There needs to be a way to say, “Hey, I already bought this so the ad is no longer relevant”.

    2. You can still swap out insurances now.

      Just let them track you more closely, that way they can better suit your ‘needs’.

  4. Nice! As long as it’s nothing too personal you have to enter it’s a much better option than shopping around yourself. Months later I’m still getting emails from State Farm for running a quote. On the other hand Progressive won’t let me compare price in their system because I already have them.

  5. kind of got excited to go check it out….then quickly realized Google still hates Florida and does not extend this to us.

    1. Yeah, darn Florida. Worthless! Just give it to me, I’ll take it off your hands…

  6. Tried this last night.

    Top (meaning cheapest) three picks would save me from $650 (1 & 2) to $350 (3) over my present coverage. All three, however, receive 1 star ratings on on-line rating sites, their customers uniformly relating one horror story after another in a seeming endless litany.

    My current carrier, on the other hand, received an 89.7% overall customer satisfaction rating for 2014. The one time I needed it, in fact, the woman whose car I backed into in a parking lot actually sent me a thank you note, to let me know quickly they had her car repaired and her satisfaction with the result.

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