Deal: The first Transformers movie is free to watch on Google Play right now


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If you need something to watch this weekend and have yet to see the Transformers series launched in recent years, Google is giving you a good reason to start. The company is offering Transformers for free in their latest promo. To be specific this is the 2007 film that kicked off the live action rendition of one of history’s greatest and most popular intellectual properties.

In case you don’t know what Transformers is about, two alien races of robots — the autobots (good guys) and decepticons (bad guys) — are fighting each other for ultimate dominance. The fight is brought to earth, and the autobots soon find out that they’ll need to call on the courage of the human race to help fend off their foes.

If not for nostalgia, then you owe it to yourself to watch it for the cool factor alone. Oh, and this is a Michael Bay affair, so get ready for explosions. Lots and lots of explosions. Grab it from Google Play right here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    1. insane haha

  1. thanks Google!

  2. US only by the looks of things.

    UK folks got the first Fast & Furious movie.

    1. well thats a toss up on which is better really….i would be happy either way

      1. I’d have preferred Transformers, but free is free so I don’t see the point in complaining. :)

        1. Just because it’s fun.

        2. I’d rather have Fast and Furious….I dont think the cops like it tho cause I get pulled over after I watch it.

    2. UK wins.

      1. plot-less movie vs a bad acted great movie?? yeah you are right.

        1. Lol I want to ask which one is referring to which movie?

          1. haha glad u caught that ;)

          2. Or this could be Megan Fox vs. Michelle Rodriguez

          3. AAH touche, Michelle Rodriguez looks as tho she could beat me up. no sale.

          4. I don’t think I could be made to choose. Because I think Michelle Rodriguez would try to beat me up regardless.

          5. well I would try to beat up a bear too. just sayin.

          6. But ten bears??

          7. thats when I push Michelle Rodriguez towards you and run the other way

          8. That’s when we eat her face. It’s called “kissing.”

          9. hopefully she is bear-ly dressed! BOO YAH! haha

          10. Aaaaaand the conversation has completed, lol. But yeah I mean, we made up the scenario so sure why not? For my sake.

          11. What’s wrong with a girl that could possible kick your ass? I Love Michelle Rodriguez but i love another kick ass woman more.

            Gentlemen i show you… The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey.

            and she could kick my ass and i’d let her touch my penis!(gently)

          12. haha nothing wrong with it at all dude. my wife can kick my ass and I love her for it. ;)

          13. Michelle is like the cute tomboy from high school. you see her in jeans and a t-shirt all year long then at prom you see them in a dress and makeup and just thinking “why didn’t i ask her to prom” lol

            Ohhhh High School how i miss those days

          14. haha this just got creepy! haha jk jk jk yeah dude, then she is the same one who punches me in the face when she think I’m checking another chick out *WHAM*

          15. Man you don’t know the tricks to checking out other women when with your girl?

            Be negative about the girl you’re looking at and point it out to your wife.

            “Honey look at that. Look at that young woman with her boobs hanging out and wearing yoga pants with a thong on. that’s just wrong!”

            then your wife would be on your side while you can get an eyeful without getting your eyes blackened lol

          16. you’ve already said too much haha

        2. hey, I rather enjoy the first F&F :(

          1. aw seriously, me too. They are both badly acted and plotless tho….I love all the fast and furious movies tho. just mindless awesomeness!

        3. Luckily they put the one Transformers movie on for free that actually kinda watchable. Realised that I did myself a favour by not watching them until a while back. Don’t know if I even want to see the 3rd one since the 2nd one wasn’t too good and 4th one was absolutely awful and dragged so much.

          1. So true

  3. Also Ghost Stories by Coldplay is free

    1. might be a reason for that….just sayin ;)

      1. Hey I’ve loved that album since it dropped! You should get it if you haven’t already

  4. The only film in the franchise that’s bearable to watch.

    1. The 1986 animated film is still the best.

      1. I loved it too, but come on , “the best” ?? With classic dialogue like “Get your noodle out of my face”

  5. Intellectual Property. For this film that’s on oxymoron. Still, free is free.

  6. Thanks google. Not sure who would pay $19.99 for it.. I’d rather get the Bluray at that price.

    1. a disc can be lost or it can clutter your space on your shelf. a digital copy from Google will be with you forever!

      1. Forever?
        Forever Ever?
        FOREVER EVER?!
        -Outkast (Andre 3000)

      2. Don’t you also get Digital Downloads with most BluRays these days?

        1. yea but those digital downloads are more difficult to keep with you at all times on your android phone. with the google digital downloads, they’re already with you on all your android devices, because the “play movies” app comes pre-installed on all android devices. AND you can even chromecast it to your TV

  7. US only?

  8. Isn’t the Transformer series free on Netflix? Well… I’ll be able to own the movie this way… *thinks* *remembers*

    OH!! I already own the first two!! Let me tell you my Throwback Thursday. Who remembers the Tmobile promotion with the HTC HD2 where it came with both Transformers 1 and 2 already on the device? I think at the time a free movie would come with phones. I think a Fast and Furious movie came with a Samsung phone. They need to bring that back.

    1. I got Avatar on my Samsung Galaxy Vibrant (T-Mobile GS1) and I think after that Samsung gave Inception with a subsequent device.

  9. ‘Free to Watch’ kinda threw me off, it’s free to OWN right? I added it to my library regardless even tho I have the DVD.

  10. Sweet. Like two weeks ago they sent me a link through my email to claim an HD copy of Gravity for free. If they want to keep offering free movies I am 200% in support of that. Hey Google, if you want to offer season 4 of Game of Thrones for free… go ahead. Please. :D

  11. “Decepticons (bad guys)” I take offense to that. We just have different life choices than the Autobots.

  12. Correction: “Transformers is only available from the AMERICAN Google Play Shop”.

    Most other countries are giving away the first ” Fast and the Furious ” film (and in cases like Japan, only in Japanese language).

    Not much of a great birthday gift from Google.

  13. Don’t even want it for free.

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