Hands-on with the LG Watch Urbane [VIDEO]


Last month LG officially announced their newest Android Wear device, the LG Watch Urbane. It’s a more elegant version of the previous LG G Watch R. They replaced the plastic with a much more premium looking metal. In case you were wondering, “urbane” actually means “suave” and “refined,” which accurately describes this watch.

LG is showing off the Urbane at Mobile World Congress right now, and we were lucky enough to get out grubby paws on it. Aesthetically it’s one of the nicest Android Wear devices that has been announced. It’s bulkier than the Huawei Watch, but doesn’t have the Moto 360 “flat tire.” We also really like the removal of the fake dial. The G Watch R was more sporty, whereas the Urbane could be worn at a formal event.

In terms of specs the Urbane is no slouch. The display is 1.3-inches with 245ppi. Powering it is a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. It has a 410mAh battery, IP67 rating, and 9-axis sensor for fitness tracking. The Urbane will be available in gold or silver. Pricing and availability have not been revealed yet. Until then, feast your eyes on the glorious photos below.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. 9-axis?

  2. SO many watches… so little money… Sigh

  3. Want!

  4. That is a sweet watch! Can’t wait to see what the price is.

    1. Actually having now seen/tried one of these on (friend LG connections) on it’s a bit too bulky, sticking up above your wrist too high. But still it looks fantastic and you can’t beat 4G LTE for data and calling.

      Problem is only with WebOS’s relatively new move into wearables. The OS GUI though looks really sweet. But I’ve tried on the latest Huawei smartwatch and dam that thing is pretty dam awesome and comfortable.

      But…. push come to shove, since I don’t use any Apple devices anymore, their watch isn’t even in the running for me! Looks nice…. though I’m still sticking with my Gear S 3G with it’s Opera Browser, Nike+ Running, 3G calling, GPS, etc features!

      btw…. why aren’t all ‘gung ho’ over Apple watch? Also my brother in law worked on Moto360 prior to Google and Moto acquiring them. He’s still working for Google though, even after Moto was sold to Lenovo. They retained control of Moto360 subdivision though!

      1. I’m not gung for for the apple watch because while I’m sure it’s going to be a big success despite it’s flaws. I like round watches more and I’m hearing a lot of rumors Google may announce android wear for iOS at their I/O this year so I may actually have options which is good. I wont be using the smart watch I buy on a daily basis due to the fact that I’m a machinist and any jewelry on my hands is a safety hazard. I will probably only wear it evenings and when I go out so I want something fashionable and I’m loving that gold look. And currently apple watch is only offering that look in real gold which is gonna cost a fortune as if uses an whole ounce of gold and when you factor in apples mark up its gonna be $1500-2000 I’m betting and I don’t want to wear something like that in public apple + valuable jewelry = mug me please. Lol

        1. I really understand your not wearing a watch (or rings can be bad too) while being a machinist. Holy Cow…. I’ve seen friends who’ve paid the price for wearing a watch or ring. While they’ve worked as a machinist or wood worker. Can be really freaking ugly. A friend had his hand right up his arm skinned off in a wood plainer and that was really ugly. Crushed everything besides nearly bleeding him out.

          But anyway, I thought I read that there is 2 oz of gold in a Apple watch and it’s wristband? It’s also said to be Gold Filled not solid gold. Still expensive. That’s why I’ve been looking at that Huawei Gold watch.

          But…. even it’s priced at $1000, and I don’t think it’s even all solid gold either. More than I want to spend, that’s for sure. Plus you are so right about that mugging business with Apple devices especially if you live in New York City! Lol….

  5. The regular Gwatch R is also all metal. They are pretty much identical.

    “They replaced the plastic with a much more premium looking metal.”

  6. Once again another watch failed to do what samsung managed to do and why samsung is still the best. The ability to make a damn call from the watch so you dnt have to carry your phone when going to the corner store or doing a minor errand. Sometimes i wish i can leave my note 3 at home and us the gear s watch to make calls especially when i do something that doesnt require my smart phone. Unless i’m playing Clash of Clans then i need that

    1. The LG Watch Urbane LTE does that too… All while not being repulsive like the Samsung watches.

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