Will you be buying the HTC One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S6? [POLL]


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Today has been a big day for phone announcements. Two devices that will be dominating 2015 have been announced: the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6. HTC and Samsung make up a large chunk of the Android pie. Most of you will be deciding between these two devices. We want to know which one you will be buying.

The comments so far seem 50/50 on which device is better. The One M9 didn’t change a lot from the M8, but that’s because the M8 was already awesome. The Galaxy S6 is very different from the S5, which is a very welcomed change. These devices are on a very even playing field. Which one will you buy? Will you buy either one of them? Let us know in the poll and comments below!

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Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. ROUND 1………….FIGHT!

    1. Fatality!

      1. Finish Him!

  2. I have the One M8. No compelling reason to get the M9, esp. with first impressions finding dismal camera performance (again). S6 Edge is intriguing, but dependent on battery life and camera performance. Lack of microSD/removable battery isn’t a dealbreaker for me as it may be for others, but I would like a waterproof case!

    1. Get out of hea…. HTC already said it’s camera software wasn’t complete, and I believe them

      1. Such a joke htc! Still uncompleted software.. I guess a year in dev time doesn’t cut it..

        1. dude alot of oem have incomplete software upon announcement, all that matters is the software on release…. now learn something and have a seat

          1. Put a cork in it tit head! Things as show piece as camera software should be test worthy and available upon release.. Especially camera related.. This is make or break for HTC! To come to Barcelona in with the software unfinished just plain looks sloppy dude.. Mark my words.. Another let down awaits!

          2. Or you can stop being a troll. It been make of break for what 3 year now? Stop hating damn

        2. Uncompleted? Lol

          1. Incomplete, uncomplete! That’s quick type for ya.. But hey, the Grammer police had to make an appearance at some point.. Ya heearrdd! Oop damn slang gets in the way.. Better spell check that to

          2. Grammar*

          3. Ohpe dat der dam quyck tipe agane. Kan U pleese halp mee agane Aric.. Lol

          4. Oh, that there is damn quick type again. Can you please help me again, Eric. *

          5. Ahhhh tank u SOOO vary mutch arik.. I weally apreseate itt Dogtown!

      2. HTC says many things. There was a lot of grandstanding in the months before MWC about how their latest products would blow us away, and we got an M8″S”, a fitness band, and a VR device. I barely felt a breeze.

        1. They were hyping up the VR, which, to be fair, is a big deal. But as someone not at all interested in fitness or VR, you’d probably not bat an eye.

          1. Wearable & VR will fail! Those are worthless attempts. The M9 was the biggest let down!

          2. Really don’t think that the VR will fail that easily. It’s got Valve’s name on it, and it’s arguably the best VR solution if you’re into VR, which quite a bit of people are. And the fitness tracker has Under Armour’s name on it, which should translate to a few more sales there for the brand name, if not the capabilities.

        2. i know what you mean, but software not being really for the camera yet isnt a big deal, but as far as being blown away by new announcements, yes i agree

        3. The VR is made with the help of valve, if any company that know game it will be them . So it would be very good.

      3. It will be ready next year with the M10 and finally htc will remove the logo and make the bezels smaller. I dont care about premium build/feel is going in a case.

        1. what the heck does a logo bar have to do with a dam picture… i never said the phone was perfect, trust me i most likely wont be going from an m8 to an m9 because of the design issue, i was specifically referring to a picture

        2. That bezel is there for the boomsound speakers.

    2. Actually, camera results are inconclusive. The Verge and Engadget seem to think it’s disappointing, but ZDNet and HTCSource say it’s better. HTCSource says it’s significantly better, Engadget says the M8 is confusingly better. The Verge is disappointed, but ZDNet says it’s comparable to the iPhone 6+ and shows camera samples. CNET is a completely mixed bag.

      At best, results are inconsistent, and I would wait until both phones are final and in reviewer’s hands to see what the cameras are like.

      1. That you sir for that

  3. If Samsung delivers on the battery, they have a Bang

    1. Totally agree

    2. My thoughts precisely, kinda wish they stuck with a 1080p screen.

      1. yup. BUT, for VR it would be pretty sick!

  4. sorry, samsung lost it’s 2 best features, replaceable battery, and sd card. if samsung does the same for the note series, that’s going to be a huge blow. I know many people don’t like touchwiz, but the one thing i like about samsung phones were it’s features and flexibility compared to other phones. The note 4 is still alive, but other than that it seems like you always have to make a sacrafice with android phones. There’s no true one phone that is just solid all around :(

    dream android phone, a note 4 like device with front stereo speakers :)

    1. It’s difficult for me to understand how TW can be such a deal breaker. I suppose for the average consumer yes, maybe but for the rest of us who are able to tone down TW after root what’s the big issue?

      The Note series is my last hope of a truly wonderful android device and I hope they keep these two features you mentioned on the Note 5. So practical to expand your storage at will. So practical to replace your battery at will.

      The large screen + S-Pen + expandable storage + removable battery = arguably the most practical Android device on the planet.

  5. gonna stick with the M8, and wait for next years HTC flagship when the upgrade is a bit more than incremental.

  6. Yep keeping note 3 still.. Disappointed in this year’s releases from both Sammy and htc.. Ah well saves me some money.. If Sammy does the same with note 5 it may be a blow indeed.. I get its only aesthetics but pretty boring if u ask me.. What is it these devs and designers do for an entire year again?? Wow..

    1. Agreed I will be sticking with my Note 3 as well. The note 4 is not an upgrade for me and if the series loses the SDcard and Removeable Battery ala Nexus/Iphone then we have a serious issue.

    2. Yeah, they have an entire year to come up with a design and I think both choose poorly.

      1. Agreed really neither is impressive in looks or full stats. But I need a new phone. 3 months ago.

  7. Samsung has my business with the Note 4. If I had to choose one among the 2, S6 for sure. It does more than HTC does. I don’t think the removable battery or SD slot are huge issues. The HTC One M7, iPhone, and Nexus still sold with unibody designs. All the techies complaining need to realize that they’re just a sample of a market. Samsung will still sell millions.

  8. Neither.

    Phablet or go home.

    1. Worst comment ever

  9. M9 has 2ghz octacore processor, Dolby surround front speakers, 20mp camera, SD slot. How does the S6 compete? Higher res screen?

    1. Wireless charging, 128gb variant, better camera(MP aren’t everything).

      1. The preliminary tests already shows the 20mp in the Htc already being meh. Well see in the final test tho. Anway, theres really no point in comparing the two phones. One is from the future with it’s 14nm processor and outragous emmc speeds. Best, screen, Best Camera, Go read the initial reviews. Please don’t compare the two phones.

    2. I thought it was Bose not Dolby?

  10. Neither phone blows me away. I’ll see what Sony and Motorola have to offer.

    1. Sony will exit the smartphone game and hopefully Motorola will put out a smartphone hit!

  11. I have the Note 4 now. The S6 is in fact really intriguing, but not enough to make me give up the Notes specific features.

    1. I plan on waiting for the Note 5 Edge which I suspect will incorporate a lot of the features from the S5 Edge and build upon them. May pick up the GS5 Edge for my wife though to replace her M7.

    2. This is why they need a Galaxy S6 Note… I want the pen but the smaller size.

  12. I wish the poll showed s6, s6 edge and m9. Honestly I need to get two devices so I may just get the edge and the m9. The edge looks nice but the standard s6 looks boring.

  13. I ditched my S5 for a Nexus 6. Now I’m ditching my Nexus 6 and getting the S6. Nothing wrong with the N6, I love it, but Samsung has finally gotten it right!

  14. Well I absolutely love my m8 but m9 not impressive. Looking like the s6.

  15. I’ll be getting the M9. I like HTC phones and it seems to be a substantial upgrade from my HTC DNA. That said, it seems like HTC made some missteps with this phone and I doubt it will garner the same praise that the M8 received last year.

  16. The two should hook-up & have a baby:
    HTC SENSE,Expandable memory & Front-Facing Speakers + SAMSUNG’s QHD Display,QI Charging,& Capacitive buttons (ditch the physical home button) & de-evolve back to a removable battery.
    IntroducIng the 69 EDGE!

  17. Neither: Love my LG G3 and waiting to see the LG G4 before making a choice.

    1. S7 will likely be rumored by G4 release time :)

      1. Yep, I regret waiting on the G3 cuz the S5 was soooooo good. lol ;)

  18. I like the new Galaxy S6 but no sd card slot? That’s ugly.

  19. This just in,”

    http://madeoftech.com/?p=294 was hoping the 20mp made some difference oh well.

  20. Samsung Did A Great Job
    -Coming From A Previous Samsung Hater

  21. How about this? Instead of Google getting different OEMs, how about Google gets the best hardware from the OEMs and produce the Nexus line itself? Theme it with elements from the OEMs? Oops, Project ARA. I forgot.

    1. Google is not a manufacturer. Setting up all the infrastructure necessary to design, build, test and distribute a phone isn’t trivial. Yes, Google has the money to do it, but it’s not their core competency. Heck, it’s not a competency at all.

  22. Will wait for Fall phones and go for the high end phone that has SD slot and removable battery. Is disappointing to see these options shrinking.

  23. Features and Build quality I think Samsung takes the cake. I really REALLY wanted to get an HTC or anything other than Samsung as an upgrade from my 3rd galaxy device, the S4. However I am betting once I play with em both in person the S6 will be what I go home with. Even with no removable batter, if it really does fast charge, and wireless charge…that will be suffice. My s4 goes about all day, I know s5 easily goes all day, I doubt s6 will go less, pry even better, while adding faster charging and wireless charging…wish HTC had a lil more wow factor. No reason to reinvent the wheel but you gotta give us something more than faster cpu/ram….I realize I havent felt em in hand but I am gonna go out on a limb and say none have the build quality/premium feel of iphone 6. The s6 looks incredibly similar. I think the fact they went glass on the back of s6 was because otherwise all metal it would have been identical twin to iphone so they had to differ somehow. Glass on back is not a good idea, period. Anybody remember iphone 4, 4s? You drop your phone not screen down, you are lucky, until you pick it up to reveal you shattered the rear of your phone. Stupid. I hate using cases. I wish Sammy would have done all metal rear without the glass.

    1. Build have to be kidding, it has a glass back. It will break very easily. Corning glass 4 can be hard but it still glass.

      1. You guys are right. What I meant by build quality was aesthetically pleasing. I imagine s6 will feel more premium in hand than m9. Build quality in terms of durability/reliability all day the single piece of aluminum used on m9 is stronger and more reliable. I will never forget the first time I dropped my iphone 4 with glass back, knew it shattered didn’t even have to look. Sure enough. I just want one to feel as premium in hand as iphone 6. I am thinking s6 will do that being as its blatantly obvious design copy of iphone 6. Will hold out until I can hold them both. This might be first year I wait on MWC flagships for mid/late year release phones like Lg G4, Sony Z4, Note 5, Nexus 7 and whatever Moto has coming.

      2. Do you routinely break the screens on your phones? If not, what makes you think the back will be any more fragile? I’ve used Smartphones since 2003 and never, not once, broken a screen.

        1. No I never had a break screen. But I never had a phone made out of glass. It us basic material science, glass is brittle so it will break. You can’t have a hard material without it being brittle. The N4 and iPhone 4 has the same issues. The older phone had more bezel to protect the screen when it was drop. The S6 back has no bezel to protect it.

    2. s6 build quality better than the M9…LOL man wake up

  24. The S6 Edge looks amazing especially in that platinum silver which doesn’t seem to be an option for consumers for some odd reason or I just haven’t seen it. The M9 was a little disappointing design wise but I think we all expected too much, the M9 silver with the gold frame still looks amazing and as its the better device I’ll be grabbing an M9 when available.

    1. Funny as a non HTC user I couldn’t care less the M9 looks like the M8. As a long time sammy user I’m not all that impressed with the S6 look.

      However looks are not even in my top 10 criteria. Important yes, but insides are more critical.

  25. Black S6 Edge 64 gb model.

    1. +- rumored $1100 off contract. Eek.

      I start to think that edge is going to be a problem for accidental hits by palm & fingers when holding based on a few vids i watched.

      1. Most reviews I’ve seen have pointed out that isn’t a problem. Although anything out today means they didnt have too long to play with them so that might not be the case with more time spent with the phone

  26. If the S6 edge gets decent battery life I will go for that. I’m a bit disappointed that they lowered the battery capacity so we will see. Design wise though I think Samsung really put in some effort this year. HTC, while I understand the if it isn’t broken idea, didn’t really innovate at all.

  27. At this stage: battery, chip, sd card, screen, speakers, led (?), have me leaning towards jumping ship off Sammy (last 3 years primary phone) to HTC.

    Huwaei for the win! Makes both these companies look 1/4mi behind.

  28. It’s too bad really. I think a lot more people would be looking more favorably on the M9 if those false renders had turned out to be the real design. It really does seem like looks are more of a deciding factor for a lot of people this time around.

  29. could deal without a removable battery but would’ve been nice to have a micro SD card slot. Put it on the side.

    1. Unfortunately, Samsung REALLY likes money. And doesn’t want to lose some of it to expandable memory sales instead of more expensive devices.

  30. For once in a long time, I’m torn between HTC and Samsung.

    The M9 is easy to know what to expect. Pretty much everything about the M9 is improved from the M8, an seeing how the M8 was a great device, the M9 is a definite solid device. One drawback would be the camera, but HTC has said they are releasing a software update to improve the camera, so I’ll have to wait for that.

    The S6 Edge (I’m not even gonna consider the normal S6) is interesting. I still need some convincing over TouchWiz (still having those blue-green bright colors?… :) which I would need reviews or have it in my hands to really judge. Also, the battery concerns me. With the quad HD display, and a smaller 2550 mAh battery, it may suffer. I’m gonna have to watch some extended-use reviews to see if the battery holds up. As a M7 owner, I’m used to not having a micro-SD card and no removable battery, so battery life needs to hold up well for me.

    1. So far it sounds Like you’ve already chosen the m9

      1. If TouchWiz can be color-customizable as rumored (but not yet revealed), and battery life lasting more than a full day, then I’d get the S6 Edge

  31. I’m leaning towards G Flex 2

  32. I have $750 budgeted for something to replace my GS3 on VZW ULD but neither of these really makes me want to spend that much. Holding off for now.

    1. That won’t get you the Edge for sure.

      1. lol will it even get the s6

  33. I’m staying with my nexus 6 …. These wow phones suck

  34. SO everyone realizes the S6 Edge is NOT the same setup as the Note Edge? The Note Edge has a separate display on the edge, the S6 just slightly wraps the display and it is a smaller edge.

    Oh.. and stupid HR sensor, what a waste of time on a phone.

  35. Probably get both, replace my Note edge with the S6 Edge because I like the symmetrical design, and replace my M8 with the M9. Just hope Verizon doesn’t take forever to drop either of them.

  36. Without a doubt the HTC M9. The best android phone (besides the note 4) just got better with not changing the design which is a huge plus.

    1. Or not..

  37. The reviews would really have to blow me out of the water to lure me away from my Sony Z3. It’s just that good.

  38. Sony Z4 or LG G4 for me.

  39. G4 as well…Samsung lost a fan when they got rid of removable battery and microsd…LG still does…so they get my money. .

  40. So the S6 has an aluminum frame and glass panels..then why doesn’t it look as good as the Xperia Z3? The S6 looks absolutely hideous, whats up with that massively protruding camera?

  41. As much as I hate Touchwiz the GS6 looks pretty appealing. I still might get a 2014 Moto X though.

  42. Both device underwhelming but to be honest I’d rather the desire eye. It actual has features that I’ll be using for awhile, 5.2″,water and dust proof, the camera is more than adauate for my needs…

    1. Underwhelming? Yea, however, I didn’t really expect much. What could they possibly do? I figured all it would be was a hardware update.

  43. I will be getting a 128GB standard white S6


    1. thats a dam lie… the i may not get the M9 because i got the M8 , but the M9 build quality, sound quality, im sure pic quality, UI, 3gigs of ram, 810 processor, battery size….. please Apple aint got crap on the M9

      1. Let’s see how the camera performs without OIS. I’m using a LG G3 and it’s camera is good enough to retire my point and shoot. If the M9 can’t surpass it, there is no reason to upgrade… as much as I would love to have an HTC again.
        And the S6… as soon as I saw those familiar touchwiz icons my mouth filled with puke.

        1. Well jus wait, because I’m looking forward for camera test myself

    2. No it isn’t, there are way more (and better) android phones than tacky Samsung ones.
      This is just as relevant as the last times Samsung released a poor man’s iPhone.

    3. Would you like a drink while we feed you, troll?

  45. Dropping the galaxy s6 for the first time will be familiar to dropping a nexus 4 or the iPhones with the glass band l backs.

    1. my nexus 4 …one drop off my desk in class it was alllll over

      1. You clumsy

    2. Somehow people manage to drop phones all the time without breaking the screen. Why do you think the back will be any more fragile. I’ve managed to use smartphones for more than a decade without breaking a screen. I don’t expect I’d break the front or back of an S6, either.

    3. My phone has a glass back. Dropped twice from work bench height onto concrete with no case and not even a scratch.
      Having said that, the S6 will likely break easily if Samsung continue their tradition of frail phones.

  46. peter chou should retire….. or at least really look online to see what the people want and stop always believing those critic awards is gonna do something…. M9 shoulda looked like them false rendors

  47. Form over function for Samsung. The sealed battery and lack of expandable storage are negatives. Not a total deal breaker, but certainly not a selling point. The S9 is pretty much an S8 with a faster processor. And, maybe, a better camera.. At least it has expandable storage. I’m waiting to see what the LG G4 has to offer. Hopefully, like the G3, it will have both removable battery and storage.

  48. I have TMo original Jump program. I might get both.

    1. LoL!! Me two. I’m happy. =.P
      I still have one more Jump left.

  49. Waiting on next Nexus. I skipped the 6.

  50. Nexus 6

  51. S6 wins hands down. I might buy it but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to downgrade from a note 4 to this then later one going to buy the note 5 edge and stuff

    1. How so? M9 beats it in every way besides display and wireless charging. Don’t know about cameras yet but probably both good enough.

      1. Samsung device will beat any device, to a fanboy specs don’t matter

      2. cant even tell the difference between the m8 and the m9. i might get confused and scammed thinking it was the m9.


    2. Hope you like rooting because the S6 comes bundled with Clean Master. Complete failure by Samsung right there.

  52. Certainly not the iGalaxy 6Gs

  53. nope. Samsung’s after-sales are low in here. S6 is interesting though, HTC… will be available in here 6 months later after release date :v and usually overpriced (low stock in the market)
    i hope next LG’s will be interesting.

  54. They better keep the removal battery/ sd slot on the note series

    1. I can deal with a non removable battery but eliminating the sd card slot from the Note 5 will be a deal breaker for me. What was Samsung thinking when they decided to take the route of no sd card slot. Alcatel figure out how to include a sd card slot on their unibody design on the Alcaltel Onetouch idol 3 and samsung’s engineers weren’t able to figure it out for the S6.

      Edit: Another thing if they were taking this route they should’ve made the 64GB model the base model and not even make a 32GB option. Because at the end of the day with a 32GB model we all know that we are only left with about 24GB if we’re lucky.

  55. I’d to see real world comparisons of the battery life of these two. M9 has the bigger battery and only 1080p, so ought to do better, but you really can’t say how the Exynos compares to the 810 without some actual use, and who knows how much extra battery use TouchWiz and Sense cause. I’m waiting to hear from you early adopters before I decide.

    1. I think HTC keeping the resolution low will really help with battery life compared to other devices with their 2K(number check) screens.

  56. In short: I’ll never spend money on a Samsung because of a bad experience in the past. Period.

  57. Honestly I’m not feeling either. While I don’t care about SD cards provided that I have 64 gigs of storage, Lack of a removable battery really gets to me. I’d only be on with that of it was WELL over 3000 mAh, and lithium polymer. Both screens are a little small for my tastes, and neither is waterproof, which is a bit disappointing. I’m not a fan of aluminum phones, but glass is even worse.

    Right now the Note 4 is still the best phone on the market, in my opinion. Only thing that might sway my purchase is the G4, depending on how that turns out. Or maybe a fantastic Sony Phablet,if such a thing was to come into existence.

  58. Neither. No removable battery and microSD support = no purchase.

    1. Yet people still bought the M7.

    2. Cant wait till the day when people stop bitching about these 2 things.

      1. I’m not sorry for valuing the ability to increase my storage capacity and replace the battery at home when it inevitably deteriorates in a device that costs as much as a high-end laptop.

        1. You should be sorry if you do, as it seems from your complaint, purchase any phone at full price. I pay device installments each month then trade in my phone once a year , or once every 2 years. So i dont see how it could ever cost what a laptop costs unless you do it to yourself. Even if you think its just the battery deteriorating, the entire device is also deteriorating and cant handle successive, inevitable larger and larger software updates. By the time my battery is failing, i have a new phone in my hand. Its simple logic.

          1. What is the the total cost of a flagship device over 24 months? Because by my calculations, it reaches the price of a high-end laptop.

            The battery deteriorates faster than any other component, in my experience, which is why I would like it to be replaceable at home. Reduced performance over time is to be expected, but poor battery life is a very major issue in a portable device.

    3. get the active series then. has everything you want.

  59. As for as introductions and presentations Samsung stole the show. Much more enthusiastic and made the most changes to their flagship line by far. So now that the all the “introduction hoopla” (hype) is nearly over what about the actual products? Is the S6 leaps and bounds above the M9 in reality? Yes, Samsung made more “improvements” but had further to go from the S5.
    -Touchwiz over Sense really?
    -Is their new in house processor really better the Snapdragon SOC?
    -So much for custom roms and unlocked bootloaders of you’re into that sort of thing.
    -Smaller battery than M9…or even M8?
    -Took away SD card and removable battery.
    -Now that the M9 has a higher MP camera no talk about that.
    Let’s not let hype be our guides but the actual products. Don’t drink the Koolaid!
    The M9 was small changes from a nearly perfect phone the M8. On the M8, everyone complained about the camera last year and stated that it was it’s weakness. Here we are with the M9, improved camera, software, and hardware and everyone is disappointed and still complaining? I don’t get it…. M9 looks great!
    I’ll reserve final judgment after seeing the final products with actual photo samples and usage. I will be disappointed if the M9 camera results are not at flagship levels. M9 is definitely on the top of my list at this point.

  60. i dont replace my batteries like most do, but i would think u would need to with the S6….there is no way that phone is going to outlast much. if it does, i’ll come right back to this post and apologize though :)

    1. Comments will be locked within a year. =.P

      EDIT: 6 months. LoL!!

  61. Neither, I ordered a Saygus V2 and I’m sticking to it.

    1. That phone is a beast!!!

    2. That phone looks nice. I still haven’t watched all the videos on Mobile World Congress. I just looked that phone up. Looks pretty cool. Ima have to read about it.

  62. Will buy neither but the HTC is easily better in every ‘sense’

  63. I voted neither, because if history tells us anything , the LG G series will beat them all, it will be the only device that can compare to the note. (Besides of course the nexus 6 right now) so I’ll wait on the g4

    1. But the G4 is going against these phones. Wouldn’t you think the G Glex series is going against the Note series?

      1. Yea Right now the g flex is going against the note. But when the g4 releases, it will beat out the flex, pitting it directly against the only phone that could hang. the Samsung galaxy note.

        1. Wouldn’t this year’s Note go against this year’s G Flex? I thought they came out around the same time?

          Hmm… Though if the G4 actually does compare against the Note, then that would make it a REALLY good phone. Because from what it seems like, Samsung goes out their way to make their Note phones epic, on a hardware level. It seems the latest everything a day before the release is in those phones. LoL!!

  64. If I had to chose now…it would be the M9 as I do not know the changes made to touchwiz…but I’m still waiting on the Xperia Z4, then the LGG4..and then The Moto X

  65. I would choose the M9 between the two. I want to see what the LG G4 has to offer as well. I want root availability along with xposed. whichever one allows me to do that will win my dollar

    1. Xposed has an Alpha out for the ART runtime, or Lollipop.

      1. This is true however which phone will. Give us root without needing to unlock the bootloader? With the Samsungs most do a bootstrap from what I see. I’m not sure about HTC though and LG requires a bootstrap as well except for the t-mobile version of the LG g3. Root was just achieved for the Sony z3 without the need of unlocking the bootloader as well. Things change with new phones however

  66. They both were ehhh. The G4 is in prime position to steal the show.

    1. How so? LG would have to have some amazing stuff to beat the LG G3. The G3 is a really nice phone. I have the M8 and I know the G3 is a nice phone. I feel that the design of that phone is at it’s prime right now. All they can really do is better internal hardware. I guess some software features too, but they’ll probably be those gimmicks that *some* people use.

      1. plus the G4 has the same issue the M9 and GS6 have, it looks almost identical to the phone that came before it.

        1. Because there’s not much you can add to the device, so why make it “seem” different? Though I don’t honestly agree with what I’m saying and wish things can be different, logically it makes sense. It’s just a minor hardware update, so why worry too much about a new design? It’s not really much of a new phone.

          1. The only way the lack of difference can make any sense is if theyre saving it for when there is a significant change in hardware or software. But to offer the same near identical device is sad. I was expecting more out of HTC then for them to pull an Apple or Samsung. Just saying

          2. Yea, I didn’t get a clear look at the M9. I saw one and it’s literally the exact same device, like the 4 and 4S.

            When I seen that, I now understand the gripe people are having with the design.

      2. what do you mean how so? They did it last year! Why would this year be any different?

        1. In order for them to steal the show they’ll need to come out with even less bezel, a removable battery, water resistant, SD card support and still look good. The G3 is already a great phone. You’re asking for them to improve on that? I don’t think so. I honestly cannot see how they can improve on the G3 besides software updates. What I’m saying is I feel LG will be in the same boat when it comes to design, which everyone seems to be upset about. Let’s not pay attention to the software features, it looks the same.

          Oh well, I’m in that same boat as well. LoL!!

    2. Agreed. how was going to upgrade to the Nexus 6, but I’m going to wait to see what the G4 s. . Because I firmly believe that they will steal the show and it will be the only phone that can be competeco with the note 5

  67. It looks like I will be sticking with the N6 for the near future.

    1. me too

      1. Me 3

  68. Did HTC drop QuickCharge? It was in the M8, just didn’t come with a QuickCharge adapter in the box.

    1. The M9 has it.

  69. With the new super-fast NAND storage and 64/128gb options I am OK with losing the SD Card. The removable battery is more of an “issue” but quick charge and slim pocket batteries make that moot these days too. Would I like the options of having them? sure … but they’re less of a deal breaker to me than physical capacitive buttons are.

    1. same. i dont know why these people are crying about.

      theres an active series if you guys want a removable back and sd slot.

      to be honest the s5 clashed with the active series. s5 had everything the active series did so what’s the point of an active series.

  70. Project Ara is around the corner. I also think this is why mobile technology has slowed down in this department.

    Think about it. The people that actually care about bezel, onscreen buttons, and speaker locations are on this forum.

    Those who don’t really care and buy a device because of how it looks will be perfectly fine with what OEM’s are offering.

    I know for one that once Project Ara kicks off, I won’t bat an eye at anything that comes out. I’ll be able to have my perfect phone.

    1. Great for people that like customizing a phone they own. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of people that buy phones are people that want a device to be simple and useable. They dont like complicated menus, do you really think theyre gonna want to actually assemble their phone from pieces that they, themselves, have to pick ? I think Project Ara will only be a hit with the uber technical people. Unfortunately those are not the people that have made Apple and Samsung the mobile giants they are today. Project Ara will be DOA.

      1. The people I’m saying would want Project Ara are those that use this very website. They stated the phone will be modular. From the looks of things, you’ll just be buying a part and connecting it. If you take the time to note what processor a phone has, I think you’ll be into Project Ara.

        I think it’s the same concept as laptops and building your own desktop. The same processor that comes with a laptop can also be bought on it’s own. This is what I’m comparing it to. The same components used in phones OEM’s make can be bought separately as a Project Ara piece.

        1. Ill be into it for sure, but the average consumer wont. So it wont be a major success outside of us tech heads unfortunately.

          1. This is what scares me. I hope I don’t have to pay for the lack of demand.

  71. Wake me up next year when hopefully Samsung and HTC grow some and offer a different design to go with the updated internals. Till then i’m sticking with my Nexus 6.

  72. S6 glass on back and front?
    This is a breakage waiting to happen.
    Gorilla 4, so what.
    I’ve watched videos on line with Apple iPhone 6 drop test and those front screens are cracking.
    And what’s the sense of putting a cover on a S6 to cover up the new aesthetics?
    Aesthetics? So what.
    Function is key.
    Who gives a Crap about iPhone users? After all, they just loved there multi year old mini screen and thought the larger screened phones were too big. Yeah, ok.
    Anyway, besides no removable battery, no extSdCard card and no waterproofness, now you also have to worry about cracking your screen (s).
    What BS this all is.
    I’ve been purchasing S series phones since the S2. I’ll just wait for the new Note or perhaps the S7, if I don’t find any other manufacture whose device I like.

    1. go buy the active series them. smh

      1. Why? Is that a new 2015 device?
        I must have missed it. Smh……
        What do you have to say about my glass observations on the front and back regarding breakage? Or aesthetics over functionality?
        Not much I see.

        1. if samsung makes a phone for design, people want removeable battery and sd. watch next year when samsung brings back plastic, people still scream that its plastic.

          active will come out in 2 months, and it will have a removable back and sd card.

          whats the point when the galaxy s5 and the s5 active does the same thing.

          if you want all those features you might as well get the active.

        2. You missed the Galaxy S6 Edge Active? Anyways I agree completely with you, GG4 is not anything special at all, it still scratches and cracks just like previous GG, the S6 Edge is a 400$ repair bill just waiting to occour. Samsung may be known for innovation, but top tier quality design isn’t really their thing. I’ll be jumping from an S5 to the M9. Looks are for the girls, as long as it was built well and works efficiently, l will be thoroughly satisfied with the M9.

  73. getting the s6 edge version.

    looks too good.

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