SanDisk was able to stuff 200GB of storage space inside their latest microSD card



You thought SanDisk’s 128GB microSD cards were insane? The company has just announced another huge milestone — a whopping 200GB of data inside a chip smaller than the size of a nickle. It’s a UHS-1 Class 10 chip, which means it can transfer data at up to 90 megabytes per second.

So why not 256GB, the natural step up from 128GB? It’s likely SanDisk was unable to physically fit enough circuitry, doodads and whatever else makes these things tick inside such a compact form factor. It’s possible that could change with refined engineering techniques in the future, but for now this is as high as it gets.

You shouldn’t bat an eyelash at 200GB. It’s absolutely insane, and it’s even crazier to know that it can work in any device that supports microSDXC cards of 64GB or higher (which includes the newly-announced HTC One M9, but unfortunately not the just-as-fresh Samsung Galaxy S6).

Of course, you’d have to be willing to spend the $400 that this thing will cost to start so if you have that sort of money to throw around on micro storage chips you’ll likely be able to afford a smartphone that can utilize it. The chips are due Q2 2015.

[via SanDisk]

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  1. This is the reason we need to keep sd card slots around on mobile devices. I personally carry around 30+ Audiobooks for bike riding and they take up a lot of space.

    1. I’m not disagreeing with your premise, but FYI there are audio batch converters that can seriously shrink file sizes dramatically with little to know loss in audio quality, esp if you’re dealing with 128kbps stereo or higher bitrates.

      1. They are 32kbps mp3s already

        1. 32kbps? How is the audio even bearable at such a low bit rate? Are you sure you don’t mean 320?

          1. You don’t need 320kbps for speech only.
            Since it was audio-books 64kbps is more then enough. Anything over 128 for pure speech is just a waste of space.

          2. I still think 32kbps is very low.


            It’s not.

            Your phone isn’t doing your voice above 64 kbps in all likelihood.

          4. T-Mobile VoLTE is 23.85kbps AMR-WB.
            Verizon VoLTE is 12.65kbps AMR-WB.
            (I’m not sure what bitrate AT&T is using, and Sprint is off on their own codec.)

            Granted, AMR-WB is optimized for voice, where MP3 is for music, so 64kbps MP3 voice may be comparable to 23kbps AMR-WB.

          5. If in download ne music I make sure it’s always 320kbps. Low Def ain’t good enuff for our world ne more. And as far as the voice on att I’m not sure I have had att since it was first att then switched to Cingular then back to att I never had problems with ne thing. Then again I never once since I got my first phone bought a cheap phone I have always and will always buy the most expensive flagshi that come out. Witch is totally worth it and keep in a phone longer than 2 years is nutz heck now adays longer than a year is just about nutz. A lot of people in Korea buy new phones every 6 mounths. That’s why I bal ways buy 2 or 3 a year like I grabbed the S5 witch was best at that time then grabbed a NOTE 4 WHEN that came out. Just like I’m Gona grab a S6 then a NOTE 5 WHEN thay comes out thay way I’m always ahead. The S6 looks nice now that they finally released all the full specs and photos but it has 2 very very very bad down sides. No SD card slot and no removable battery. All phones should come with removable battery. Even if the phone is all metal it’s not hard to make a metal back that slides off or snaps off. And with today’s 3D printers it can totally be done with ease. Same as kuting in a SD card slot on the side at least. Phones need to come with removable batteries at least un till they start Makin batteries thay are around 10,000 mah or bigger and SD card slots need to stay till phones come with at least 512 gigs or a terabyte of space even then the slot is nice to Transfer data or pics or movies or what ever. I do know samsung is working on 128 gig internal storage now for up coming phones so in guess that’s a Lil better.

          6. Dude. Calm.

            Also, read the thread. We weren’t talking about music, we were talking about voice recording (audio books) and comparing to other audio sources.

          7. I know in was just sain. O and also a lot of phones now have HD AUDIO FO THE CALLING.witch sounds a lot better. Most stuff is runnin H.264 AKA mp4 now also.and yes I know it’s for video but u can download music tracks on mp4. Then there is the new H.265 awesome for HD and even UHD. Wonder whay were Gona get into once 8K 4320p video starts Rollin out. Can’t wait cause it looks awesome on the live demos in saw.

          8. Agreed 32kbps is perfectly acceptable for speech only audiobooks with transitional sounds

  2. so many movies to fit on my tablet. will buy 1 in 2 years when they aren’t $400 lol

  3. Quick question. Does this work in a Note 4?

    1. theoretically it should work on any device that supports 4GB microSDHC.(yes 4, that’s not a typo)

      the only significant difference between SDHC and SDXC is the filesystem which is FAT32 for SDHC, and exFAT for SDXC.
      SDXC cards however work fine with FAT32, making them work on nearly every SDHC device after reformatting using a USB/microSD formatting tool.
      I have a 64GB microSD in my “max 32GB SDHC” new3DS.

      if your device is rated “up to 64GB” or higher it will actually work with SDXC cards up to 2TB out of the box.
      if your device is rated “up to 32GB” “up to 16GB” “up to 8GB” or “up to 4GB SDHC” it will likely work with SDXC cards up to 2TB, but the card needs to be formatted to a supported filesystem(FAT32 should always work)

  4. if the picture is right then it’s only an ultra series though, which tops out in the 40’s for speed, the extreme plus and pro series being 80+, would be nice to be wrong though

  5. So this means one could have 464GB of storage on their new Saygus V²?
    Woah… Try to wrap your head around that!

  6. That price needs to come down quickly.

    1. The 128GB was around $300 when it launched, then dropped down to $130ish, then $100 and now $80 seems to be fairly commonplace.

      I have had a 128GB Sandisk microSD since they became widely available and it has worked out very well. Occasionally hiccups when recording video but is otherwise flawless.

      HUGE mistake for Samsung to jettison expandable storage on the S6. If the Note 5 follows the S6’s lead then I am done with Samsung for good!

      1. I think the Note 5 and many other companies will get rid of expandable memory. Android doesn’t let apps write onto expandable memory cards anymore. So most consumers will not know how to work around that. I think that’s why Samsung got rid of the 16gb option.

        1. not that im refuting your statement, but i think that’s a silly reason to get rid of sd clard slot. I think media takes up wayyyy more space than apps do for most people.

          1. I totally understand what are saying and I agree with you. But I also think it’s a step in the right direction. Phones should have a bigger storage in the first place. I’m hoping in two years 128gb will be the minimal that phones offer.

          2. im sure it will at some point, slowly but surely. I’m thinking a 64gb base models might not start for another couple years

      2. Samsung is offering 64GB and 128GB internal storage for the S6. I can’t imagine very many people need more than 128GB storage in their phone.

        1. It’s not about the amount of storage to me. I like the ease of transferring my media and app backups, along with protecting my media in case of damage to the phone.

  7. 128GB SALE comin’ right up!

  8. I wonder if it comes with the sticker, “not usable in Samsung’s most advanced project zero just released state of the art S6”.

  9. Taking bets on when the $19.99 counterfeit 200 GB cards hit e-Bay……………

  10. Hopefully I’ll be able to use it in the note 5…

  11. my 64 gig plus my note 4 30 is more than enough for now

  12. I still remember walking into costco and buying a usb stick 128MB for 39.99 in 2003.

  13. So expensive. Nice but not worth the price for me. I have a sandisk 64gb

  14. The black and red looks sick it’s murdered out

  15. 180GB :)

  16. Another nice thing about this card is that it’ll likely make pre-existing 128gb cards come down in price.

  17. Nice!

  18. Madness. I love it.

    1. I only buy the red and gold San disk cards they are class 10 and UHS LEVEL 3 THEY ARE THEY BEST THEY MAKE. I HAVE A 128 in my S5 and NOTE 4. THERE IS 256GIG SD cards and 512 SD cards Rollin out so 256 micro SD are commin for sure dont worry. Just like 4 terabyte used to be the big hdd now they have 5 terabyte hdds. And I get 2 to 3 new phones a year im.grabbin a S6 the day it comes out and a NOTE 5 THE DAY IT COMES OUT and probly 1 other mystery phone. They need to make all phones fully waterproof like the S5 not doing so is a step backwards. Plus now thay all phones are moving from 32 bit systems to 64 the flag ships will be able to hold 4 gigs of ram instead of 3 gigs like the NOTE 4. and with a lot of new phones us in Octo core chips instead of quad core they will be smoking. They just need to push over that 3 ghz boundary the NOTE 4 IS CLOSE AT 2.7. But we’re gettin there faster and faster this nextc vulnerable u year or 2 will be amazing. For everything trust me. I’m a computer science major from Carnegie mellon with more than 1 masters.

  19. AWWWWFJFVJOHHHH ..that’s a lot more awkward on text

  20. All u gotta do to get a or SD card is find one online and take the ad to best buy and have they price match it. Samsung makes some decent cards to called EVO and they have one thay a step better either called a EVO PRO or just a PRO.

  21. Thay ain’t supposed to be a Web link in my last post in don’t know why it did thay…..sorry

  22. O and for those of u that don’t know the SDHC means SD HIGH CAPACITY. and the SDXC means SD XTREAM CAPACITY.

  23. The older all black with white writing San disc ultras write at 30mbs the newer have gray half red ultras write at 48mbs.

  24. And the all black with red writing ultras all also do 48mbs but for some e 0eason it says 90

    1. Ment for some reason it’s faster for the 200 gig

  25. Then there is the half red half gray ultra plus witch adds UHS 1 but still only does 48mbs this also comes in a all black version with red writing witch seems to be the case with all the larger sizes cause only the 128 gig comes thay way

  26. Then there is the half red half gold SanDisk extreme cards witch come in 2 types a UHS 1 WITCH will do 45mbs and a UHS 3 WITCH will do 60mbs and remember to do full 1080p or higher u need to have a UHS CARD if it’s not UHS it’s only rated for 720p max and will not work well or right ot at all above that.

  27. There is also half red half gold extreme plus cards they make witch also come in 2 types the UHS 1 AND THE UHS 3 they both do 80mbs but remember that the UHS 3 is good for 4k 2160p video and for 3D.

  28. Then they have the new awesome half red half black extreme pro cards thay are UHS 3 AND DO 95mbs. These things are awesome these are the kinda cards in use for regular SD and they are very expensive I bought the SD versions when they first came out and the price was crazy. They are new to the micro SD category and I haven’t checked prices yet but I’m sure they are up there. Till now I been using the extreme plus witch was their highest best micro SD cards now these are but since they are so new the biggest is only 64 gigs but I’m sure the 128 out shortly.

  29. They also make a all white micro SD card for high endurance but it only has a 20mbs speed but they will stand up to about ne thing even workin in -25° weather so good for out door cams and the 64gig one will hold 10,000 hours of HD video. And the 32 gig will hold 5,000 hours. Plus remember most all SanDisk cards are shock proof water proof and stand up to much abuse these ones just do it a Lil better they even work well in very high heat. And that covers all od San disks micro SD cards hope that helps a lot of people deciding on what kinda cards they will need to get the job done.

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