Speck unveils Galaxy S6 cases for their popular CandyShell and MightyShell lineups


Yesterday was a doozy in the land of mobile. We saw Samsung announce the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. We saw HTC announce the One M9. And we saw a popular accessory maker strike while the iron’s hot as Speck announced their product lineup for all three devices.

Speck Galaxy S6_Family

There are 9 different cases total and the Samsung Galaxy S6 gets the majority of the love, with 7 of the 9 cases made for it and only the CandyShell Grip case being made available for the Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9.

  • Galaxy S6 CandyShell Case ($34.95)
  • Galaxy S6 CandyShell Case + Faceplate ($44.95)
  • Galaxy S6 CandyShell Grip Case ($34.95)
  • Galaxy S6 Edge CandyShell Grip Case ($34.95)
  • HTC One M9 CandyShell Grip ($34.95)
  • Galaxy S6 CandyShell Card Case ($39.95)
  • Galaxy S6 CandyShell Inked Case ($39.95)
  • Galaxy S6 MightyShell Case ($49.95)
  • Galaxy S6 MightyShell Case + Faceplate ($59.95)

These are iterations of previously available and quite popular phone cases that – if you haven’t taken notice of before – you may want to now.

The CandyShell Cases are the glossy, colorful cases with a hard outer shell that offer military grade protection:


The CandyShell Grip – the only one made for the S6, S6 Edge, and M9 – is similar to the CandyShell but it includes patterned rubber gripping areas that not only offer a cool look, but help make sure your sexy slim device doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Speck_SamsungS6_CandyShell Grip-Family

Then you’ve got my personal favorite: the CandyShell Card. It securely holds up to 3 cards such as credit cards and your drivers license. Everyone I know who has this case absolutely loves it, which leaves me wondering why I’ve never owned one myself.

Speck_SamsungS6_CandyShell Card

Then you’ve got CandyShell Inked which essentially offers a vibrant, printed design for a $5 upcharge on the CandyShell and the MightyShell which offer 2X military grade protection for those with a rugged lifestyle or ultra-clumsiness.

Speck_SamsungS6_CandyShell Inked-Family


A recent poll shows that 70% of our readers plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the HTC One M9… will you be buying one of these Speck cases to go along?

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  1. Good ole Speck. I love how they go mad with case options every year.

  2. Since samsung sells more , they feel it’s safer to only make cases for Samsung and give htc a measly 1…. Nobody buy from this company

    1. Yes sir.

    2. Really? Sounds like good business plan to me. Supply and demand. The masses buy Samsung, then you make Samsung cases. That’s kind of a no brainer.

      1. Dude I know, but when my M8 couldnt even get cases I want, it angers me, so I want them to go bankrupt until they show more luv to non Sammy and Apple users

  3. Cases like these however always made me uneasy. Folks lose their mobile devices sometimes but how terrible would it be to lose some cash, plastic and IDs along with it? Some of that stuff’s harder to replace than a phone.

    1. Devil’s advocate: if I was carrying my ID and Credit Card in my phone… I’d just be more careful with my phone and treat it like my wallet. I mean… it’s no different than a wallet you’re just combining the two into one.

      1. Sure that’s reasonable to ponder but I don’t remove my wallet from my pocket as often as I do my phone.

    2. I have always bought a phone case that doubles as a wallet. Gotta tell you, I went from either forgetting my wallet leavin the house or forgetting my phone. Its so much easier and after a bit, you always find yourself making sure your phone/wallet is in your pocket. i’ll never go back to doubling up again.

      1. If I didn’t have as many govt. ID cards as I do I may ditch my wallet for something like that. Too risky for me now.

        1. Are you a government trained assassin like Al Simmons?

          1. No more questions

  4. I would never put my cards in my phone case. What’s the sence of losing everything at once?

    1. Never. Agree. Bad idea.

  5. No kickstand, no case..

    1. Who the hell wants a kick stand

    2. You can get the iblason kickstand case, probably the best one in this category so far

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