Moto 360 reportedly heading to Moto Maker in March


Moto 360 moto maker

You can customize your smartphone on Moto Maker, so why not your smartwatch? That’s Motorola’s line of thinking who, starting in March, will reportedly make available the Motorola Moto 360 via their online customizing tool. Okay, that probably sounds a lot cooler than what is actually going on here.

You wont be able to customize the watch with new accent colors the way you can a Moto smartphone. Instead, prospective buyers will just be given choices of already available colors — silver, black, or gold — and then can further “customize” the watch with one of Motorola’s various watch straps. Pricing will fluctuate dependent on the specific watch strap you choose (metal is more expensive), but it’s a good way to see what the watch will look like and sort of fun too.

While this probably wont affect your decision to buy the watch if you were on the fence, we can’t help but wonder what kind of options will be available in the next generation model. Internal storage? Accent colors? Display sizes?


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  1. Who cares? Now that Apple Watch is coming everyone is going to get one. Apple Watch is going to dominate the watch market just like iPad iPhone iPod and Mac dominate their own respective categories.

    1. ^^^ LMAO ^^^ Dominate LOL Stop it…

      1. iPad Mini is the best selling tablet
        Macbooks are the best selling notebooks
        iMacs are the best selling desktops
        iPhones are the best selling phones
        and iPods are still the best selling music players.

        1. Best selling because their is only one of them. Android phones, Android tablets, and Windows based computers all dominate market share numbers. Apple is just a leading brand of a second place competitor.

          1. If there was an android phone just half as good as the iPhone then there would be an android phone with huge sales comparable to iPhone sales.

            But there is none because no other company than Apple understands the importance of design and customer experience.
            It doesn’t even have anything to do with the os at this point just the phones.

            The only reason Android dominates the mobile os market is because android devices range from 40$ to 1000$. iPhones cost 400$ (off contract) and in most countries you can’t buy iPhones on contract.

            There are only 3 iPhone models and none are cheaper than 400 off contract.

            Maybe some android phone maker should focus on making 1 awesome phone instead of puking out a phone every 3 days.

          2. Dumb phatroll.

          3. Of course I won’t find people to argue with here. When you tell facts here they will call you a troll.

          4. You have not stated one fact or provided any data to back up your gum flapping. And Apple has more than 3 iPhone models that they are selling. You may not consider them the Hot New Model but they sure push them and sell them still. Apple is an elitist symbol and nothing more… Stop being a worker drone

          5. Apple only sells iPhone 5C, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Oh no I forgot one… -___-.

            Apple is the benchmark I think you’re trying to say :]

          6. 1. Start making sense with your claims of Apple being the top overall seller in all the device categories that you mentioned.

            2. Most iPhones are $700+ off-contract as far as I know and the varied pricing of Android phones is an indication of this thing called common sense and choice. Common sense in not having to spend that much money on a good phone if you don’t want to and the choice of many different designs, features etc.

            3. Hate to break it to you but Samsung had sales of its Galaxy flagship S-models in the range of the comparable iPhone model’s sales.

            4. Pull your head out of your iMac and stop assuming that people are agreeing with you or should agree with you just because you want them to or believe that they should.

            5. You’re a true tech troll if you ever mention the iPhone 5C as proof in an argument that Apple dominates. Even Apple itself realised that they suck donkey-balls at making and selling a phone that isn’t “premium”. They may not admit it but it was a disaster for them compared to every other iPhone, iMac, iCunt, whatever.

            6. No one ever mentioned ANY-F&$KING thing about whether or not Apple devices are the benchmark. Stop drawing insane conclusions from what people mean with their comments. It’s the benchmark of selling brand loyalty at the expense of free thought, choice, sensible spending and versatility (not to mention thinking and doing things for yourself on your own phone).

          7. But you cant disregard his post about there being competitors in the android space and none in ios space. Im not going to bash the iphone its a great phone. But people choose android or ios… And then once you choose android you have to choose again… And thats where nunbers split dramatically.

            So sure you can compare HP to Apple when it comes to companies but a more accurate comparison would be imac’s to desktop windows PCs as a collective. Because lets be honest, me choose between a dell and an HP or lenovo really comes down to which ever one is having a sale that week. Im getting the same insides regardless.

          8. First, no matter how great a device is, some people won’t get it because they don’t like a particular brand or it’s design. They could make a phone that does everything perfectly, but if it’s made by a particular OEM or the design is something they don’t like, they’ll get something else. There are groups of people who have bias against the various Android OEMS, some don’t like Samsung, some don’t like HTC, some don’t like Motorola, or LG, or Sony, etc, etc. That doesn’t mean the device isn’t good or even great. It all comes down to personal choice. Some people won’t get phones with a plastic shell or glass back, so there are many reasons why there isn’t one Android device that’s the be all end all for Android.

            You’re saying that Android devices sell well because they go for $40-$1000, and iPhones go for $400? IPhones go for $400-$1000. And those countries where iPhones can’t be bought on contract, are the same places where Android phones can’t be bought on contract.

            So Android should only have one device per manufacturer, and say screw you to anyone who can’t afford them like Apple does? First, that goes against one of the main benefits of Android, choice. Second, why does it aggravate so many Apple fans that they are offering a lower cost alternative to a flagship device? Does it somehow make your device less great? Are you angry that you can’t lord it over everyone that you have a smartphone? Those devices aren’t doing anything other than giving people who can’t afford a top tier device a way to be connected, how is that a bad thing?

            Lastly, what did you expect coming onto an Android centric sight? That everyone was going to bask in your knowledge and thank you for showing them the error of their ways? I would say the same thing to an Android user who goes to an Apple centric sight and does the same, or a Chevy fan who goes to a Ford sight. People who come to these sights are more involved in those particular industries than the casual user, and are usually well informed about such things. They’ve made their choice, so what’s the point of trying to change their mind? They already know what’s out there, because they’ve done the research. You don’t like to be called a troll? A troll is someone who blatantly tries to start an argument. Like say an Apple fan coming into an Android sight and professing their love for Apple, or vice versa.

          9. refresh page for updated post

          10. http://www.cultofmac.com/313554/brand-x-tablets-beating-ipad/

            Your own Mac website proves you wrong…

        2. They are all best selling within their own niches. You can’t compare a Windows PC and Apple PC – they have completely different purposes, different sets of applications. Apple is best selling amongst Apple.

          1. Lol dude that is such horsesheet.
            Just another excuse.

            Tell me what are the different purposes? And different sets of applications?

            AutoCad is on both
            Adobe apps are on both and most popular on Macs even
            Office apps are on both
            Archicad is on both
            Sketchup is on both

        3. Do you have any data proof of this? A quick search on the web shows that you are inaccurate. Do a quick search of Best Sellers at Amazon.com… I could not find a quick list for music players so lets just assume that you are right about that… but come on… You believe that more Tablets, notebooks, and desktops are sold than any other? Why isn’t Apple OS the most popular dominate OS? Go into a store and see how much Mac software you can buy…

          1. When I say top selling I mean of 1 model.
            So I don’t mean that Apple sells more computers than let’s say HP even though I think they did last year but I mean the Macbook Pro is the best selling notebook worldwide.
            And I speak of the top sellers in general. Not in a specific store.
            And yes they are true. iPad sales have dropped in the last 2 years but the iPad crushes all other tablet sales. Even iPad Air 2 doesn’t come close to the mini sales.

            Apple won’t sell their OS’ to be put on other machines because the experience wouldn’t be nearly as great as on Apple devices because that’s not what they’re made for.

            People need to understand software AND hardware make the experience.

          2. It would be surprising if the iphone wasn’t a top selling phone. It buys the best things from other companies and then implements a little of “Android” with each iOS they release.

            Iphone screens were made by Sharp.
            64-bit chips are from Samsung
            NFC… *Ahem* Android
            The iWatch screens are being made by LG
            Iphone cell frequency code being controlled by Google.

            iphones are Frankensteins of the mobile world. it’s collective parts from different companies and then encased in metal with an apple symbol. All for the Isheep to feel they are superior. If they only knew.

    2. I’m sure the Apple Watch will sell in droves. Doesn’t make it any less butt ugly though.

    3. I’m sure the Apple fanboys will gobble up the Apple Watch. If Apple sold a bag of sh*t called iTurd, Apple fanboys would pay hundreds of dollars for that too.

      The market for the Apple Watch is limited since it requires an iPhone. Samsung’s smart watches suffer from the same problem, requiring Samsung smartphones. Pebble is really the only one out there with a decent smart watch that will work with any modern smartphone, but they just aren’t as well known as the big manufacturers.

  2. I wanna get one of these, but I’m afraid the next gen ones right around the corner, anyone have any ideas?

    1. Same here, but the next gen is probably still a couple months away if not more. Moto likes to stick with the every year releases with their phones so I would think this would be similar.

      1. I’m holding out for the next version. I need more battery life. And I just know that they will fix the flat tire.

    2. I believe the current version came out around August, so I’d think you still have quite a bit of time before the moto 360 2

  3. Seriously, though, there probably won’t be much cross shopping between android and ios wearables. People will most likely just go for whatever works with their current device. If anyone is actually cross shopping wearables and using that as a basis to decide between environments, I think the much wider array of options (and especially styles) would push more people to the android camp. And a hugely poplar apple watch is going to draw more people to wearables, period, regardless of the specific mobile environment. So good apple watch sales will be good for android watch sales.

  4. This looks awesome. I really like the look of the Moto 360, but I’m eagerly holding out for a future version with a few more critical features: built-in speaker, NFC for payments (would require Android Wear update), and 5 days on a single charge. I know Pebble has the battery life but I want an LCD display with Android Wear.

    1. I would add a camera too.

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