Verizon Nexus 6 coming March 12th with Android 5.1 and Advanced Calling / VoLTE support baked in



Despite early rumors pegging today as the launch of the Nexus 6 on Verizon, the phone still hasn’t become available. But, if you read our post yesterday, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After stores just recently began receiving promo materials (scheduled to go up on March 11th), the launch date was pushed back to March 12th.

So what about that Feb 26th launch date? Well, if you needed any further proof that it’s what Verizon originally had in mind for the release date, they seem have auto-posted a Nexus 6 demo video onto their YouTube page. We’re not sure how long it’ll be up, but hopefully this will tide you over until the phone actually launches in a few more weeks.

Nexus 6 Android 5.1 Advanced Calling VoLTE

When the Nexus 6 does finally launch on Verizon, our sources tell us it will arrive with Android 5.1 which will support “Enhanced 4G LTE Mode” (Advanced Calling / VoLTE) in the device’s “Cellular network” settings. Maybe this is why the phone was delayed so many months after GSM models.


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  1. 5.1 by the 12th on all carriers??? am i the only one who finds it safe to connect that dot?

    1. I too would play connect the dots.

        1. Yahtzee!

          1. Bingo!

    2. It’s more like scrabble with Verizon

  2. I don’t see that as a reason to delay the phone from being sold. Tmobile is getting the VoLTE update to their Nexus 6 as well.

    1. Verizon’s extensive testing to ensure 5.1 played nice with their network.

      1. Verizon loves to push that “extensive testing” rationale. They really work that angle to explain all kinds of delays. Sounds cool, means very little when you really think about it.

        1. Oh, yeah. I’m not saying it’s a valid excuse at all. It’s just what they do.

          1. Yep, understood. In 1 recent instance for me, this nonsense stopped me from buying a phone since their “extensive testing” stopped a phone I wanted from coming with Advanced Calling and it went from end of month to 30 days to 60 days and frankly, still not sure if the phone ever got it yet thanks to “extensive testing”. They “extensively tested” me right out of buying the phone.

          2. But not their service…right?

          3. Are you referring to the 2014 X? I’m about to ditch mine as it is extremely annoying to not be able to use voice and data at the same time. Where is my update?!? Christ, it’s been almost five months. I HATE Verizon sometimes lol

  3. Wow, an actual VZW phone with “Advanced Calling” built in and not promised to come 3 months later?

    1. To be fair, if they didn’t have to play Ellen Degenerate and hold the phone back for their asinine internal SOP, it would have been here three months ago. I’d exercise restraint in heaping praise on these buffoons.

      1. “Ellen Degenerate”? Is this some sort of weird autocorrect fail?

        1. Flea Market Montgomery – Long Version: http://youtu.be/FJ3oHpup-pk

          Flea market Montgomery: http://youtu.be/fS75Qudg0c8

  4. What happened to that guy from yesterday that didn’t believe our March 12th release date?


    1. He’s working on his comeback. Give him time. ;P

    2. lol…. I was looking for him too.

    3. To be fair there is an old launch schedule that has the n6 for 2/26 but that was December launch schedule so it obviously changed

  5. I can’t wait to see the update and see how my N6 plays on the network then…

  6. The elusive VoLTE. Will it actually work? I bet a half eaten Snickers it won’t.

    1. It works just fine on my G3 and my wife’s IP6.

    2. My guy that provided the leak says it sounds crystal clear. Audio only though. No video calling (which was dumb anyways and no one uses).

      1. I hope you and your sources are correct!
        Nonetheless VoLTE is still a missed feature on lots of promised phones.

    3. VoLTE works great. It has been working for months. Verizon calls it Advanced Calling 1.0. To use it you must be calling another person with Advanced Calling 1.0 (only certain phones have the capability) and must be in a strong Verizon LTE area. If you leave or lose LTE, the call drops. If you are connected to WiFi and try to begin a call there is a 50% chance that it won’t be AC1.0 and you’ll have to try again or turn off WiFi and then turn it back on during the call. Oh, and this device cannot use voice and data at the same time unless you are making a call using AC1.0. Enjoy!

      1. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      2. VoLTE does *not* require that the person on the other end have it. Only the improved audio quality (and video calling, if anyone ever uses that) requires both people (and the chain between) have it. (Weakest link concept)

        Presuming they actually finished the work with AT&T, you should even get the improved audio quality when calling someone at AT&T.

      3. Whoa, I would not call that working, sounds kind of sketchy (if then>if not>if this>it works>sometimes>) and problematic to say the least.

  7. None of the nexus 6 devices have 5.1. So does that mean that the google play N6 will get it before or by the 12th?

    1. Probably be pushed on the same day

  8. Hopfully it’ll include WiFi calling for me on T-Mobile :)

    1. I’m waiting on WiFi calling for Sprint, they have a handful of devices that use it and I hope that it’s a feature that will be on all carriers

    2. I use Hangouts / GV & wifi call all day long

      1. Google Voice is awesome, but not everyone uses it, and not everyone wants to give all of their contacts two different numbers

        1. one point of gv is to only give one number out. I’ve been doing that for years.

          1. Everyone already has my main number so by giving them my Google Voice they would have two numbers. A lot of people I know would get confused as to which number to call or text when. I love Google Voice but I wouldn’t be able to use it as my only number.

    3. It sounds from the rumors like 5.1 will have Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE across the board. It will just be up to the individual carriers to enable each feature.

    4. 5.1 will include it.

  9. Too late now, I want something else.!?

  10. So if you use a two-year contract as the lifecycle of a phone and the Nexus 6 having been released in November, this VZW model has already lost a fourth of it’s “life” and isn’t even released yet. If it also came with an 810 processor instead of the 805, it would at least have been updated, but there’s no mention of enhancements other than the VoLTE and 5.1 which would have come anyway. It’s pretty much the same hardware with 75 percent of its “life” remaining. Compound that by Samsung and HTC announcing new phones next Sunday, VZW is a little late to the game with this one.

    1. “this VZW model has already lost a fourth of it’s “life” and isn’t even released yet.”

      This is probably not the right phone/carrier for people that worry about such things.

      1. exactly if I’m on Verizon I’m getting a Nexus from Google or Motorola, not waiting for Verizon to officially release it.

        1. After the Galaxy Nexus horror, I’d never buy a Nexus for OR from Verizon again.

          1. This is my first Nexus device and I love it. I just hope that the updates come at a good pace.

    2. those who really wanted a Nexus 6 for Verizon have already bought their phones from Google or Motorola, or used a friends or families upgrade to purchase it from Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T and used a Verizon sim card to activate the phone

      1. wait say what?
        i could have got it a while back…?
        may as well wait now…damn!

        1. Yep. The N6 has always had all the radios needed for the 4 carriers. You just couldn’t walk into a VZW store to buy one. It’s VZW that screwed their customers. They could have said “It’s CDMA/LTE until Android 5.1 comes out in the first quarter of 2015.” but they didn’t. :/

    3. Except increasingly more thanks to Edge, people aren’t using phones for a full 24 months. Additionally, since this is a Nexus with a Qualcomm processor, it will probably get updates for at least 2 years but likely more. Just look at the Nexus 4.

      1. and now that Edge has changed yet again to requiring a 75% payoff to upgrade “free”, you’ll be at exactly two years if you don’t “edge” up early, negating any advantage to Edge whatsoever.

        1. Honestly these upgrade programs are all awful, all of them are a rip-off I’ve been buying phones outright and selling them online for years to finance my frequent upgrades and it’s so much cheaper than these plans, none of them has a real upside.
          It’s mostly a ploy to dupe customer’s into giving them phones to sell refurbished very cheaply. Only people who pay for the whole phone get to keep it, if you edge up you have to turn it in, and you’d have had the phone for two years, so you would have been better off with the subsidized phone.

  11. This will have nothing on my Chromebook 2 from Toshiba… not even in the same league… they can kiss my ass

    1. I believe you took a wrong turn, Sir.

      1. Please stare me right…

        1. I dunno to a computer related article

          1. Ur a true friend

          2. You funny mudda suckaz ;p

          3. You’re trolling, a terrible person and someone who should commit suicide. Lulz.

    2. Lol

    3. This will have nothing on my quantum slipstream drive with ablative hull armour. See? We can mention random things that have nothing to do with what is being discussed too.

  12. Called it. Said way back when they were probably waiting on 5.1. Seems like that’s the case due to VoLTE.

    1. The S5 has VoLTE on 5.0. So… what are you saying exactly? I can’t wait to explain to people why they can’t use voice and data at the same time anymore, though.

      1. I think 5.1 will be the first version of Android to bake it into AOSP though. The implementation on the S5 and other phones have been added by the manufacturer and/or the carrier as far as I know.

        1. You are correct. WiFi calling / VoLTE will be built into Android 5.1 and will work if your carrier supports it as long as my sources are correct ;)

          1. It’s what TMO has been waiting on .. they’ve said as much.

          2. The feature identical to what the carriers provide, which is a switch. Your specific carrier will include the services required that provide you with the ability to use it. In Verizon’s case it is part of the phone application and allows voice or video calls to be made or answered if it is enabled. It isn’t any different than how it works on the S5, G2 or any of the new-ish Motos that have Advanced Calling 1.0 already.

        2. I’d love it if VoLTE came to my Nexus 5 this way!

      2. Why couldn’t they use voice and data concurrently? VoLTE is designed for that, so unless Verizon is specifically blocking it…

        1. The Nexus 6 is unable to do voice and data at the same time UNLESS it is using Verizon’s VoLTE service (Advanced Calling 1.0).

          1. Again, VoLTE is designed for concurrent voice and data. What has Verizon done to cause it to *not* work, and where is your source?

          2. Maybe you are misunderstanding what I am saying. The Nexus on Verizon can ONLY use voice and data at the same time when engaged in a VoLTE (AC1.0 on VZW). A regular phone call over the network does not allow the use of data at the same time. My source would be the employment in supporting devices that run on that carrier’s service. There are other devices that support Verizon’s version of VoLTE that are running 5.0. The assumption that they somehow waited so that they could include this is silly, because the feature will ONLY be implemented through Verizon’s own method (again, Advanced Calling 1.0).

            The Moto X (2014) shared a similar fate, as well as the Note Edge. In the coming months you will see more and more Android devices that cannot do voice and data at the same time. Now, imagine having to explain this to a customer. They don’t bold and highlight this on the device and it has been an expectation for years. It was bad enough explaining that the iPhone couldn’t do it, once VZW was allowed to have then on the network. Don’t even get me started on the conference calling limitations…

            Does that clear up anything? Are you still confused about what I am saying?

          3. Your comments make it sound like you were saying that the Nexus 6 was incapable of Voice and Data concurrently under any circumstances while on Verizon. Even this one changes from one sentence to the next.

            “The Nexus on Verizon can ONLY use voice and data at the same time when engaged in a VoLTE ” – Okay, concurrent data and voice during VoLTE, but not on a CDMA call.

            “There are other devices that support Verizon’s version of VoLTE that are running 5.0. The assumption that they somehow waited so that they could include this is silly” – Except VoLTE is an OEM add-on, and not part of 5.0. Samsung, HTC, Moto, etc. all added VoLTE support to their builds. 5.1 will bring (finished) VoLTE to AOSP.

            “In the coming months you will see more and more Android devices that cannot do voice and data at the same time.” – Here you are again claiming that the new devices supporting VoLTE will *not* be capable of concurrent voice and data. Either that or you’re changing topic to a lack of VoLTE in upcoming devices? Or saying AC1.0 is non-standard VoLTE?

      3. My guess is that Verizon had more control over what software could be put on their version of the GS5, whereas the Nexus 6 is getting it straight from Google baking it into the OS. So VoLTE is a feature of Android now (in 5.1+), as opposed to something extra that has to be configured by the carrier.

        I could be way off, but that’s my guess based on the information I’ve read.

        1. The Nexus 6 on Verizon isn’t very “stock”. There are plenty of VZW goodies right there.

  13. is the hardware any different for this or am i safe to buy a device off the google play store?

    1. Exact same hardware.

      1. Thanks! just ordered one so we’ll see how much I like a phablet

    2. The hardware will be identical.

  14. So if it comes with 5.1 does that mean its already coming for the rest?

  15. Google better not be caving and letting the Verizon Nexus 6 be the first with 5.1.

    1. Bet it’ll be up on AOSP the same day or before. TMO has been talking about the 5.1 update for their VoLTE/Wifi calling. It’s the same release as the VZW release since it’s baked in. Nothing weird happening .. VZW just waited to release the N6 until 5.1 was code complete .. instead of what TMO did which was release and promise the features in a future update.

    2. I’ll get an iPhone the day that happens, I swear to Zod.

    3. It’ll probably be released the week before Verizon at the latest.

  16. So with a year between Nexus phone releases traditionally that would make Oct. 2015 the date of release of the new Nexus whatever it may be called, which would make VZW buyers 7 months in when a new one is out. Edgeing up will cost an extra $150 or so thanks to this delay (given an average phone price of $700).

    1. The Nexus 6 wasn’t available until November, though most couldn’t get it until December.

      1. Got mine in November. Called T-Mobile the day they had it available and got it in the mail a few days later.

  17. How will those of us who got it from Google play or from Motorola be able to get advance calling on Verizon . that’s what I’m curious about.

    1. Android 5.1 brings that option. You’re fine :)

    2. It’s baked into 5.1 so VZW/AT&T/Sprint/TMO will all have their drivers for the kernel included. It’ll also include the bits to make TMO’s wifi calling work on any 5.1 handset. So yeah .. you are fine. :)

  18. Great now if they can just make a new Nexus 5 for those of us who don’t need or want a tablet.

    1. The nexus 6 is not a tablet.

  19. I for one can tell you that Droid turbo to droid turbo on vzw eerily clear, it sounds like they are in the room with you even when both parties are on speakerphone

  20. I had to turn off the Advanced Calling thing on my G3. It worked perfectly when talking to another person with that feature, but caused massive grief when talking to a land line or non-Verizon phone. Not sure if that was a Verizon problem or an LG one, but became unusable for me.

    1. It’s a VZW issue. VoLTE calling on TMO works pretty well.

  21. Several 2012 phones had VoLTE support baked in.

    Until the carriers actually support it, there’s nothing to see here, unless you’re calling intra-carrier.

    Baked into the new settings does not mean Android breakthrough for the first time ever.

    1. You are confused about what VoLTE does. It’s VoIP. That’s it. You can call anyone, on any carrier from TMO and an S5 with VoLTE enabled or from the iPhone6 on TMO. It’s not a walkie talkie system.

      Also, the article is wrong. The N6 released months ago works fine on VZW. The reason VZW didn’t release theirs is because it did not HAVE VoLTE support yet.

      This 5.1 release is not just for VZW but for TMO as well. The VoLTE and Wifi calling TMO promised is part of this as well.

      1. I’m not even the slightest bit confused over what VoLTE is, what support is required at the chip level, software level, and for carrier services.

        Let me help you understand – several 2012 phones had VoLTE baked in, in 2012, and at least one US carrier started using it then – http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/07/metropco-volte-network-launch-live-dallas-connect-4g-android/

        While VoLTE is Voice over LTE, it’s being marketed as an HD voice service.

        For that to be true, both ends need the advanced connection, and the phone vocoders switch to accommodate the superior service possible.

        I really worded that poorly in my previous post, sorry.

        As for the idea that’s just VOIP just like wifi calling, yes, it is in that a call is just a call but, no, it’s not, and it requires modem support on the phone – and that was my original point.

        From Qualcomm’s 2012 press release:

        “Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that the Company, working with Ericsson, has successfully completed the first voice call handover from an LTE mobile network to a WCDMA network using Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC). An important technology required for voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) support, SRVCC is a 3GPP specified feature that enables continuity of service by seamlessly switching to a WCDMA network when a consumer on a VoLTE call leaves the LTE network’s coverage area. This milestone occurred on December 23, 2011 with an Ericsson network using a handset which incorporated Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ S4 MSM8960 3G/LTE multimode processor. A demonstration will be available at Qualcomm’s booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain February 27 – March 1, 2012.”

        Hope this clarifies the misunderstanding. :)

    2. That was built in by the manufacturer, this is built into Android’s code by Google. Manufacturer tweaks such as what has been used so far to allow VoLTE and WiFi Calling are not allowed in Nexus devices so they haven’t had it until now.

  22. Bout time my customer’s would love this #pureandroid

  23. “Maybe this is why the phone was delayed so many months after GSM models.”
    Or maybe and more likely, it is because Verizon waited until Google caved and allowed it to install its bloat on it! Yet again
    Galaxy Nexus 2.0

    With all the posts about the VOLTE issue , it’s amazing so many have missed the main point issue, That is, without VOLTE on the Nexus 6 or the Moto x, you can NOT make phone calls and use DATA simultaneously!.

    Somebody at motorola, Google and Verizon screwed the pooch on this. On verizon this has always been a capability, up until this year, The iPhone on verizon never was capable of doing this until the 6 was released . But unlike the new Moto’s, it came with this feature ready to go on day one.
    How they missed this and have yet to fix it is amazing
    My 2013 Verizon Droid Maxx got an update for VOLTE many months ago. While my 2013 verizon Moto x Dev edition didn’t Which is odd, because the Droid Maxx doesn’t need it
    The 2014 Moto X, still doesn’t have this update!

    The only question anybody should be asking about another Verizon Nexus is What bloat they are going to put on it, My Verizon, NFL, VZnavigator etc and How Verizon will delay and inevitably not issue updates, even though it’s a nexus

  24. “Maybe this is why the phone was delayed so many months after GSM models.”

    The GSM model you’re talking about is the exact same phone as the Verizon sold phone. All US sold phones are exactly the same except AT&T’s but that’s only cosmetic.

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