Samsung announces mass production of 128GB UFS 2.0 storage for high-end mobile devices


samsung storage ufs 2

Samsung has announced that they’ve started mass producing the industry’s first 128GB Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 units for next generation smartphones. In case you don’t know, UFS is a standard that looks to combine the read/write speeds of solid-state memory with the power consumption benefits of the eMMC technology utilized in most smartphones.

This should make for blazing fast loading speeds and more reliable performance without having to worry about it guzzling the power needed to make the rest of the phone run. Samsung also touts the chip’s ability to save up to 50% of space on the physical motherboard thanks to its ability to be stacked directly on top of a logic chip.

“With our mass production of ultra-fast UFS memory of the industry’s highest capacity, we are making a significant contribution to enable a more advanced mobile experience for consumers,” said Jee-ho Baek, Senior Vice President of Memory Marketing, Samsung Electronics. “In the future, we will increase the proportion of high-capacity memory solutions, in leading the continued growth of the premium memory market.”

Samsung says they expect the units will be use in future high-end smartphones, though the company wasn’t willing to name drop. Our obvious first guess is that they could be looking to stuff these inside an ultra premium variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

It’s worth noting Samsung is also mass producing these storage units in 32GB or 64GB flavors so there’s a chance those could be the standard inside of Samsung’s latest high-end handsets going forward. Let’s just hope the first beneficiary of this memory is the very device we’re headed to Barcelona to see next month (that, of course, being the Samsung Galaxy S6).

[via Samsung]


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  1. Crack that iPhone or iPad open and see who is manufacturing the components of those devices and see how far Sammy needs to go…

    1. Exactly.

  2. That’s the funny part people will carry an iPhone and claim superiority. Look a little deeper and most manufacturing is done by Dun Dun Dunn… Other companies. CPU’s, GPU’s, memory, screens, sound chips, camera sensors.

    1. People carry their 8GB iPhones and claim superiority.

      1. I think the base model is 16GB now.

        1. Strange Apple ops to give iPhone users only 16gb memory with 1GB ram for the same basic price, you can get 32GB base and 4GB new LPDDR4 ram. Now what a joke that is.

          Because basically that’s where all their profits come from. Swindling iDiots out of their Cash to put in Share Holder’s pockets.

          Who do all their fool iGhadists fans think Apple is really out to please? Certainly not their own customers! lol…. Yet it seems Apple’s Koolaide drinking Cult fans are just so proud of Apple pick pocketing ever more of their money for nothing extra!!! :D … well except their shinny rotten bitten Apple Logo!!!

  3. Are you seriously that dumb, or you just happen to have a trolling mood?

    1. I would say both lol.

  4. I’ve always said apple users are some illiterate fux. I still stand by my statement.

  5. You have gotta be a troll… Please go play in traffic. I’ve got some idevices and I know damn well there’s Samsung parts in them and have no problem with that.

  6. I think this ufs approach, is just the start of something really good. With the announcement of die shrinkage, on the cpu side, and this, the future looks bright, and yes, some components in apple products, are from samsung.

  7. Your a BIG deserve a down vote for that.

  8. If it ends up being true, that the S6 won’t have a microSD slot, I could see this being justification why.

  9. Yay! This means Motorola will make a 64GB Moto X someday!

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