Verizon Nexus 6 promo materials begin hitting retail stores, mid-March launch date tipped


Nexus 6 promo poster

We know many of you are excited about what Android manufacturers are set to unveil next week during Mobile World Congress, but let’s not forget about one of the best phones already available on the market: the Nexus 6.

It’s been about 3 months since the phone launched touting Verizon availability but so far not a single peep from Verizon on a specific date. A few weeks back we showed you guys a leaked image of the Nexus 6 complete with Verizon tramp stamp branding along the bottom (duh), letting us know a launch was just around the corner.

Today we received a quick picture of one of the phone’s promo materials, a poster set to be displayed in-store on March 11th. These training materials — as well as training phones which, ironically, don’t feature Verizon’s logo on the back — are also hitting stores as we speak, with Verizon said to be planning a big push complete with large window banners and signage across the store.

As for a launch date, our tipster tells us you can expect the Verizon Nexus 6 to become available the day after the signage goes up, currently scheduled for Thursday, March 12th. The phone is said to arrive with 5.0 out of the box, with a day-1 update to 5.0.1. Mark you calendars.

Thanks, anon!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. 3 months is normally not that big of a deal. But 3 months that overlaps MWC – not so good for the N6 sales on VZW as VZW will undoubtedly get the S6 and M9 and coming G4.

    1. March 12th if the week after MWC, so they should be okay. Problem is, all these other awesome new phones will be announced, stealing some of their thunder.

      1. People who are waiting for N6 probably don’t care about the other phones. A typical N6 user is someone who may let a feature or two slide, but is in the market for a device that allows full control and hence the ability to customize.

        1. while I am eying the Nexus 6, I begin to doubt myself whether it’s worth it. When you can take any Android device, root it (get full access/customization), and go back and forth between oem rom and pure Android (nexus). not sure there is an advantage with Nexus, unless its in the hardware. I mean, competition is so tight with top end devices, that many of them have the same specs. So if they have the same specs, and the same software, that leaves maybe build quality or other hardware like camera, sensors etc, or even just physical aesthetics

          1. But you can’t take any android device on Verizon and root it that’s the problem. The two modern phones that you can get full access to on Verizon is the G3 and Nexus 6.

          2. Why can’t you? Every flagship has been rooted. and some even come with pure Android anyway

          3. Not on Verizon why don’t .Google “root bounty and the flagship of your choice” and you will get results like this http://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x-2014/general/verizon-moto-x-root-bounty-thread-t2965797 there’s only two flagships available on Verizon.

          4. M8, g3, s5, note 4, droid turbo. All rooted, all flagships. Just off the to of my head

          5. No! the Note 4 is NOT. No! The Turbo is not. On other carriers the Note is but not on VZ. Don’t go off the top of your head GO L@@K. The M8 and G3 are and S5 have root. But are “old” in phone time.

          6. oh, I’ll admit I did assume the Droid turbo was rooted (Bc other droid line devices are) and the note, I thought for sure was rooted, but the others…..How are they “old” lol. the new iteration of them are not even out yet. So just off the top of my head I listed 3 android flag ships (not to mention top sellers) that are rooted and accessible. maybe you have a point that you don’t have to wait for root from 3rd party developers, (when buying a nexus), I guess that’s an advantage. But many devices are rooted fairly quickly anyway. every Android device I ever owned has been rooted and I run pure Android and sometimes even go back to OEM. so my point is just that if I can run the same software on the Nexus as I can on all my other devices what is the advantage? In the end I don’t think there really is an advantage, it’s all going to depend on hardware , specs and aestheticsaesthetics.

            I guess all I am trying to say is , saying an advantage for the Nexus 6 being easy to root and that its de bloated is not much of an advantage consider you can do that with pretty much any phone. then when you look on the specs side of things the processor etc is not much of an upgrade from…. say a g3. it is a very good looking phone, just not sure that it’s worth upgrading from a g3.

          7. Well originally you said you could pick up any android device which you cannot. You have to have a android device Verizon supports and while the M8 and S5 are relatively new the M9 and S6 are dropping next week . The S5 has its problems and I’m sure people are going to be turning those in in droves . Also the same goes for root when you get the new flagships you. You will not have root …you will have to wait. So in closing if you want a newer phone, that you can root, that is on Verizon, your only option is the Nexus 6 or G3 .

            I have to say I am enjoying the new Nexus. No regrets so far.

          8. well, that’s what brought me here . I was thinking about upgrading to the Nexus 6. I have the g3. However when I look at the specs they are not much of an upgrade. It has the 805 chip rather than the 801 in the g3, and it has a little bit faster clock speed (2.5 vs 2.7) And a little bit bigger battery (3 vs 3.2 mah). I think the most significant difference is the six inch screen, so I am rethinking the upgrade, considering I can run the exact same ROM that I can on the Nexus, on my g3 so I may just wait for the g4. But the n6 is a very good looking device, so I’m still tempted. I’ll likely at least wait to see the g4 spec

          9. Yes I really wanted and 810 chip myself but my old galaxy S3 was getting a bit long in the tooth. I have been rooting and ROMing phones for over five years so I did not want to give that up but I wanted to stay as current as possible . If the M9 comes out is good and is rooted on Verizon I will may switch.

          10. No they have NOT. Note 4 is NOT rooted on VZ. 2014 Moto X not rooted. Turbo NOT rooted. Look for yourself. Google: “Verizon root bounty” and the smart phone of your choice. Even if they come with pure android they won’t run on VZ they are blocked.

    2. Part of me agrees with all of the comments here. I’d love to have an unlockable phone and be able to run stock or aosp Roms again, I dream of it actually. Loved my galaxy nexus over the rezound I had, nexus 5 didn’t come to vzw so I have a note 2 currently which was unlockable and had great development/aosp roms (liquid was amazing) until I had to get a warranty replacement and was stuck locked. I’d love a nexus 6 but with newer, faster and slightly smaller 5.1-5.5 inch phones coming out it will be a more difficult decision…

    3. The amount of promotion’s Verizon is going to run has me skeptical on how much their going to promote the M9 and S6. Or it be because those devices are still a few months out.

  2. But will “Enable OEM Unlock” still be available in Developer Options? #realtalk

    1. I would assume so. It’s a Nexus.

      1. I want to be optimistic but the last time I did that, I got the VZW Galaxy Nexus. :(

        1. Which allowed you to unlock the bootloader ;)

        2. This time around the Nexus 6 that Verizon will sell is identical to everyone else’s. Sure, they have that logo on the back and it’s probably sporting a branded startup animation and preloaded with Verizon ringtones, but it should get the updates the same as any other Nexus 6. The only thing that may hold updates back is a feature in Lollipop that allows carriers to hold the rollout of an update, but that can be bypassed by pulling your SIM and pulling the update.

          1. As a former Nexus owner on VZW, the idea of having the same phone as everyone else is so foreign to me. But that is my concern more than anything, to let us VZW Nexus owners finally play in the Google sandbox with all of the other Nexus kids (from other carriers), and all of the bootloaders, custom recoveries and ROM’s our hearts could ever desire.

        3. I am running a Nexus 6 on Verizon right now ( unlocked boot loader with unlimited plan and using the internal Wi-Fi hotspot) the only thing not working is voice and data at the same time . Everyone’s hoping that when Verizon releases the phone that’ll start working

          1. I’ve noticed the voice and data issue lately as well. Kind of annoying. :/

          2. Amen brother!

  3. Introducing the better-late-than-never VZW FRANKENEXUS 6………..

  4. HATE. VERIZON. I just want my phone.

    1. look at my post, itll make you happy

    2. What’s the deal with their late arrival to the Nexus 6 release? I haven’t kept up with this.

  5. I had a nexus, with that kind of Android experience, I will NEVER use any Android again

    1. so no more nexus ether

  6. Kills me that I have been running my Nexus 6 since launch on Verizon and they are just now getting around to add the phone. Crazy pills

    1. People will leave Verizon. It’s just a matter of time before other carriers expand coverage and Verizon will wish they had treated customers better.

      1. I did leave Verizon. Have happily been with AT&T for over a year and a half now. And my Nexus 6 is great!

        1. I would in a heartbeat but I only have Verizon coverage within 10 miles of my house.

          1. I don’t get how such a huge demand for reliable, consistent service in the US doesn’t get fulfilled. You’d think that every carrier would want to do everything they possibly can to improve service to attract more customers (and money). Canada has one-tenth the population and the only networks that really has dead spots in any place that’s even remotely civilised are Wind and Mobilicity (small low-cost carriers).

          2. Welcome to America. Home of corporate leverage and immunity.

    2. How do you do that?

      1. Bought the phone directly from Motorola at launch and then cut my LG G3 SIM Card down to fit and dropped it in. Easy Peasey…

  7. I have just recently spoken with a verizon sales representative and have gotten word that the phone will be up online tomorrow. I don’t know why this article says march 12 but here, i have proof.

    1. maybe they said march 12th because they have credible info !?… if you have been around the tech scene for a while you would know reps that work for the companies are wrong all the time…let me know if you get your phone tomorrow

      1. Alrigh, I will

        1. Where is your god now?

    2. I sorry to tell you but they are wrong. Trust me,i cant say why but trust me, its not coming out tomorrow. The blackberry classic and samsung galaxy core prime are both being launched tomorrow online only.

      1. Verizon reps are pretty accurate because they get their info from big reds data base so I’ll just stick to what I got. Plus, other websites like androidcentral and android police haven’t said anything about the phones date getting moved so idk. Phandroid also had a reputation for not accurate information

        1. I work for verizon. That person is wrong, but it’s okay. Verizon has a link on the website that says when devices launch. Here is a example

          1. Well for all we know, you could be wrong too since you work for Verizon

          2. You right,but if the person you talked to works for verizon customer service or a authorized retailer,then your better off waiting for a public announcement. I have a greater chance of being right, than wrong.

          3. Yeah true but she’s not the only one that said that it’s going to be available online tomorrow

          4. your right,and that may had been the case,but launches like this is something would be a big deal. I also signed up for the nexus 6 opt-in release page and it hasnt sent anything out. All im saying is dont get your hopes up

          5. Thanks. My bday is march 13th so i can wait :)

        2. Wooo let me tel you about those chat reps. they are so wrong so many times. Chat reps arent privy to any inside knowledge becasue they dont have access to all of the internal information and often give out completely wrong info. As a CSR i loathe indirect and chat agents. loathe them i say. Sorry but only the classic and core are set to release soon. Seriously just call customer service and ask but ive checked and no.

          1. Thats so true… people will learn

        3. So how’s that launch date all the other sites posted working out for you? Enjoying that shiny new Nexus 6 on Verizon today?

          1. It’s actually really nice, I picked it up right when the store opened thank you very much

          2. Post a video review, so we can see that wonderful logo on the back

    3. Lol. There’s still people that use their time to ask clueless chat reps? Wow

      1. I got my nexus 6 today so idk what you guys are talking about

        1. Lol. Wow. This has gotten sad…. smh

        2. Where did you get it man?

          1. He didn’t

          2. I know he didnt

    4. Sooooo… how’s that date working out for ya? ;)

      1. I came here just to see the responses like this. Thank you Mr. Chavez. :tipofcap

  8. I’m going to say somehow someway VZW will an age to screw this phone launch up. Thankfully I ditched VZW and got a nexus 5 and love it

    1. Age=manage

  9. Just do as I did , I’m loving the google play edition!

  10. Everyone is focused on the wrong thing. The true question is. Will the Verizon Nexus 6 come with Advance Calling 1.0 VoLTE? If not, its dead to me.

    1. This is Verizon’s last opportunity to make things right with our company. No VoLTE on Moto X 2014, no Lollipop on Turbo, delays with Nexus 6..are making Verizon undesirable for us. Verizon decisions are creating business impacting mobile data outages for our fleet. We will have no choice to move to another provider, if they do not have a VoLTE vanilla Lollipop solution by end of March.

      1. Why is VoLte so important to you. Lg3 has it btw

        1. VoLTE = Simultaneous Voice and Data

          We can’t create live service tickets while on the phone with clients. Can’t remote support via our mobile Bomgar client, while on the phone with clients. We can’t do anything, data wise, while on the phone with clients. Its a show stopper for us. I preferred the older phones with CDMA /LTE…vs all these new LTE w/ VoLTE radios. If Verizon is going to force LTE only phones on us.. They need to enable the technology. Its not a phone or Verizon infrastrucute capable problem. They just won’t enable it (yet). The other carriers do. We will give Verizon another month. After that. We will have no choice but to say goodbye.

          And if I am not mistaken the LG G3 is not lollipop.

          1. Our workarounds are wifi and iPad mini 3’s with mobile hotspot on (all day). A very costly solution. A solution our Verizon business rep created for us. Works. But very painful, especially knowing we would not have to do this, with another carrier.

          2. yes, there is not many devices on lollipop with Verizon. But there are many devices that use data and voice simultaneously. but I do think that pure android is much more professional interface

          3. The important note is.. Other carriers do.

          4. All nexus phones come unlocked and if Verizon tries to service lock them you should should be able to flash them back to stock android.

          5. G3 lollipop was released this week. how quickly they roll out the oTA is another question. did you look into the droid turbo, or m8?

          6. Yes.. Lollipop is a deciding factor.

            We are willing to give Verizon a few more weeks, to see if they:
            – Add VoLTE to Moto X 2014 (has lollipop)
            – Upgrade Turbo to Lollipop (has VoLTE)
            – Release the Nexus 6 with vanilla Lollipop and VoLTE.

            If we dont get one of these by the end of March. We are taking our company to another carrier.

          7. BTW I don’t think VoLTE has anything to do with simultaneous data and voice. The LG g3 and g2 both have simultaneous data and voice before they were even upgraded to advanced calling. Volte is just voice over 4G network, or aka high definition calling.

          8. As I stated before. If I had an older CDMA/LTE phone.. We would be good. Moto X 2013 works perfectly for example.

            Unfortunately all new phones are LTE radios only. Or if it comes with CDMA, its not used on Verizon. Was told by Verizon business rep that CDMA is old and obsolete / going away. Same for the other carriers. VoLTE is the future, or apparently a present technology.

            (IN SUMMARY)
            We just want the latest Android phone, that is vanilla (stock android) lollipop, that has simultaneous voice and data. We have been waiting for Verizon to deliver such..since November of 2014. We are tired of waiting.

          9. sooo…how have i been using voice and data when on the phone and using maps while driving for years…?
            i’ve been on verizon almost 15 years…when i had my OG nexus i could…phone after that and now on my note 4 i can and my lg g3 which i didnt update to volte…I have a 5.0 rom on it.

          10. I assume you have not read the entire thread. As stated previously, CDMA.

          11. ah, so the note 4 doesnt have cdma presumably (i know it does but…). what phones are u guys using? not trying to do tech support or nothing cause if it doesnt work for you guys it doesnt work :) but i have a fleet of drivers using galaxy s3’s using voice and data together with no issues.

          12. Yep..You got it.

            What started this headache for us.. We all had Moto X 2013 models. Guys would drop it break the phones..Assurian insurance would replace with same model. However in November 2014, the Moto X 2013 was no longer available for insaurance replacement. Assurian starts shipping Moto X 2014 models as free upgrades instead. We think sweet, that was nice. Until we got the phones, and no simultanious voice and data. Called Verizon rep, spend many hours, weeks and days, to realize what was discussed above.

            I have asked users with Google Play Nexus 6 models, on Verizon. Nexus 6 has CDMA radio. They also can not get simultaneous voice and data. I do not known..however I suspect Verizon dictates what and how devices connect on their network.

            In short. There are going to be a lot of upset Verizon users if Verizon does not add VoLTE or CDMA voice on the Nexus 6, at launch.

            Verizon VoLTE phone model updates are posted here:

          13. ah!
            so some phones…
            why dont u get the ones that DO have it?
            i guess that would involve investments that are cost prohibitive?
            cause it is certainly verizon phones now that do voice and data together.
            i remember having an lte phone (dont remember which one…i get a new phone every year or twice a year lol) when lte was first introduced, i was happy to do voice and data, did it and never thought of it again.

          14. Assurian Insurance has taught us, we would need a current model..they will replace, that works for our needs.

            Currently Verizon does not have a solution. We are hoping the Nexus 6 is that solution. That or just enable VoLTE on the Moto X 2014 models, with an OTA software upgrade.

  11. Ugly carrier logo. I’m glad I purchased it through T-Mob

  12. good ol Verizon, a day late and a dollar short as usual. Saved me a lot of money though, I use my phone all the time and having to wait and see the reviews talking about how very average to below average the battery life is, I won’t be buying it.

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