HTC PR rep suggests we have “no idea” what they’re bringing to MWC as Upleaks account returns


HTC One M9 leaked video 2

Through all the witch hunting and back and forth about what the HTC One M9 will look like, we haven’t heard anything from the horse’s mouth. We rarely do hear anything in these situations — most companies prefer to let the public and media bicker among themselves — but one notable HTC public relations rep made it a point to say something.

HTC One M9 leaked video 1

Jeff Gordon, a senior global communications manager for HTC, took to Twitter with the following statement:

The best parts of HTC’s March 1st launch event are the parts you have NO IDEA are coming.

And so, the questions begin: what does he mean? Is he referring to the HTC One M9 itself? If so, is he saying that neither of the designs we’ve been seeing are accurate, or is he just adding fuel to an already ugly, confusing fire?

If not, is he talking about another device? We’ve heard that they’ll be bringing a “Prime” variant of the HTC One M9 before, which is said to use a phablet form factor and house a fingerprint scanner. Or is he talking about the smart watch we’ve heard they’re working on? Or has HTC come up with something completely out of left field that no one would ever expect?

The answer to those questions are hard to get, and that’s exactly what HTC wants. For better or worse we actually have no clue what the company is bringing to Mobile World Congress, and heck — part of me wants it to stay that way so as to not spoil the surprise.

Oh, and remember when @upleaks’ Twitter account mysteriously vanished yesterday after leaking three supposed HTC One M9 product videos? It’s back. They apologized to HTC for going “overboard” and went on with their business. We’re not sure what that says about the legitimacy and accuracy of the leaks, but it’s definitely something to think about as we await the company’s big March 1st event at Mobile World Congress.

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  1. Some people believe Spigen cases show what it’ll look like. Theirs match up with the one everyone wants it to be. I guess we shall see soon enough.

  2. My money is on another device like in the case of the RE camera.

  3. I don’t even know what to think but I really want to give htc the benefit of the doubt and say that they are just trolling everyone up to this point and that the m9 will be different than what has been shown thus far. If its anything htc is good at its designing a decent looking handset and I just don’t see them going with the exact same design as the m8.

  4. eh I think the leaks are fake and we are going to see a different body for the M9. I think they have fooled us all….but then again, I dont make money for a living by thinking ;)

    1. What do you do that requires no thinking whatsoever?

      1. Does flipping burgers really require much thought?

        1. I think so, you don’t want to burn yourself. Also you have to keep on task and make varying products.

  5. I think this is the real One M9 and everybody in HTC headquarter is pissed with this leak and they would hang whomever responsible for this leak. Upleak has not even spoiled the moment but he made HTC losses lots of money

    1. I could see htc being pissed off if they had some sort of new design never seen before, but whats the point of getting pissed off if the m9 is gonna end up looking exactly like the m8? That just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    2. These leaks don’t cost HTC anything; they just build buzz.

      The leaks do, however, violate non-disclosure agreements. Anyone with an M9 in their hands has had to sign one of these. The company has the right to manage its own PR.

      Try to imagine what it would be like if before you went to a job interview, or applied to a school, 100’s of other people “leaked” what you look like, what you did last summer, what you could or couldn’t do, without ever having met you.

      Then try to imagine what kind of people actually *react* to that kind of “intelligence” and form opinions.

      Nobody I’d even ask what time it was.

  6. Honestly, if they are indeed gonna use the same design, I’ll still be happy. Cause I still own an HTC One M7 from two years ago. So it doesn’t matter if they kept m8 design as long as they add a great camera

  7. Dang, I’m kind of sad. If I hadn’t seen the renders with the removed black bar and boom sound speakers on the edge of the device, I probably wouldn’t be sad. But those renders were so beautiful, I would have paid anything for that phone. I own and like the M8, but just wish it wasn’t so tall.

    1. Exactly, we were all ruined by those awesome renders made by several different people. I think I’ll be keeping my M8 if this recent leak is accurate. Still fast as can be and I have learned to live with the camera. Maybe next year…

  8. He probably means there is something else other than the M9 everyone has been waiting for.

    1. What’s that? An S6 devoid of Touchwiz?

  9. The M9 we have seen is the M9 they will deliver. Cool, works fine for me. I bet what they are hyping here is some different item.

    But it would be awesome if we all got trolled.

  10. “The best parts…” meaning we’ve already seen some of the parts (for some reason he doesn’t consider M9 as the best) and we’re yet to see the best. That’s just it. If he’s trying to imply that the leaks are fake, then he should have said “The REAL parts…”

    1. Or it could mean only the specs were real, but the best parts are the design of the phone, which we haven’t seen yet.

      It can be interpreted differently. I’m too anxious, now!!

  11. “The best parts” according to HTC means more bezel.

    1. Add all the bezel!!

  12. After reading people comments, I began thinking of the credibility of this video and the design shown. Then something caught my mind which did not feel right in the leaked introduction video.. !
    If the predecessor One M8 was a 90% full metal aluminum unibody then how the hell will the next unibody M9 be painted gold from the sides and silver for the rest of the device?
    They really need to paint the sides separately in order to to have a professional finish

  13. They’re going to pull a Microsoft and show this leaked m9 but then they’re going to whip out a completely unforseen m10

  14. If HTC does pull off the ultimate troll and the M9 looks like the leak that evleaks still defends, thats awesome. If they are trying to build hype for the watch, then, ok…
    It seems odd that there would be SO much info leaked on the phone, and nothing of the watch. Dont you think the watch would be in at least one of the leaked videos?
    I’m really hoping that HTC is pulling off the mega-troll because the evleaks M9 would really add pressure to other OEMs (and maybe make them worthy of being the next Nexus phone manufacturer – wishful thinking).

  15. I bet this m9 we have seen is a smokescreen. They purposely leaked these. After last year’s fiasco, they are being very secret

    1. When that kid advertised the phone and got that dude fired? Yea, that was funny.

      1. What a tard he was, then he want on Twitter to say it was a fake.

  16. Maybe it just means that the M9+ is set to be the real star of the show and what HTC wants to push. If the other renders were fake, that means we still don’t know what the M9+ looks like.

    It also could refer to other features the phones will have. I mean we know the tech specs. We me know the outer design. But there could be other little bells and whistles we don’t know.

  17. OMG!! I can’t. I just can’t. The anxiety is killing me!! The troll is too unreal right now!! Is it March 1st yet?

    1. Bruh

  18. The “rumored” off contract prices of the S6 might push many back to the M9 that were thinking about the 2 and scoffing at the outrage hTC might reuse the M8 looks. Which is more outrageous?

    “insane off-contract prices. For the Galaxy S6, Ars Technica reports that the phone is listed at $849, $963, and $1,076 for the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models respectively. These prices are what Samsung will sell the phones for to carriers, and have also been converted from Euros, meaning they could fluctuate a tad. More startling are the prices for the GS6 Edge, which is reportedly listed at $1,076 for the 64GB version and $1,189 for the 128GB model.”

    1. The Note 4 sold for a high price off contract too.

    2. Come on now, you know better. “have also been converted from Euros”. $850 converted back to Euros is ~750 Euros so the US price will be around $750 too, pretty standard.

      1. No, the S6 is supposedly more expensive than the iPhone 6

    3. Now pricing is one type of rumor I never listen to. They’re almost always wrong. They still do things like convert euros into dollars even though to my knowledge that model has never proven true once. The most recent one was with the G Flex 2, which rumors stated would be more expensive than normal flagships. It costs $500.

  19. The rep has no idea or we have no idea? I hope they can live up to their hype!

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