Feb 24th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:10 pm

HTC One M9 leaked video 2

After leaking promo images of the HTC One M9 earlier today, @upleaks teased that videos were also incoming to cast away any doubt as to the legitimacy of his leaks. As promised, @upleaks delivered, posting 3 separate promo videos showing the HTC One M9 carrying that all too familiar One M8 design. Oddly enough, almost as soon as they went up, he removed them as to protect his sources (Update: annnnnnnd…. they’re back again).

There are some notable differences as pointed out in the videos. Namely, the new 2-tone finish (the same one we saw in our leak many weeks ago), and the new placement of the power button, and strange button occupying the nav bar. HTC also seems to have replaced their Beats Audio software with Dolby Digital, something we doubt anyone will notice. Check out the new promo videos down below.

HTC One M9 Intro


The HTC One M9 “introduction” video — which is used for retail units while on display in demo mode — shows off some of the phone’s subtle design changes like a new 2-tone brushed aluminum finish, and a slightly protruding single lens camera. The video also briefly covers some of the new software features like themes, new Home Widget (which changes apps based on your location), BlinkFeed (which adds meal time suggestions), UltraPixel front facing camera, 20MP rear camera with new photo editing features, BoomSound with Dolby Audio surround, and HTC Connect to stream video or music to different speakers using a simple 3-finger gesture.

HTC One M9 Camera

There’s no audio in the next 2 videos, but the camera walkthrough shows off some new software enhancements coming with the new One M9. Notably, the camera has been bumped up to 20MP and features a new set of filters and overlays to customize photos. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but could come in handy for those who love posting selfies to social networks.

HTC One M9 Themes

Looks like HTC is planning to introduce an all new theme engine for the One M9. This isn’t the first time they’ve experimented with themes, you may remember this back during the early days of HTC Sense. This time, they’re allowing users to essentially create their own themes, picking from various color schemes, wallpapers, and even icons.

There’s still a lot of confusion as to what HTC is doing here. While we like some of the new software enhancements, we’re a bit underwhelmed with the recycled design. Especially after @evleaks showed us something completely different a few weeks back. Is it possible HTC went through the trouble of creating fake promo videos just to troll leakers? We wont really find out until their March 1st event in Barcelona.

UPDATE: After dropping this whirlwind of HTC One M9 leaks, out of nowhere, @upleaks has seemingly deleted his Twitter account. We’re guessing this was in an effort to possibly cover his tracks, but who knows. Weird…

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