[Update] Even more renders suggest the HTC One M9 will look just like the HTC One M8


HTC One M9 leaked video 1

And here we are with another one, folks. Despite @evleaks’ declaration that the original HTC One M9 prototype was a decoy build, more and more shots of the prototype are finding their way into the wild, onto promotional materials and in the hands of retailers.

Another promotional render has been leaked by @upleaks, who believes this particular design is the real deal. They’re so sure, in fact, that they’ve promised to bring another piece of evidence more strong than anything else — video. They say to keep our eyes out for that tomorrow so we’ll certainly be waking up bright and early to check.

This all sounds like some sort of witch hunt by now. Who can prove what the real HTC One M9 is? And at the end of the day, you’ll have to ask yourself one more question: does it even matter?

It does for a good amount of you — we’ve heard how you’ll be passing if it looks just like last year’s HTC One M8 — but there is a sizable crowd of folks who are just as eager to buy it no matter what. Regardless of how it looks on the outside it should still be a significant enough upgrade on the inside for us to take notice, but we won’t know either way until March 1st hits.

[Update]: Things just got really interesting. The first piece of evidence backing up @evleaks’ claim of the HTC One M9 having a brand new devices comes by way of Spigen. The manufacturer recently put their HTC One M9 cases up for pre-sale, and the renders do, in fact, show the design originally leaked by @evleaks.

Oddly enough, @evleaks is claiming Spigen used his original leaked renders to whip up the mock photo you see below. At this point we don’t know who or what to believe, but what we do know is we’ve seen a lot more official renders of the supposed decoy than whatever @evleaks claims is the real deal.

htc one m9 case render


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  1. Can’t wait!

  2. I still think it looks sweet, but I’m passing on the slippery factor. I love that aluminium back, but know I won’t be able to hold on to it to save my life.

  3. A non-UltraPixel rear camera will be an enticement to those who’ve skipped or switched to another mfg since the M7’s release.

  4. “but there is a sizable crowd of folks who are just as eager to buy it no matter what.” Yeah…1-2 thousand people lol.

  5. Looks more like a render rather than an actual photograph to me.

  6. No need to wake up early for the videos – upleaks has linked them already

    1. Hmm, they were open a few minutes ago (watched all 3), gone private now.

  7. It’s still improved over the M8, and I’m sure I’ll upgrade my M7 to the M9, but I was hoping for that sexy render that evleaks posted.

    1. Take a look at the render from evleaks and compare to the spigen picture above minus the case. They are the same.

      1. 100% Agree with justafew!

      2. Wait, what!? Are you talking about the two pictures above? The phone, while similarly designed, has a slightly different face.

        The speakers are at the bottom bezel, and top bezel instead of in the middle of it. That means all the glass is screen instead of screen and HTC Logo.

        The Spigen leak would be a better design. The M8 was a bit too tall for me for one handed operations.

        1. Yeah, I am not referring to the top picture of this post (leaked by upleaks, not evleaks). I’m referring to the original evleaks renders:


          Look at the images on the far right side of his post – that’s what evleaks claims is the the new M9.

          By the way, when I originally posted my comments, there was no update to this post and the only pictures posted were the Spigen case pictures. When they updated the post, they added the upleaks pictures at the top of the post.

  8. Spigen were right about the galaxy s6 so please be right about the M9!

    1. How do you know they were right about the S6??

      1. I’m batman

  9. At this point, all Imma say is HTC future future depends on there actions, if they wanna release last year’s design as their new flagship, then let them, and if they fail and start to take a bigger financial dive, then whateva, I been defending HTC and supporting them over 4 years now, if they wanna be stupid, then it’s on them, I’ll just pass on them because I’m not buying a revised M8

  10. I guess after apple started to release phones like the 3gs, 4s and 5s and that Samsung released the S4 which is basically an S3s, HTC decided to release their version. Ladies and gentlemen say hello to the M8s!

    1. mre like m7 SS :D

  11. So it looks the same.. fine.. we get it already… I couldn’t care less frankly.

    1. Shhhh. Phandroid staff are some of the biggest HTC fanboys.

      1. Because phandroid knows htc is the best

      2. They’re holding the crown

      3. Especially Mr. Chavez.

  12. Same boring glass rectangle design again. We need this:

    1. Hahahaha

    2. I know how you can get that phone. All you need to do is grab your phone and throw it against the wall really really hard.. And you’re finished. Looks and works amazing.

  13. I think there’s been over 20 Articles on how the M9 and galaxy s6 will possibly look like on this site in the last week alone.

    Are people really that fascinated by it? The M9 will look very similar to the M8 and the s6 will be the 12448373th incarnation of the S2.

    1. A super beast s2. The s2 was awesome making the s6 3 times awesomer

      1. Another Samsung fan you’re on the wrong page!! Go to galaxy s 6 thread to talk about Samsung crap!!

        1. I appreciate HTC phones and sense I just don’t like carrying bricks in my pocket. Each it’s own.

  14. It better come out looking like the Spigen Render. That one looks legit.

    1. I would hope so but I highly doubt it – it may just be a cut and paste from Evleak’s render.

  15. M7 user did not upgrade to M8 and if this is the real deal I will not be upgrading to M9 either. I love evolutionary design but I feel they could push it out a little bit. Samsung I am not a fan but may have to check em out or even crossing over to the dark side might be an option. Hoping this is not the real deal though. Nav buttons are not consistent, some images are showing the usual 3 while others are showing 4 so this could be a prototype.

    1. Be careful before searching greener pastures. I replaced my M7 with a Samsung and then an iPhone 6 (to test my apps) and I miss the M7. Honestly, I didn’t appreciate it enough until I didn’t have it. For example, my wife still has her M7 and when she plays games or watches videos, it makes my newer phones sound like a mosquito.

      1. I hear you, but I always upgrade every 2 yrs hence am hoping this is not the phone they release. I love the M7 too and the lollipop update has given it a new lease of life but i’ve had two yrs with it. It will take a hell of a lot to get me to switch to Samsung or Iphone though.

  16. after seeing this ….and having used a samsung for the past 3 months …I NO LONGER HATE APPLE USERS ….SMH HTC SHAME ON U

  17. think HTC needs a little more help, because clearly the customers did not make their requests clear enough. Here’s a list of what to “fix” and what “not to fix” for the Htc m9.

    Not to Fix:
    Screen size is fine
    We don’t want a phablet. We want a 5.0 – 5.2 sized phone

    Remove and exterminate that atrocious, useless, worthless and horrifying HTC Black Bar.
    Improve the Camera quality immensely
    Make the speakers smaller and on the edge.. You know kinda like the Evleaks render.. Or better yet just go with the Evleaks render and you wont have ANY Problems.

    If these recent M9 leaks are true then I suggest HTC do a complete 180 and start working extra hours to make this happen. Or maybe we should just go with Samsung this year. (Anything else missing, let me know in the comments)

  18. Ok guys type in spigen m9 case . That’s the phone HTC should have come out I still have hope

  19. 3 years with the same design. Bravo.

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