Feb 24th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:10 pm

HTC One M9 leaked video 1

And here we are with another one, folks. Despite @evleaks’ declaration that the original HTC One M9 prototype was a decoy build, more and more shots of the prototype are finding their way into the wild, onto promotional materials and in the hands of retailers.

Another promotional render has been leaked by @upleaks, who believes this particular design is the real deal. They’re so sure, in fact, that they’ve promised to bring another piece of evidence more strong than anything else — video. They say to keep our eyes out for that tomorrow so we’ll certainly be waking up bright and early to check.

This all sounds like some sort of witch hunt by now. Who can prove what the real HTC One M9 is? And at the end of the day, you’ll have to ask yourself one more question: does it even matter?

It does for a good amount of you — we’ve heard how you’ll be passing if it looks just like last year’s HTC One M8 — but there is a sizable crowd of folks who are just as eager to buy it no matter what. Regardless of how it looks on the outside it should still be a significant enough upgrade on the inside for us to take notice, but we won’t know either way until March 1st hits.

[Update]: Things just got really interesting. The first piece of evidence backing up @evleaks’ claim of the HTC One M9 having a brand new devices comes by way of Spigen. The manufacturer recently put their HTC One M9 cases up for pre-sale, and the renders do, in fact, show the design originally leaked by @evleaks.

Oddly enough, @evleaks is claiming Spigen used his original leaked renders to whip up the mock photo you see below. At this point we don’t know who or what to believe, but what we do know is we’ve seen a lot more official renders of the supposed decoy than whatever @evleaks claims is the real deal.

htc one m9 case render


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