You can now pre-order Spigen’s first round of case accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S6

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spigen cases samsung galaxy s6 pre-order

The Samsung Galaxy S6’s official unveiling might not be until March 1st, but that doesn’t mean accessory manufacturers aren’t ready to deliver your goods. Spigen has listed their first round of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6, and you can pre-order them as soon as today.

Many of Spigen’s usual suspects will be along for the ride, including the Case Neo Hybrid and Neo Hybrid Ex for $34.99, Tough Armor for $34.99, Slim Armor for $29.99 and the Ultra Hybrid for $24.99.

spigen galaxy s6 wallet case

They also have affordable options in the Thin Fit, Capsule Solid and Rugged Armor for $14.99 each, and a wallet case that can hold cards, cash and other thin items $29.99. Note that all these cases are specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S6, and Spigen has yet to list any options for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge variant (and, for what it’s worth, they never introduced options for the Edge variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so we likely won’t be holding our breath).

Interestingly enough, Spigen lists their availability as April 1st. Clue as to when the Samsung Galaxy S6 launches? Could be, though case manufacturers are known to get their wares out ahead of launch so consumers can have them in time for the device itself. Regardless, it’s nice to be able to pre-order from a known, tried and trusted brand ahead of time so be sure to do just that if you’re absolutely sure the Samsung Galaxy S6 is your next phone.

[via Spigen]

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  1. Spigen make some of the best cases, but there’s NO WAY I’m ordering a case before I’ve seen the phone, and me personally I like my phone like I like my women “Naked” ROFL (Just Kidding)

    1. What’s funny, I like my woman like that too,

  2. Spigen is allowing pre orders of cases for a phone not yet announced, and I’m still here waiting for a Z3 case. :/

    1. are you kidding me? do you know how to Google ? a 2 second search I came up with dozens

      1. I think Jordana Lewis meant a Z3 Case from Spigen, which they do have one ATM, but its only the clear capsule case. The clear capsule case, IMO, is not that great. Got one for my One M8, and its not all that great. Love Spigen cases but that is one case I feel like they can improve a whole lot on, mainly for the M8, can’t speak for other phones.

        1. Exactly that. I’m not a fan of the Spigen Air case. I was hoping for a Neo Hybrid case. I had one for my Nexus 5 and absolutely loved it. I guess Sony just isn’t cool enough to be worth the trouble.

      2. Everybody else seems to understand that I’m referring to a Spigen case in an article about Spigen cases. Good choice with the snark there, it certainly doesn’t make you look like a douche.

        1. Says the person on T-Mobile. Lol

          1. ………. WHAT?

    2. I am still waiting for a Galaxy Note Edge case I am with you man :)

  3. I am waiting for Spigen to send my Galaxy S6 case in the mail. I got an ivite to get it for “free” via Amazon with the use of a code, but had to pay $1.00 for shipping, which is nothing. I’m not even sure if I’m going to get that phone, but took the offer just so I can possibly put up a review of the case, and hopefully give people more insight on what the phone is going to look like dimension wise, and compare it side by side to other phones to get an idea of its form. And yes, I know the case will be slightly bulkier than what the phone really is, but its just for visualization purposes. Its the Slim Armor Series BTW.

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