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Orcs is one of the weirdest games I’ve ever played, and yet I can’t get enough. It has all the ingredients of an addictive game: super simple gameplay, repetitive mechanics, cute graphics, and Orcs that love puns. From the moment you start playing you won’t really understand what’s going on, but you won’t want to stop.

When you first launch Orcs you won’t be bothered with any pesky tutorials. There is just one thing you need to know: tap. That’s it. All you do is tap the tree in the center of the screen. A lot. Every time you tap the tree you are actually chopping it and collecting wood. The wood can then be used to purchase upgrades, and that is where Orcs gets a little more in-depth.

Orcs screens

You can upgrade your ax so every chop is collects more wood, purchase orcs to help you collect more wood over time, and build a stronghold to protect your orcs. After you build the first building you can then buy an Orc Warrior. The second building will allow you to send the warrior on quests to protect your stronghold.

Quests are another weird aspect of this game. When your warrior is sent on a quest you become a spectator. All you can do is watch and hope you upgraded the warrior enough to win the battles. Once you’ve finished all of the quests you’ll be able to purchase an Orc Archer to protect your stronghold even more.

orc gif

The graphics for Orcs are 8-bit-inspired like you see in a lot of games. The objects and characters look really nice and clean, but the text in the game is a bit blurry. I also love the silly comments the orcs are constantly making, such as “turn down for wood!” and “get to the chopping!” The game is completely free, but you can purchase a “golden ax” to make the game go faster.

What makes this game so addictive is there is really never a stoppage in play. There seems to never be a good time to stop and pick up later. Of course, you can stop anytime and pick up later, but once you get really into it you won’t want to put it down. Orcs is weird and kinda stupid, but I love it. [DOWNLOAD]

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