HTC teases something “HUGE” as One M9 and M9 Plus spotted in new benchmarks


HTC M9 Ultra

We’re less than 2 weeks away from HTC’s big event at Mobile World Congress and according to recent leaks, it’s entirely possible the Taiwanese manufacturer could be unveiling 2 new flagship devices: the HTC One M9 and HTC One M9 Plus (Ultra/Ace). In fact, HTC’s Twitter page began teasing something “HUGE” coming around the bend, no doubt hinting at the larger sized flagship we’ve been hearing about.

HTC One M9 Ultra benchmarks

Today, a pair of devices — model numbers 0PJA13 and 0PK71 — were spotted passing through CompuBench’s benchmarking site, confirming a few of these specs we’ve been hearing so much about. While we know the One M9 falls under the 0PJA model number, this 0PK71 is a little bit more of a mystery.

We can only assume the 0PK71 is the long rumored M9 Ultra given its reported resolution (1440p) and a recent tweet from @upleaks revealing a MediaTek CPU equipped variant for South Asia. The only thing not matching up is the 5.1-inch display. While it would be easy to pass this off as simply an error, @upleaks also recently revealed the possibility of an HTC Butterfly 3 coming equipped with a 2K display. So, who knows. Here’s the spec sheet as it currently stands:

HTC One M9 (0PJA13)

  • 5-inch 1920 x 1080 display
  • Snapdragon 810 1.9GHz octa-core (4 Cortex A57 cores + 4 Cortex A53 cores)
  • Adreno 430 GPU
  • 2.6GB (3GB) RAM
  • 23GB (32GB) internal storage
  • 19MP (20MP) rear / 12MP (13MP) front cameras with 4K video

HTC One M9 Ultra/Plus/Ace (0PK71)

  • 5.1-inch 2560 x 1440 display
  • MediaTek MT6795 1.9GHz octa-core (8 Cortex A53 cores)
  • Rogue PowerVR G6200 GPU
  • 2.6GB (3GB) RAM
  • 23GB (32GB) internal storage
  • 19MP (20MP) rear / 12MP (13MP) front cameras with 4K video

We expect to learn much more during HTC’s March 1st press event in Barcelona. Of course, your friends at Phandroid will be in attendance, bringing you the latest as it unfolds.

[CompuBench 1, 2]

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  1. A bigger size for the plus? .1 doesn’t make much difference

  2. So HTC considers a 5.1″ phone huge? Where have they been? I feel the disappointment coming on!! Why isn’t this 5.1″ phone the M9 to begin with…. And where is OIS? “Shrugs shoulders”. SMH

    1. If it doesn’t have OIS that will be a huge let down and will mean HTC won’t be getting my money.
      Lord, I hope I don’t have to buy a Samsung 0_0

      1. Don’t fret. That’s the beauty of Android; if you’re not happy with HTC’s offering, there will always be an alternative phone to go for. And that’s not even including Samsung.

        1. True. HTC was my first Smartphone, and I’d love to go back to them. Love their hardware and software, but their recent cameras have been a deal breaker, sadly.

          1. HTC was my first smartphone too. But when they got rid of the removable battery, that was a deal breaker for me. I went Samsung then, and always had the spare battery in my wallet which was used pretty much everyday. Now, with battery life improvents and top end phones getting bigger, and having a tablet for my main media consumption, I think I just might go with the Sony Z3 compact next. I’ll be losing the fantastic amoled screen of the Samsung, but the significantly smaller profile of the Compact, slicker design, and it’s two day battery life has me tempted.

            I’ve yet to get any phone without some compromise, but damn it, it’s fun choosing from the vast array of Androids, for what suits me best at that time.

          2. I have the G3 at the moment. Looking back over 2014, I don’t think there is a phone I would rather have had. I struggle to get a full day of battery life, but can usually charge at my desk or via battery pack in a pinch. Z3c is a good phone, but I reckon the next batch of flagships might have you drooling.

          3. Lovely phone, the G3. I considered it myself, but the amoled screen of the Sammy won out for me. Gotta feeling your gonna be right about upcoming drool fest. There will be no decisions made until at least MWC is over….

          4. I don’t struggle to get a full day but I don’t use my phone for music anymore after getting a stand alone music player. I haven’t charged my phone in almost 12 hours and I’m at 29 percent. I couldn’t accomplish this on stock though. Hope the guys at XDA figure or video out and IR

      2. To me LG is looking better and better. I also have my good eye on Sony and One Plus 2.

        1. I have the G3, great phone, but it has a problem with the audio jack which I find annoying. G4 will be a beast, no doubt.

          1. I have the G2 and love it. Battery, screen, everything. I think the G4 will be a great improvement over the G3. LG has been on a roll lately

          2. Yeah, G2 has better battery life than the G3. I don’t need the QHD, would rather 1080 and more juice. Love the G3 camera though. the laser focus is so much more than a gimmick.

          3. I have the G3. Laaaagg. I has to root and ROM. I just saw a review of the g flex and it also lags. Come on HTC…. You’re my last hope seeing that Google let me down this year.

          4. I run Nova on my International version of the G3 with 3gb/32gb option, and have not seen an ounce of lag.

          5. I don’t have lag either but that’s after I installed blisspop and go launcher. This thing lags all over the place on stock. That’s a definite fact. If it didn’t lag then so many people wouldn’t complain about lag and then attribute it to the wrong factor. Most people think that the QHD screen is the reason the phone lags. Its the G UI that causes lag. To reduce lag on stock a whole bunch of things have to be done and even then the lag is still there a bit.

          6. Oh! Good to know the faulty bs audio jack with the” catch me if you can” connection notification still continues on the G3..cause I replaced the audio ribbon on my phone 3times already.. No more lg

    2. 99.9% sure thats a typo, with that resolution the screen should be 5.5.

      1. I wouldn’t bet on it. I have zero faith/hope in HTC. I keep hearing rumors of 5.2″ but even that is foolery. One is a 5′, the other is 5.1/5.2″ maybe? Makes no since at all. But I wouldn’t be surprised this is HTC we are talking about…

        1. HTC hasnt disappointed me, you must just be biased. Its likely a typo as i said. With that resolution it has to be at least a 5.5 inch screen.

          1. Ok

  3. HUGE? Maybe they’re adding 25% more bezel.

  4. I’m so annoyed my DNA could not survive and I had to upgrade to a M8. While the M8 is a good phone it feels very much like what my DNA should of been, ugh.

    1. Hope you’re not stuck in a 2 year with the m8. I can’t wait to give mine back via jump w/tmob. If you’re stuck with it, at least you can still have lollipop.

    2. *should’ve
      Contraction for should have.
      2nd grade grammar

      1. Should’f

  5. Geez.. 9GB pre-installed? That’s pretty alot waste space.. Galaxy Note 3 have 26GB..

  6. Sorry, htc. No microSD slot, no sale. It’s getting ridiculous. This is why the Galaxy series phones sell so well. I have one and I absolutely abhor touchwiz!

    1. Who’s to say it’s not going to have an sd card?

      1. See reply above also. Don’t get me wrong, I love htc, but they’ve had a sad trend before the m8 of failing to include them. That was what actually got me started in Android, developing roms for htc devices.

    2. I don’t think it won’t… But if it doesn’t there is no way they’re getting my money.

    3. You know the M8 has a MicroSD card slot, right? I can only assume that they will be including one with the upcoming phone.

      1. It doesn’t mention anything about one. Only internal memory. The m8 always mentioned having one when I saw it reviewed. Hence, I doubt this will have one. The m7 did not, if u recall, and the one X doesn’t.

        1. I own the m7, I know it doesn’t. You have to realize that HTC hasn’t said anything officially about the M9 other than the fact that it will be unveiled March 1st. So far it’s rumors, “leaks”, and speculation with a benchmark of some of its core hardware. We most likely won’t know for sure until March 1st. This isn’t a “review” it’s only a spotted benchmark of the device they assume is the M9 at this point.

          1. I sure hope it does. Currently rewriting the root tool for the htc desire 610 and developing a (the only, actually) rom for it. I’d love to get back into good htc phones. It’s on my radar.

          2. You’re making a ROM for the Desire 610 yourself? You must have a good day job and great dedication to modding to be able to do that (not sarcasm).

          3. http://www.cleardroid.com
            I do lots of roms lol. Usually not alone, but sometimes I have to. Just a hobby. :) I make root tools too sometimes.

        2. Does the benchmarking software that generated these reports normally show sd cards? Would it normally report the presence of an sd card slot even if the slot is empty?

          1. Not certain.

    4. The SD card slot and removable battery are great features that are no doubt valued by thousands upon thousands of people but the tens of millions of Galaxy devices sold is mainly due to it being the most well-known/most advertised mobile device after the iPhone.

  7. Well, my hopes have just been dashed. HTC screwed up. The phone with the higher res screen has a mediatek processor. Ugh..

  8. i own the note 4 and the battery always lasts me well over a day to a day and a half which is great..right now im at 1day and 14 hours with 15%…had the m8 but the camera was horrible and the battery wasnt great thats why i got rid of it..if the m9 plus doesnt have a 5.5 in screen i wont be purchasing.

    1. In the end the screen is the biggest battery user if the software runs without any unncessary battery drain. Samsung makes crazy nice and efficient displays. Your case is a great example of that.

  9. I’m praying the M9 is reasonably priced.

    1. On T-Mobile it will be. Especially on the JUMP program.

      1. I’m just straight off contact though.

  10. How exactly does 2.6gb equal 3gb RAM? And how does 23GB equal 32GB memory?

    Does this imply the OS is hogging 9GB of memory? And .4gb of RAM was used? And how do such numbers come to be & get reported?

    1. It’s probably the amount of RAM/storage space that were free when the benchmarks were ran.

      1. Agreed but odd. For example when you see battery reports a 2800 MHz battery does not show as 1950 MHz since it’s not fully charged.

  11. Well, if mwc is a let down I’ll have no prob sticking with the note 4 running Nova until the note 5..Would like to see what lg is bringing to the table as well as Sony as well.

    1. Sony is done. They have already said they are going to stop making phone. They are done when it comes to the mobile world

      1. They haven’t said that. They said they’d release fewer models, further apart.

      2. If they actually stop making phones a large portion of owners of their current devices will be pretty disappointed. Last I heard they were planning on cutting back on their mobile division but I didn’t gather that they’d be out of the game completely.

        Their devices look pretty slick (and function quite well, from what I’ve read on Phandroid). The Z2 and Z3 were often ignored for top lists and in general in the face of Samsung, HTC, LG and (even) Apple’s devices (quite unjustly so, IMO).

  12. Would think that screen size for the Ultra/Plus/Etc is wrong. How can the M9 regular be a 5 inch screen and the Ultra be 5.1 ? 5.5 maybe ?

    1. I am thinking its 5.5….there is no way that bigger phone is just .1 inch bigger

  13. Might have to check out HTC again this year. My Nexus 6 is acting up. Cant even save the ringtones i assign to my contacts.

  14. So the M9 Plus has a third world processor, an older version of android, and a missing feature (barometer).

    I’m not seeing the “plus”.

    I can only hope Verizon gets the Nexus 6 soon. Talked to a sales rep tonight he said they have not had any training on it yet so a Feb 26th release is doubtful.

    1. I have a feeling that 2nd benchmark isn’t the M9 Plus

      1. Chinese variant imo

    2. Time to go to T-Mobile for that Nexus 6 and a bit less price-goughing.

  15. Lord no! Where’s my phablet so I can get rid of my Note 3?

  16. LG has been taking my $$$ since the G2… I have a G3 now

  17. LG has been getting my $$$ since the G2… I have a G3 now. My main complaint was the battery life. No matter if I kept it stock, a ROM based off stock, or AOSP. Now that I’ve been running the Lollipop stock ROM, my battery concerns are gone. The Qhd screen was overkill in my opinion. But all is right in the world now. Thank you Lollipop Gods!!!

    1. You’re welcome…

    2. nice. I too have the G3, and my battery life is good, but its not great. Standby time is awesome, but i max out of SOT at 4 hours stock, and 4.5 hours rooted.

      1. Is your G3 unlocked/what carrier? Flash the Lollipop stock ROM if possible. I just flashed an odexed version with most of the Sprint and LG bloatware removed. Much improved…

        1. I have the tmobile version. I shall try that when i get the chance

  18. If HTC doesn’t start addressing concerns that we have, 2015 won’t end on a good note. A removable battery would be great, but it’s not a deal breaker if there isn’t one. An SD card slot would be awesome, and not including one is most definitely a deal breaker to me. But I digress… Until MWC

    1. The M8 has an SD slot.

      1. I mentioned the SD slot bc the article on the M9 didn’t. It would be unwise for HTC to include one on the previous flagship and not the upcoming one. But we’ll see.

    2. they pretty much have been addressing concerns, one by one, m8 added sd card slot, m9 is ditching ultrapixel, and hopefully m10 ditches the bezel.

  19. Me progressing through the article: Title-YESYESYES!! 5.1″- WTF? Mediatek-NONONO! Damn it HTC I just want a 5.5″ screen and you can keep all the same as the regular M9 and I’ll be buying it day 1. PLEASE let it be equal or better.

    1. It’s still rumors, lol.

    2. Yea this is most likely for the Asian market.

  20. so you get an ultra with a mediatek? or the M9 with an 810? both right at 5 inches….I with they would have made a 5 inch phone for the mass buyers and a 5.5 inch phone for a buyer like myself. After going to my N6, I just cant go back down a whole inch….as dumb as that sounds

    1. now that i’m reading this, its gotta be a typo, that has to be 5.5 inches…..do we have a typo in this article?

  21. What kinda morons stick a MediaTek in a flagship phone!?

    1. very good point! its the same ones who think putting a home button on their phones is a good idea

      1. Home button, yes. Media Tek? NO. Home buttons are awesome for quickly waking your device and for multi functional approaches. Also, nothing beats a physical key for responsiveness.

        1. it all boils down to personal taste/preference. so not much I can say to that. I dont like them and think its old school. I’m all about less buttons. but i get why people like them.

          1. Some people like the home button, some don’t. But Mediatek sucks no matter who you are.

          2. so true. and true to the strongest point of the whole article =)

        2. that’s what blackberry users keep telling me

  22. If the phablet for HTC that I have been lusting for is only “5.1” I’m turning my back on HTC…

    1. 5.5″ with thin bezels would have been nice for me, like the G3.

  23. Even HTC higher end phone e seem to dodge snapdragon 810….. Hmm….

  24. 5.0″ with a minimal bezel this time would be perfect.

  25. Uhhhhhh 13mp Front face Camera, with a 20 mp on the back……Geez And to think I was hoping the Selfies would end. Oh well at least they’ll be better quality.

  26. I figure since this generation is called M9 and HTC makes the Nexus 9, that the M9 Plus is probably a 9-inch phablet.

    Why are you looking at me like that?

  27. I hope there will be a 64GB internal storage model plus the 128GB SD card slot on release date. I don’t like when OEMs do the drip drip in releasing different models of the same device months apart.

  28. WTF!? That front camera, though!!

  29. i ẃoulda preferred the ultra pic setup for the front, better on letting in light

  30. Come on, let’s argue about it on March 1st then.

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