Cancel noise, eliminate wires with Active Wrap headphones — now $24 at


SPBeat9 active wrap headphones

Finding a great pair of compact, wireless headphones with premium features usually comes at a high cost to the buyer. Not with a pair of Active Wrap Wireless headphones. Normally priced at $50, you can score a set for only $24 now thanks to a special offer from

Get the Active Wrap Wireless headphones for $24 from

Designed to be light and comfortable, these earbuds features noise-canceling technology, a built-in microphone, and Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing and use with your smartphone. A rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of music playback or 10 hours of talk time. These are the perfect headphones for an active lifestyle; they make a great workout companion.

You only have one more day to take advantage of this deal, which includes free shipping. Head over to now to get your pair.

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  1. These look cool, though Amazon reviews are awful on these :(

    1. All these special offer Bluetooth headsets they keep pushing via android area always have dreadful reviews. I don’t know why phandroid keep peddling this crap

      1. Yeah… If you really want good BT sports headphones, only the Jaybird Blubud X and Jabra Sport Pulse are worth it. While they both are over $100, you get what you pay for I suppose.

        1. I own the blue buds and I bought the T500 cushions , sound I great and now when I sweat they dont fall out because of the new cushions

          1. I’ve been on the fence on buying those cushions. Kinda expensive and not sure what size to get. Do you have the MED ones?

          2. No I have the large ones…. They like memory foam so once you get em shoved in ya ear, wait like 15-20 seconds for them to adjust and you good, I just went for a 2 and half mile run just 30 min ago and my sweat didn’t make them slip out…. So Imma say my experience has been great, but like all products people have different experiences. But I do recommend them, I paid $15 for a set of 3

          3. Link?

          4. Its been over a month, all I know is it was either Amazon or eBay, I typed in T-500 headphone tips and th. Options popped up

          5. Sorry… T-500 comply tips

        2. but not if you want no noise cancelling microphone as well. For like when you’re in your car. The only decent ones I know of are Phiaton.

  2. went right over to Amazon….no sale here. I’ve bought better reviewed things at Big Lots.

  3. Phandroid has to pay the bills some how.

  4. Search Smarter Headband on Amazon or That is a good one and it includes a headband for sweat. Read the reviews on Amazon and i would have trouble buying it.

  5. Sound: Mono???? What is this, the 70’s?

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