HTC says Lollipop for the Verizon One M8 should arrive in early March


HTC One M8 DSC06660

After watching as Verizon successfully pushed out Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S5 early this month, HTC One M8 owners may be wondering what the status is on their software update. HTC revealed that because of buggy software, they would be missing their self-imposed 90-day deadline as part of their “HTC Advantage” promise. And although we saw a few carrier variants like the One M8 on T-Mobile receive Lollipop last week, this didn’t bode well for customers on Verizon who’s lengthy approval process typically means longer wait times.

Well, you may not have to wait too much longer. In a response to one user’s inquiry on Twitter, HTC Product Manager Mo Versi revealed that Verizon already has the HTC One M8’s Lollipop update in their labs, and that HTC is expecting the update to be approved in early March. No exact date was given and we’re hoping Verizon doesn’t run into any major bugs before then, but now you don’t have to hit that “Check for software updates” button for a few more weeks.

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  1. #T-Mobile

    1. I don’t think hashtags can have special characters…

  2. HTC is likely done with the ROM at this point; Verizon takes longer. I suspect at least in part to make sure that their miserable bloatware works. Gotta have that “Verizon Cloud!” Not.

    1. Yeh who doesn’t like 25gb of free cloud space to backup your stuff. Always a conspiracy. lol

  3. LG G3 Users on Verizon still wait with no information… But that is Verizon

  4. Any news on the M7 VZ ROM?

  5. Will the One M7 be getting Lollipop 5.0?

    1. Yes, it’s on the HTC Update page.


      1. Thank you

  6. What the F wrong with att, they pissing me off

  7. Early March means third week of the month :/

  8. I have both an M8 and an S5. My S5 has Lollipop. My M8 does not. Consider that when you’re looking at the M9. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the timely S5 update coming from Verizon.

    Oh well. The differences are hardly noticeable. But HTC does not impress me with their sluggish release of a Verizon update. It’s the principle of the thing.

    Edit: Lesson here is, go with the big dog if you want timely updates. OTOH, TouchWiz (which doesn’t bother me, but neither does MFT in my Ford).

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