AT&T boosts GoPhone high speed data allotment by 50%



GoPhone users are in for a bit of a treat soon. AT&T has announced that they will be automatically upgrading your high speed data allotment by 50% starting February 20th if you are on the $45 or $60 plans.

The $45 GoPhone plan’s allotment will go from 1GB to 1.5GB, while the $60 plan goes from 2.5GB to an even 4GB. Of course, both these plans feature unlimited talk and text, and unlimited data at decreased speeds. Those texting folks in Mexico and Canada can also do so at an unlimited rate.

It’s not a bad deal if you prefer the prepaid life, so be on the lookout for your increased pool in a few days, and let’s hope AT&T continues to add even more value to all their plans in the near future.

[via AT&T]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is nice news. Now if they’d just fix the 611 auto teller functionality instead of trying to force me into auto pay I’d be happy.

  2. They need to push out there updates

  3. Seems like T-Mobile is really causing a reaction from the other major companies. Love seeing competition.

  4. Cricket is still a better deal. $45/mo for unlimited talk, text, and now 5GB of data.

    1. Agree! I just bought my wife a Moto G from Cricket w/the $45 plan and she couldn’t be happier…especially coming from an iPhone thru Sprint! By porting her number she received a $100 credit to her account plus $75 rebate off the Moto G…so the phone only cost $25 and its 4G LTE! Great deal for the price and that’s always nice!

  5. It’s called competition!

  6. One main advantage of AT&T owned GoPhone over AT&T owned Cricket, besides UNCAPPED high speed data is how the data servers are configured. GoPhone has access to AT&T’s postpaid servers, so LTE ping speeds are very low (less lag). Cricket’s data is routed through proxy servers, with high ping speeds (more lag).

    One of the reasons LTE is superior to HSPA, besides more speed is lower pings. But if you CAP the speed at 8MBPS and then route all data through a proxy server, you are negating any LTE benefits. You are basically emulating HSPA!

    For Cricket, their LTE speeds are capped at 8mpbs and often have triple digit ping speeds (lag) due to the proxy server issue. That’s crippling LTE to an HSPA experience, when you are PAYING for LTE. If you are technically ignorant or don’t care, then you are the customer AT&T is targeting with the Cricket brand…

    AT&T is positioning GoPhone as the “upper” prepaid tier brand, and Cricket as the “lower” tier. Same way P&G sells Tide, Gain, and Cheer detergents. Prepaid GoPhone still gives you savings over postpaid AT&T, and technical advantages over sibling prepaid brand Cricket. GoPhone is positoned to compete with carriers T-mobile and Sprint, while Cricket is positioned to compete with the MVNOs like Straight Talk, Net10, H20, etc. GoPhone is configured like a carrier, while Cricket is configured like an MVNO.

    With GoPhone, my pings are in the 30ms – 40ms range, and I get 40 – 60mbps download speeds. Cricket can’t compete with that, as AT&T has favored GoPhone technically among its two prepaid brands. Of the two prepaid brands, GoPhone is the top tier (sold, serviced in AT&T stores, same AT&T sim card, same AT&T APN, access to postpaid data servers) while Cricket is the lower tier (in standalone stores, different sim card, different APN, capped speeds, data routed through proxy servers).

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