As if there was any question, HTC confirms ‘the new HTC One’ will be revealed on March 1st


New HTC One teaser

When HTC began sending out invites for their March 1st event a few weeks back, they never actually came out and said what they planned on unveiling there. A new phone(s)? Smartwatch? Camera? As if we needed any further confirmation that their new 2015 flagship will be in attendance for the show, HTC UK confirmed on Twitter today that “the new HTC One” will be unveiled at their event in Barcelona. There. They officially said it. Get hyped.

Oh, and if you’re still wondering about the official name, yesterday we discovered that HTC’s own website already revealed they’ll be going with “HTC One M9.

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HTC says Lollipop for the Verizon One M8 should arrive in early March

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  1. #AlreadyHyped

  2. So pumped to see if its indeed the perfect device like rumours are suggesting. This could be the only device to take me away from my Note 4 as I really miss the front firing speakers from my M8. The Note 4 is perfect in every other way but front firing speakers are a huge deal after you’ve had them.

    1. No the spen is a huge deal after you’ve used one. I just couldn’t let me spen go!

      1. I use to think that back when I had my Note 2 years ago but lived without it for a year and it wasn’t that bad, I stopped thinking about it a couple weeks after getting rid of my Note 2. However in the 2 months I’ve had my Note 4 I’ve thought every single day how much I miss the front firing speakers of my M8, it could just be that the sound is soo damn bad on the Note 4 and it’s amplified by having come from the most amazing audio on a mobile device in the M8 but I miss it sooo much.

      2. My wife has a Note 4 and has yet to even touch the S-Pen.

  3. Waiting for the teenage review lead on YouTube..

  4. take my note 4 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee gimme the m9 !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My fingers are crossed for a + edition, but the regular has me interested.

  6. get hyped? Please…. I was already hyped.

    S6 or M9 – what’s it gonna be. An outside chance of a G4 if they can get it together and leak some details. If not, G4 is out.

    1. I am leaning towards the M9, but with an overhauled Touchwiz and an amazing camera the S6 could sneak past.
      Currently have a G3, and it’s a great phone. I still have some audio plug issues though, and Lollipop has not yet been forthcoming…. so the G4, hmmm.

  7. Cant wait ! And i will be staring, lol.

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