HTC One M9 name all but confirmed according to HTC’s website


HTC-One-M9-Hima press render

Thanks to leaks and rumors, we seemingly know a lot about the HTC One M9. Initially known internally as the “HTC Hima,” there were rumors early on that HTC would ditch the “One” moniker from their flagship line, in favor of something a little more streamline (possibly HTC M9). As weeks progressed, everything we saw hinted at the possibility that HTC would end up keeping the “One” name and today’s leak all but confirms it.

As found in the HTML code on HTC’s own website, “HTC One M9” is the name chosen for the device when it finally comes to market. Also worth noting are references to “One Life,” the tag line HTC will use for the device in promotional materials, although exactly what that means is up in the air.

Seeing as how the original HTC One didn’t formally have a number attached (known only internally as the M7), there was debate on if HTC would go with “One (M9)” or something to that effect. In any case, the now all-but-official HTC One M9 will be unveiled on March 1st just ahead of Mobile World Congress in Spain.

[HTC (webcache) | via TechTastic]


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  1. MWC is so close I can taste it! Bring on the PHONES!!

    1. Well you let me know how a congress taste, I just can’t wait to hear the announcements

      1. If you’ve ever put your tongue on the end of a battery, it kinda tastes like that.

  2. How funny… I got clowned here for looking at the source code of an image and showing that it said “htc-one-m9.jpg” with things like, “anyone with a computer knows how to rename a picture.” And then… someone looks at source code to see what an alt tag says (which you could set to anything) and what an H3 tags says (which you could set to anything). So the Phandroid guys make a story about looking at source code to get details and no one calls it out? I make a comment in another post about looking at source code to get details and I get clowned. Funny how that works.

    All that being said, I said then and say now, source code reveals are great and often more telling than people think since the devs building pages don’t give it to much thought to trying to be deceptive in the HTML code. The front end text usually does that.

    1. You found a picture of the One M9 on HTC’s website? Riiiiiigghhttt…..

      1. Uh no…. do you see where I said anything to that effect?

        (yeah, I thought not)

        1. LMAO. That’s exactly the point.

  3. May all androids and most importantly Apple bow to the superior. The HTC ONE M9 .

  4. I want it to replace my M8 which I love except for the camera. My only issues I have are being on Verizon the updates are much slower than Samsuck….. and the ugly on screen buttons. I really wish they would adopt google’s version so I can just install the GEL launcher and have a stock look.

    1. If the M9 doesn’t have a duo camera, I won’t feel enticed to replace mines. I use the duo camera way to much to want to use that artificial version that comes with camera applications.

      I tried to use that when I was running a stock ROM and it was so bad. It would never work. I was sad. LoL!!

    2. Root bruh. Unlocked the bootloader and rooted my (Verizon) M8 day one. Still running the stock ROM though, just with Xposed framework with a bunch of modules, one of which allows you to change the nav buttons to the size and type you want.

      I love my M8 and the camera is more than adequate for me, but I’m not a huge pic taker on my phone either. I’m still interested in upgrading to the M9 though just because I have an upgrade available and always love the latest and greatest. I’m more interested in better battery life, as the M8 has been about average to me, not exceptional. I think the M9 should do much better with the SoC upgrade and not using a near-useless QHD display if the Z3 is any indicator.

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