Feb 17th, 2015


In case you thought Pushbullet couldn’t get any more useful, today’s update brings their quick replies feature to more than just SMS apps. Starting today, you can now reply to a handful of popular instant messaging applications straight from your computer. Here’s the current running list:

  • Hangouts
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Line
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp

Pushbullet WhatsApp quick reply

Alright, so it’s a little skimpy at this point but we think they covered most of the major ones. They did mention that while Hangouts is supported, you’ll have to install the Android Wear app from the Google Play Store on your phone/tablet in order to get it up and running. There’s also a handy widget that’s been added to quickly toggle notifications straight from your Android home screen.

Keep in mind that Pushbullet’s new instant messaging support he feature only works on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. If you’re looking for some quick tips on how Pushbullet can change your life, check out our post “5 cool things you should be doing with Pushbullet.”

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