Feb 12th, 2015


OnePlus has been making a lot of noise about OxygenOS, the official ROM for the OnePlus One that they’re looking to introduce sometime soon. We were told to expect to hear a lot more on February 12th, and unless my calendar is wrong we’ve reached that day.

The news right now? We know how the team shapes up. The biggest highlight is that they’ve hired 6 developers behind the popular Paranoid Android ROM. Paranoid Android delivered many interesting and unique features over the years such as PIE, a gesture-based control system that allows you to navigate the operating system without needing a row of back, home and recent apps icons taking up the bottom of the display.

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It’s that sort of ingenuity OnePlus wants to bring to their own ROM. Other notable members grinding the gears at OnePlus’s software team include an ex-Microsoft developer named Helen. She will serve as the head of the development team and oversee all efforts to get this ROM in tip-top shape. Other notables include Arz, Paranoid Android’s UX designer, and other key members responsible for Paranoid Android as we know it.

It certainly sounds like a solid team of individuals (many more are involved but haven’t been named), so we’ll be expecting a ROM worthy of supplanting CyanogenMod as the de-facto software experience for the OnePlus One.

Speaking of which, we’re told that OxygenOS will be available as a download from OnePlus’s forums and available to flash on any OnePlus One handset without voiding the warranty. When asked about an OTA process for the ROM the company didn’t have anything to share. It sounds like CyanogenMod will remain the standard operating system delivered over-the-air for the foreseeable future.

As for the delivery schedule for OxygenOS, the OnePlus team says they decided to wait until they considered the build stable so as to not burden you with a potentially buggy experience. That doesn’t mean there will never be a public beta of the ROM in the future, but for now we’ll just have to wait until the timer on the oven expires.

Thankfully they have already decided on a stable build recently and it’s currently in the testing and certification process. “Soon” is its arrival schedule, and barring any fatal bugs it shouldn’t be a long wait at all.

Unfortunately that’s about as much as we know at the current moment. OnePlus didn’t have any early previews or screenshots to share, nor did they give us any information about key features of the ROM.

There will be an Ask Me Anything session with the aforementioned PA team members over at the Android SubReddit at 8AM Pacific later today, so we’re bound to learn a lot more then. Sit tight while we look to dig for more!

[via OnePlus]

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