Xiaomi officially comes to the US this year but not with smartphones or tablets, will sell accessories instead



When Hugo Barra announced last year that he’d be leaving his cushy at Google for an executive role as VP of Xiaomi Global — China’s premier smartphone maker — many assumed the next step for Xiaomi was to bring their popular Android handsets to the US.

Having practically cornered the Chinese market (they’re currently sitting pretty at #1 market share in China, #3 globally), a move into the US only seemed to make sense, especially given Hugo’s previous job experience. But if you were hoping to get your hands on one of their fancy “Mi” handsets in the US sometime soon, you probably shouldn’t hold you breath.

Xiaomi plushies

During a small press event today in San Francisco, Xiaomi revealed some of their plans to enter the US market this year — but not with their smartphones. Instead, Barra and his new friends announced that they’d be making available their line of accessories (headphones, Mi Band wearable, portable chargers, plushy dolls, etc.) via their online marketplace, No smartphones. No tablets. Just accessories. This is in an effort to help spread brand awareness. Awareness of a company and their hottest selling products you aren’t allowed to buy. Um… what?

So if not this year, when? According to the folks at The Verge, Mr. Barra made things very clear by saying, at present, a US phone launch is filled with too much red tape and isn’t even in the company’s roadmap. Ouch.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Sounds like he jumped ship and swam offshore…

  2. I wish the plushy dolls were more Android specific. In their current state, I’m not sure why anyone in the US would by one.

    1. Lol people buy android specific plushy dolls?

  3. The real reason they won’t be selling phones and tablets in the United States is that they copy the iPhone even more than Samsung did.

    1. Hell, MIUI started off as an effort to bring the iOS interface to Android.

    2. I really think opening a store just to sell accessories is just plain stupid. Also, so sick of all this applish crap!!…get on with life dude.

    3. First I’ve heard of Xiaomi doing that.

      1. Just look at their phones. I think they make good products, but it’s very obvious where they get their “inspiration” from.

    4. They’re pretty opportunistic with whom they use as “influence” – Apple, Samsung, Motorola, et al. have all seen elements of their industrial and software design show up in Xiaomi’s products. But yeah, they’re not going to sell the hardware here unless they can draw it up so that they won’t instantly be sued into oblivion the moment a single device hits the American retail channel.

  4. Damn tease.

  5. I’m the one of few lucky customer who managed to buy their accessories n phone in Malaysia n believe me, you will be surprise the build quality of xiaomi products… N also the most important factor… Very2 cheap

  6. I would have considered a Xiaomi device when I bought my N6 but their phones don’t support all of the US LTE bands. They look great especially for the price.

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