Feb 11th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:11 pm

Samsung Galaxy S6 clear case teal

Amidst a report from Bloomberg reportedly confirming rumors that Samsung will introduce a 3-sided variant of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 (the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge) more case renders have leaked out giving us a possible sneak peak at the phone inside. This marks yet another occasion the phone has been leaked thanks to 3rd party case makers.

Posted onto WowWee Robotics Group’s Weibo account, the phone appears nestled inside a few more leaked cases that feature a clear back and various colored TPU edges. You’ll notice the sides of the case have a shaved shaved mid-section, appearing to mimic details on the phone we saw in leaked schematics of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 case clear colors

Of course, the Galaxy S6’s camera hump is in plain view, along with the LED flash and fingerprint reader which have been moved from the bottom of the camera (where they were on the Galaxy S5) to the right side of the raised camera lens. Gone is the rear facing speaker, moved to the bottom of the device along with the headphone jack. We’d make obvious comparisons to the iPhone 6, but we know how much Galaxy fans hate that, so we’ll keep our mouths shut for now.

Samsung Galaxy S6 render from leaked schematic 1

If you were curious to see what these renders would look like without those cases obstructing the view, the folks at UnderKG are happy to oblige you. They put together a few renders of the phone taken straight from the leaked schematics we showed you awhile back. We’d say they did a bang up job and would be willing to bet this is extremely close to what the final design will look like. What do you think?

Samsung Galaxy S6 render from leaked schematic 2

In a previous post, we received details on the specific camera sensor that may come equipped on the Galaxy S6 or its 3-sided Edge variant. For those that haven’t been keeping up, Samsung has already scheduled a March 1st event in Barcelona for the Galaxy S6’s big reveal (although technically, they haven’t revealed the name just yet). Of course, Phandroid will be on hand for the event, bringing you the latest as it unfolds.

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