Samsung Galaxy S6 pictured again inside clear cases and renders showing what it could look without them


Samsung Galaxy S6 clear case teal

Amidst a report from Bloomberg reportedly confirming rumors that Samsung will introduce a 3-sided variant of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 (the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge) more case renders have leaked out giving us a possible sneak peak at the phone inside. This marks yet another occasion the phone has been leaked thanks to 3rd party case makers.

Posted onto WowWee Robotics Group’s Weibo account, the phone appears nestled inside a few more leaked cases that feature a clear back and various colored TPU edges. You’ll notice the sides of the case have a shaved shaved mid-section, appearing to mimic details on the phone we saw in leaked schematics of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 case clear colors

Of course, the Galaxy S6’s camera hump is in plain view, along with the LED flash and fingerprint reader which have been moved from the bottom of the camera (where they were on the Galaxy S5) to the right side of the raised camera lens. Gone is the rear facing speaker, moved to the bottom of the device along with the headphone jack. We’d make obvious comparisons to the iPhone 6, but we know how much Galaxy fans hate that, so we’ll keep our mouths shut for now.

Samsung Galaxy S6 render from leaked schematic 1

If you were curious to see what these renders would look like without those cases obstructing the view, the folks at UnderKG are happy to oblige you. They put together a few renders of the phone taken straight from the leaked schematics we showed you awhile back. We’d say they did a bang up job and would be willing to bet this is extremely close to what the final design will look like. What do you think?

Samsung Galaxy S6 render from leaked schematic 2

In a previous post, we received details on the specific camera sensor that may come equipped on the Galaxy S6 or its 3-sided Edge variant. For those that haven’t been keeping up, Samsung has already scheduled a March 1st event in Barcelona for the Galaxy S6’s big reveal (although technically, they haven’t revealed the name just yet). Of course, Phandroid will be on hand for the event, bringing you the latest as it unfolds.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 camera detailed: 20MP sensor with OIS, will feature Pro mode with manual focusing [RUMOR]

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  1. I guess Samsung is waiting until next year to change up the design.

    1. The funny thing is, we didn’t hear about lack luster sales and “Project Zero” rumors until well into the development of the Galaxy S6. Ever since that rumor first started making the rounds, I assumed we wouldn’t see anything until the Galaxy S7.

      1. Yeah true. I bet we see some big changes in the Note 5’s design. Seems like the look of the last few Notes have carried over to the Galaxy S.

        1. One design change I hope doesn’t come to pass for the Note 5 is getting rid of removable battery.

        2. Except the whole rounded edge in these renders vs the nice beveled edge on the N4.

          1. yeah just like i said…the note has influenced the design of the s series.

    2. Change it to what?

  2. Guessing project zero is the galaxy edge

  3. I think it’s beautiful. The hump on the other hand is too much. Would be killer if the back came off and had an SD slot and a removable battery. From the metal case leak we saw I only saw a slot on the side for the sim card in guessing. Your guess is as good as mine.

    1. I’m willing to bet the back, and battery, are still removable. With the back a different color and material than the metal frame, it’s not likely unibody construction.

      1. OMG….how many times do I have to tell you ALL????
        3. LAUNCH = BLACK, WHITE , GOLD followed by Blue – Flat, Green – Curved
        4. 3 MEMORY VARIANTS, 32/64/128GB

  4. This phone is looking whack if these renders are the real deal..

  5. Very much a typical Samsung designed phone…

    1. Had to take a second look to make sure it wasn’t the galaxy S2.

      1. Shouldn’t that be a good thing? I mean, at least you know it’s a Galaxy device. It’s starting to make sense why manufactures are keeping similar designs.

        1. Maybe if the design is nice in the first place but that design is incredibly boring.
          Plus there must be about 300 Samsung phones which look like that now.

          1. Yea, but there are people that want “just a phone”. And so many people seem to be buying this “boring” phone. Shows how many people actually buy phones based on looks.
            Of course when you gather people that actually take the time to read about phones, then yea. I agree with you. The design is pretty bland. Nothing fancy or shiny about it. It’s not appealing to the eye, is what I should say.

  6. I think a lot of this design discussion is pretty funny. All of these phones, including the htc and the iPhone are a lot more alike than they are different. Rectangular glass slabs, metallic edges, cameras and flashes sticking out the back to a greater or lesser extent. Yawn. Arguing about how rounded the corners are, or where the buttons are, amount to trivia. There really hasn’t been much innovation in design since the original iPhone.

    I don’t blame the manufacturers, though. Every time a company tries something really different (folding phones, dual displays, edge displays, pivoting keyboards, whatever) the blogosphere slams them, and no one buys them.

    1. ‘Every time a company tries something really different (folding phones,
      dual displays, edge displays, pivoting keyboards, whatever) the
      blogosphere slams them, and no one buys them.’

      That’s because they don’t see a point in those kinds of additions, and the ones that do probably buy the phone.

    2. I smell butthurt from Samesung fans who can’t accept the fact Sammy copied iPhone AGAIN

      1. I smell an iTard who doesn’t know anything about the history of the cell phone business, and thinks Apple invented everything they copied.

        And I don’t own a Samsung phone.

  7. I just wanna know if the battery is removable. That’s the ONLY thing that’s gonna make this phone relevant.

    1. with a screwdriver and some patience no problem.

      1. Useless when you need to be able to quickly pop in a replacement once or twice a day because you need more than 4h of screen-on time.

        1. With rapid charging technology, it shouldn’t be a problem.

          1. It’s still a problem if you’re either nowhere near a power jack, and/or need to be mobile and can’t remain tethered while charging (“rapid” or otherwise).

            Sometimes the comments here make me wonder if I’m the only “mobile” user out there. If I was sitting in a fixed place near power, I wouldn’t be on my phone and would just use a real computer to get my work done.

      2. Tell that to the M8. ._.

  8. Now I understand why Samsung phone 1 version behind Apple, because they just want to copy Apple. I’m sicken tire of Samsung design. I always have been a Samsung fan, but this clearly tells me that I should ditch them. WTF Samsung?

    1. I mean right, this act is that trying to make a Android like iPhone because that’s a popular design feels good in the hand and I’d much rather have an iPhone that has an Android operating system so personally I have no real problem with it besides Apple copied a lot from Samsung and Android in general so fair is square. it’s kind of like in back of the day if Nintendo and Sega had worked together back in the day Sega would still be around and Nintendo would not have been hurt from it . but I digress.

    2. Well, I guess Samsung had plenty of time to work on designing their phone, gathering the parts to make the phone, mass produce it, and have it ready to ship out to millions of customers. Because this is something that can be done over night…
      Or? Maybe they already had a design, created it, the iPhone 6 came out, Samsung stuck with their design and finally it’s being “leaked”. But this is only my thought.

  9. Am I looking at an S3, an S4, an S5, or an S6 here?

    1. A hideous iPhone 6 clone.

  10. The iphone looks like an HTC M8 and Galaxy Note 2 had a baby. If anything this render looks like a smaller metal Note 2 which is fine with me. Especially considering the specs. It’s a beast. Supposed benchmarks shows better than an iPad 2 w/ Retina? Damn. I’m sure all the haters will think twice once they get their hands on one. I just hope rumors are true about a more android than TouchWiz UI. Not all of TouchWiz is bad anyhow. Multi window, ultra power savings mode, greyscale mode, my files.

  11. If the phone is going to have a raised hump for the camera then the entire back might as well be the same height (with the battery taking up the rest of that extra space) because everyone is going to buy a case that protects that camera so why have the wasted space between the case and phone?!?

    1. Everyone? No. I never used a case with any of my phones.

      1. Except the M8 because that phone would fall right out your hands. ._,
        I can barely hold the phone when it’s cold. LoL!!

    2. Or used the space to squeeze in a higher capacity battery. Instead, this will be the thinnest Galaxy yet. Whoop-dee-doo.

  12. Really Samsung? You’re going with the rounded out edges just months after the i6? And the bottom speaker too? Glad I’m not waiting for this one.

    1. Well I’m sure it takes more than “months” to design a phone and mass produce it, so…?

  13. Not impressed. They should of stayed in tune with the Note 4 build.

  14. On the vertical phone, the ‘Samsung’ logo is centered on the back. On the one lying on its side, it’s way off center. Really, really bad mock-ups.

  15. Wait, I’m confused. Are you saying the Fingerprint reader is now part of the LED light? Like area wise? OMG!! I would HATE that so much!! All the dirt and grime on your light. ._.

  16. Sammy clearly copied iPhone 6 in this case…

    1. Meh… Only the outline resembles the iPhone 6. But overall? No I don’t think so. A protruding camera? Meh…
      In all honestly, I think it’s because Samsung has a physical button that gives it that iPhone look. Without it, I feel it’ll look more different.

  17. Dear Phandroid.

    OMG….how many times do I have to tell you ALL????



    3. LAUNCH = BLACK, WHITE , GOLD followed by Blue – Flat, Green – Curved

    4. 3 MEMORY VARIANTS, 32/64/128GB

  18. So if this is true, we can assume no more waterproof phone??

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